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#OOTD // Work Party Woo!



So on Saturday we had the regional Christmas party at work, which is basically a big bash all the managers from our local stores go to. AKA best night ever, as I get to see people from my old stores. Woo!

We had a meal to start with. Vegetable soup was the starter. The main was chicken for the meat eaters and I had the vegetarian dish, which was a puff pastry in some form of basil, tomato and olive filling. Much better better looking than the standard chicken. It kind of tasted like pizza! Veggie win!

Dessert was profiteroles. I never eat dessert so gave it away.

As always, there was free wine on the table, a quiz for us to win more wine, a raffle I didn’t win and a lot of dancing.

It was lovely to catch up with my old workmates. After much wine, I switched to lemonade. But then my old manager bought me a jager bomb.  I blame him for the hangover I had when I woke up.

I was determined not to get one and took many precautions. I even had a sports drink by my bed to drink before I went to sleep and had loads of water, but I still woke up at 7am feeling horrible.

I had to check out of the hotel at 11am, the drive home was not fun! I left at 10am and then slept a couple of hours. Sunday was basically a massive waste of time as I had a headache the whole day.

I’m never drinking again. Seriously. Alcohol ruins me!

On another point, I’ve gone from never staying in a hotel on my own before, to staying in 3 hotels on my own in a few months. I feel like a proper adult.

Help. Aging.




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