#socialbloggers 48 // Being Unique


With the number of people starting blogs, it’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. While everyone likes to think of themselves as different, you can’t ignore the amount of blogs that are very similar in layout, style and types of posts.

The thing that makes your blog unique is you. It’s your stories, your feelings and sharing the little parts of you with the world.

That’s why I think it’s important to remember that it’s a blog we’re running, not a review site, advert or magazine. So regardless of what you’re writing about, try to inject a bit of your personality into each post, whether it be in your writing style, your word choice, phrases you use often or stories that relate to your life experiences.

It takes time to develop your own blog style and the measure of success isn’t clear cut.

For me, if people felt as though that could read a blog posts by me and recognise it as mine, even if my name wasn’t attached to it, that would be my measure of success.


Q1: What makes a blog stand out from the rest?

Q2: What do you think makes your blog unique?



Q3: How do you find/develop your writing style?  


Q4: How do you hope others see your blog?

Q5: Have you got any goals to help you stand out from the crowd?


1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.


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