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January Degustabox 2015 // The Healthy Box

  Januarys Degustabox is called the healthy box, which is great news for me as I’ve been on a health kick since last October. Just…



degustabox january 2015Januarys Degustabox is called the healthy box, which is great news for me as I’ve been on a health kick since last October.

Just for your information, Degustabox have a box that contains alcohol and also one that is none alcoholic – I was sent both items as I’m reviewing the box.

January Degustabox   

Mornflake // Top Porridge Pots


degustabox january 2015

These are handy little just add water pots that come with a portion of Lyles Golden Syrup or Nutella in the lid – great for a breakfast on the go.

£1.19 Each

Little Miracles // Organic Energy

degustabox january 2015

I’ve reviewed the full range of these drinks before here. There are a blend of tea, juice and ginseng non-carbonated drink. Great for a quick pick me up.

£1.48 each

Sunkrin Bread Mix // Sunflower and Pumpkin Seed


degustabox january 2015

Now this is interesting, a low carb, free-from bread mix that only needs water. It can be used to make pizza bases, tortilla wraps, burger buns and more. Each slice has 1 carb.

This is a bit on the pricy side, but gluten free and low carb products are costly so I guess your view on whether this is expensive or not depends on your dietary needs.

I think I’m going to attempt a healthy pizza base with this!


Haywards Piccalilli 

 degustabox january 2015


I’ve seen this product around supermarkets for years. I’ve never tried it though. It’s chunky vegetables in a tangy mustard sauce and does sound great on a burger!


Alfa One Rice Bran Oil 


This is a new product to me, it’s an oil that can be used for cooking but is better for you than the normal oils. It contains natural antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Gamma Oryzanol (helps reduce cholesterol absorption).

I’m going to make some salad dressings out of this, can’t wait to see how they turn out!


Kabuto Noodles // Miso Ramen



These are noodles that come in seven different flavours, they’re really easy to make – just like a pot noodle you add water and wait for them to absorb it.

You can eat them on their own, or use as a side. I made some stuffed portobello mushrooms and used half the pot of the noodles on the side – delicious!


Finn Crisp // Crispbread 


Crispbread is a great wholegrain cracker that can be used in multiple ways, such as a snack, with soups or crushed up in salads. I’ve wrote a post before about my top 5 toppings for crispbread if you want some ideas!


Koko Dairy Free

degustabox january 2015

I was happy to see this, as I’ve been cutting down a bit on dairy lately – I’ve been congested in a morning and I’ve heard dairy can do this. I really need to bite the bullet and completely cut it out for a while to see if it’s the culprit or not, I’m seriously so tired of sneezing seventy times upon awakening.

This has fewer calories than skimmed milk, zero cholesterol and is 100% allergen free. It claims to taste like cows milk. One shall see 😀


Simplee Aloe // Non-alcohol box


I’ve been curious about aloe vera drinks for a while now, it’s supposed to be great for you and I’ve heard it dubbed as the new coconut water. This one contains fresh grapefruit to make a tasty, healthy drink.


Magners Light // Alcohol box


We all know how alcohol is packed full of empty calories. This Irish Cider has only 103 a bottle and is the new flavour of Magners Light range. They come in 4 packs at selected Tesco stores.


Clipper Green Tea // Special Gift


This was a bonus gift – and one I’ll happily except. You may remember from my 8 things I want to turn into habits post, that drinking green tea daily was one of them.

Green tea needs no introduction really – it’s detoxifying and great for giving your metabolism a boost.

degustabox january 2015


I’m really looking forward to using the products in this months box!

You can get your own box from Degustabox with a £3 off, by entering my discount code: 2H11H

Just go to the Degustabox site and enter the code at the checkout! Full price is £12.99 per box. Postage and packaging is free.

Which products would you most like to try?



  1. The healthy box is such a cool idea!! I wish we had these in South Africa..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. Obsessed with Kabuto noodles, Love those. When I first tried them, I wasn’t sure, but tried them again and loved them. I could eat some just now after seeing them, haha!! xx

  3. This box looks really good, Corrine! Obviously I am most attracted to the noodles in the cup and the alcohol. LOL! I’ve never seen Kabuto noodles here but I will be hunting it down. I love all sorts of cup noodles and I need to try them all!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. this looks like a great box:-) i’m really craving some crispbread now! also, as a lactose intolerant i can tell you that most things that claim to taste like cow’s milk don’t, haha. it’s so disappointing and makes me (almost) cry. xx

  5. I wish we had these in the States! I especially like the look of those Mornflake pots… yum!

  6. Picalilli is amazing. I will literally eat the stuff by the spoon (which is probably really bad for me, oops)! These boxes always sound so interesting, but I’m worried I’ll get one where I won’t like/use half the stuff in it I’m so picky 🙁

  7. I do Clipper’s too! Their Dandelion tea mixed with some pure Cranberry juice and water is a fab concoction to zap water retention. Grandma’s remedy.. of course Grandma knew nothing of Clipper 😉

  8. Reading this on an empty stomach… Would like to try the breakfast pots. Handy for someone like me who’s always on the go.

  9. a great January box, especially when everyone sets off with good intentions. I would like everything in here not sure what the Piccalilli is doing in there but as you say is great with burgers and cold meats. Lucy x

  10. I’m just curious as I’ve signed up for degustabox after seeing all your reviews, how do you select the alcohol or non alcohol box? It doesn’t seem to be giving me a choice anywhere :/ x

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