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The Body Shop // Lip and Cheek Doll

lip and cheek doll


Happy Wednesday. How are you? HOW ARE YOU? I’m happier than usual because I now have 5 full days off work. Time of work is my favourite thing in the world. I seem to be adding more and more hobbies to my THINGSILOVETODO list, so time off work really helps me to get organised and try to get ahead a bit with the old blogging malarky. Daily blogging, two blogs, daily work outs, yoga and a full time job can often leave me feeling a little tired. I’m ecstatic for not having to wake up to the sound of an alarm.

So, onto the point of this post. I was sent this little gem from Body Shop a while ago as part of a campaign to promote their Christmas range. I pretty much loved it instantly, judging the book by it’s cover, so to speak.

lip and cheek dollIt’s a lip and cheek stain in an adorable bottle. The only thing I’m struggling to fathom about it, is the Christmas connection to it! Other than it’s red.

     lip and cheek doll

It’s easy to apply, you smear some on your lips or cheeks and you’re good to go.

I found that when using it on my cheeks, I’d draw a line on and blend with my finger, with my lips, I would apply as if it was a lipstick or gloss.

I did need to use a couple of layers on the cheek and think it’s a much better lip product than a cheek product.

lip and cheek doll

Now for the before and after shots:

lip and cheek dolllip and cheek doll

I loved the colour it made my lips, it was a red, but not too bold. It stayed on for a few hours without smudging, which is always a plus with lip colour.

It was really subtle on my cheeks and I don’t rate it much as a cheek product. I’m going to use this just on my lips from now on!

lip and cheek doll

Have you any tried any lip or cheek tints?Untitled

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