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8 handy time hacks for bloggers


Time time time time.

None of us have enough of it. But it’s surprising how much time we can waste without realising it.

I’m always looking for ways to make the most out of my days, especially while trying to work full time, workout daily, blog daily on skinnedcartree and post three/four times a week on my fitness blog. It can be hard to fit much else in to my days.

But I manage to do it by sticking to some simple rules that ensures I make the most of every single minute of my day.

time hacks

1. Put your phone on silent.

Obsessively checking my phone is something that can suck a lot of my time. It only takes a Twitter notification to flash up, then before I know it I’m checking Twitter, Instagram and having just one more go at level 505 of Candy Crush. 15 minutes has gone by and I’ve not really achieved anything.

Put it on silent and leave it face down. It’s distracting.

2. The two minute rule.

If something will take less than two minute rule, just do it.

Sure, you can sit and write a list, schedule time in your day to get this done, but you can easily get a handful of tasks over and done within less than 10 minutes!

3. Stop multi-tasking.

People kid themselves into thinking they can do two things at once.

Really, you’re taking longer to do two things and you’re not producing your best work.

Sometimes I try to catch up on a TV show while blogging and I find that I either don’t take in what’s happening on the TV show or I don’t get much blogging done at all.

If you give your task your full attention, you’re going to get it done quicker and it will need less editing later down the line.

4. Get things the you dread out of the way ASAP.

Is there a task you’re dreading doing today because it’s hard, boring, stressful or might be an awkward conversation with someone?

Get it out of the way at the start of your day.

Then you can enjoy the rest of the day without being distracted by it’s burden.

5. Plan, Do, Review

I’ll tell you why I fail at a lot of things? It’s because I set the intention of doing them but I don’t follow up.

Have your to-do list to hand and make it the first thing you look at in a morning and the last thing you look at before you wind down for the day.

I forget to do most things if I don’t remind myself to stick to my personal goals or have no way of keeping myself accountable.

This is the main reason why I write a fitness update post every Monday on my fitness blog which details the exercise I’ve done the previous week.

6. Be stubborn.

I’m a stubborn as hell. To the point where I would even spite myself to prove a point.

This comes in handy when getting things done. For example, when I was doing a 30 day yoga challenge and I refused to let anything get in the way of missing a day.

When an old colleague told me that he didn’t think I could stop smoking for longer than a month, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. When someone said me going vegetarian ‘wouldn’t last long’, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

See the pattern?

My stubborn nature can come in handy. The more stubborn you are, the easier it can be to stick to your goals. Especially if other people know about them.

And especially if they doubt you.

7. Put your problems aside.

Do you know how much time we spend worrying about things? It can become a real distraction and can make it hard to focus on what we need to do.

There are times when I can find my mind wandering into worry about something so much I find it hard to concentrate on anything else. I try to forget about yesterday and tomorrow as those are things I cannot do anything about.

I just focus on one day at a time as everything else is out of my control.

8. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier.

I set my alarm for around 15 minutes before I need to get up. I’m useless at getting up right away anyway, but this gives me 15 mins to do things that would usually leave me running late.

I usually check instagram and my e-mails in this time, then get up and start my day not feeling like I need to get online and it also helps me wake up.

How do you get everything done?

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1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.


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