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Dreaming of America with Apparel Candy


The other morning before work, I was putting my makeup on while watching YouTube.

Some of the UK YouTubers have been flown to Florida to visit Disney World before Playlist Live (a YouTube convention being held at Disney).

As some as you know, I had a two week holiday (also known as Floriday) to Disney World last May. I’m still not over it.

I was watching the Saccone Joly’s vlog of their two year old daughter meeting the princesses. I was seeing footage of them walking down the main street of the Magic Kingdom. Seeing the castle. Seeing the parades, seeing the castle at night.

You know when your heart swells and you don’t know if it’s sadness or happiness or jealousy? It’s just DEM FEELZ. Well, that happened.


There I was, a 28 year old women doing my makeup before work and crying because a 2 year old toddler is meeting Anna and Elsa. And I’m not.

I then got thinking about how much I’d love to go back and what I’d take with me.

I’m a dress girl. We all know that. But for some reason I decided to buy loads of shorts to take with me as I wasn’t sure if dresses would be practical. Big mistake. I felt big and uncomfortable the whole time and ended up buying about 6 dresses while I was in America!

My personal mantra: Wear what makes your comfortable.

When I was asked to create a post for, amongst all their wholesale clothing,I saw they had a section called ‘Made in the USA’. Full of cute dresses and blouses that remind me of my visit to the mall and first time in Forever 21.

I’m in love with these 4 dresses from that section. Especially the red one. I mean, LOOK AT IT! That type of cut is always really flattering on me. It was made for me. Give it.


As well as doing adorable dresses and clothes, Apparel Candy also sell sunglasses, accessories, cosmetics, handbags and even wholesale sunglasses like wholesale wayfarers! The prices are great so it’s worth having a poke around to see what you like!


I now want to scoop all these dresses up and go live at Disney for the next few months.

Which dress do you like best?


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