#socialbloggers 47 // Pros & Cons of Blogging

Hello everyone 🙂 It’s time again for another #socialbloggers round-up post. Today was another busy chat, I could hardly keep up with you all! We…


pros and cons of bloggingHello everyone 🙂

It’s time again for another #socialbloggers round-up post. Today was another busy chat, I could hardly keep up with you all! We had some new faces this week which is always great.

I wanted to chat about the positive and negative things about blogging.

While putting some of your life on the internet can be fun and liberating, it can also come with some baggage. Whether that is a lack of privacy, less time to do other things or the pressure to be consistent with your updates, we all have our own reasons for blogging and the demons that it might conjure.

To be honest, blogging makes me feel worthwhile as a person.

I’m not sure if this is a really really sad thing that I’m going to say, or a really great thing. But without blogging, I’m not really sure what the point of me would be.

I think, as a 28 year old female, my life is a lot different from how I thought it would be as a child. I thought I’d be married with children by now. I envisioned dinner parties, sipping out of champagne flutes and wearing stilettos. Having hair like those beautiful women in the Pantene adverts and being able to make a room light up with my infectious laugh.

Instead, I live in a basement and drink wine out of a pint glass.

And I blog.

Okay, I might have made that seem a little bit more dramatic than it really is. In reality, the basement room is the biggest bedroom in our house and has an en suit bathroom. And I’ve not drank wine out of a pint glass for at least 2 months.

But you get me.

Often people are amazed by how I can blog daily. Workout daily. Comment regularly. Update my second blog and keep a full time job. Which makes me feel good.

But then again, it’s easy for me to have time to do all those things when I don’t have a massive house to clean, or children to get ready for bed, or the shirts of a husband to iron.

It’s swings and roundabouts really.

So, I think that’s what blogging is for me. Trying to be important to someone. Trying to inspire, trying to make someone happy.

Trying to fill a hole.

pros and cons of blogging

Q1: What benefits does blogging give you?

Q2: What are the downsides to blogging?  

Q3: Are there any parts of your life you censor or keep private on your blog?

Q4: How’s blogging changed you and your life?

Q5: Do the people in your life know you’re a blogger?



  1. This looks like such an interesting chat, sorry to have missed it. The only downsides for me are pressure to post regularly, which I probably could do but I try and put my ‘real’ life and going outside first most of the time. It’s interesting so many people don’t tell others that they blog though, I’ve always posted from my personal twitter etc. so I never considered hiding it!

  2. I love blogging…I love being able to share what I love and enjoy and finding others who do the same. The things I don’t love are some treat it like competition or popularity. That kind of thing, it should just be fun and as a way to advance yourself for yourself. I do get tired at times, but when I take a break I miss it. I don’t share every aspect of my life, like you wouldn’t see my children on my blog, i like to keep them away from that. Personal space is good to have really. These were great questions for discussion 🙂 xx

  3. I think drinking wine out of a pine glass is much more fun than a champagne flute!! Gutted to miss the chat this week – so good to have a catchup with what you guys talked about 🙂 x

  4. Love your post there, makes so much sense to me. I have the husband and little one but I spend so much time looking after them that I started blogging to have my own purpose in life, something that gave me a chance to be me and not somebody’s wife and somebody’s mum…to give ‘a point to me’ just like you.

    This looks like an awesome chat I need to make more of these think I’ve done 2 social bloggers chats and really enjoyed them so need to get it together!

    Jane xxx.

  5. You have to be happy in what you do if not that is hard to blog also make time or work around your schedule that works for you. Love your mythology in how you saw yourself in the future you to funny.

  6. This is all so great and such an amazing idea. It actually makes me want to reboot my twitter account so I can join in on these chats 😛


  7. This looks like a really good chat, I’ve participate in a few chats but somehow always miss this session. For the longest time only my hubby knows I’m a blogger but recently all his family members know too, it’s quite hard to explain how I get some of the stuff I received so letting them know I’m a blogger is better than letting them think I stole it from somewhere. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. This was a great read! I think blogging can really be enriching to our lives if we go about it the right way.

  9. I love these posts about the #socialbloggers chat because I’m almost ALWAYS working so i can’t join in with them! This week raised some interesting points!
    Olivia x

  10. Really loved this Corrine. Blogging has really saved me in sooo many ways, I have never really wrote about why I started Blogging I just don’t feel comfortable even now but lets just say life wasn’t going too well.

    It is amazing that you can post daily and keep up with everything , I work full time but couldn’t find it in me to post every day :).

    This post got me thinking I hope you do more like this. xox

  11. I love that you brought this up.. here I am married with children living in suburbia with no time or energy to meet with friends, shop or do anything fun. Blogging makes me feel connected. it enables me to tell my story, share something about my life to an audience that is surprisingly actually interested.. it enables me to be not just mom and wife but me.

  12. I love blogging so much! Just like you, I can’t imagine myself not blogging. This is where I can really express myself. This is my means of communicating to others since I’m not that good at socializing in real life. It made me gained friends too! 🙂 The downside is probably being vulnerable putting your life out there. I don’t share my blog to people I know in real life though..Sometimes I feel like I want to.

  13. for me blogging is to keep myself energised
    My day job is pretty stressful at times and i just want to switch off after im home which doesnt happen bcos i have to be online ,take calls etc etc ..
    But blogging definitely has helped ,because in this world i was able to make some online friends ,it also keeps me positive..
    But yes i agree with you i dont have house hold things to do because my mom stays with us ,Im married but no kids yet.
    Dont know how it would turn out to be in the future but for now i enjoy it a lot
    Great post

  14. I’ve never really sat down to weigh the pros and cons of blogging. I do love blogging as a platform for me to express myself, but sometimes it’s tough to remember just how public blogging is.

  15. These types of posts are the best. I love reading other people’s responses and hearing your thoughts. Actually the reasons I blog and identical to yours and I was never sure if many other people out there would have the same reasons or do it to feel worthwhile or fill a void. Whenever I’ve felt depressed and worthless I have come into the blog world. I don’t like to tell people like friends and family about my blog because I don’t think they’d understand especially how I often share personal stories about my life. Not everyone gets it. But I am so surprised how many people have found it themselves :S

  16. I always seem to miss these such a great discussion. I can totally agree with you that the life you imagine and the one you have is different to what you expected. That doesn’t make it better or worse just different. I love blogging because I learn new skills and have improved how I write still a long way to go but I’m getting there. I like sharing a bit of the world with other who bloggers who don’t come with the normal crap others do which is to make you feel crap about yourself to improve their existence. Great chat Lucy x

  17. My goodness, you were writing my heart today. I am 31 and this is not how I though my life would be. I’m learning to be happy right where I am and now just believe everything that should happen will happen. I have been blogging a total of 6 months but really focusing on it the last month while working full time. It’s an awesome outlet!! Thanks for the post. Sorry I missed the chat I will have to be on board next time .. Best!

  18. Aw wish i’d joined in with this! I wrote a post about it a while ago and included my personal pros and cons. Deffo comparison can be hard, and wanting to put more time into it but not being able to. There are so many more benefits though, meeting people, having somewhere to express myself and it meant I really gained confidence in my own mind. I used to not argue against anyone and just agree. Now I have my own opinions on everything! Which doesn’t seem much but it’s important to me 🙂 I don’t hide that I blog but I don’t shout it from rooftops haha. My best friend/housemate helps me with it and him and my family read it, some of my cousins do too! 😀 xo

  19. I just started blogging and I relate to your reasons for blogging. I am already feeling happier from posting regularly, now I just have to show that in my posts. Being 34 and on disability is not how a pictured my life but I know 2015 is going to be my best year ever.

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