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How many followers do you REALLY have?

Here’s something I find funny – That even over 2 years later, over 1600 followers later, seeing that someone has clicked ‘follow’ and the number…


bloglovin followers

Here’s something I find funny –

That even over 2 years later, over 1600 followers later, seeing that someone has clicked ‘follow’ and the number increase still gives me that same excited feeling that makes me want to high five myself.

And I usually do.

There are plenty of bloggers out there that say they don’t care about followers. But I love stats and, I love being able to measure things, I love seeing things improve. In all aspects of my life. Whether that’s tracking how long it takes me to run each mile with my GPS watch, if I’ve beat my previous personal best cycling up that hill in my bike or if it’s blog related.

While there are ways to see improvement in other ways, such as photo quality, layout, or the size of my quads (that’s what she said!)- nothing is more objective than raw data. I bloody love it.

I wrote in a previous blog posts, What I’ve Learnt About Blogging in 2014, that the number of followers you have doesn’t equate to the number of people that will read every post. It actually surprised me how little traffic does come from Bloglovin’.

Bloglovin probably sits at third place in referral traffic to my blog, with search engines coming in first and Twitter second.

bloglovin followers

Let’s get analytical. 

So, I’m pulling this data out of Google analytics to see how much referral traffic I’ve gotten from Bloglovin.

Between January 1st and 14th, I’ve had 394 clicks from bloglovin.

Which probably isn’t that much, to say I’ve posted 14 blog posts.

This means that out of 1600 blog followers, only 28.14 people view each post on average. That’s a mere 1.75%

Compare that with June, when I had 840 followers. 18.78 people viewed each post a day, equalling 2.23% of followers. (see, told you I love stats!)

I guess there are things to consider, such as not every follower reads every post – so it’s probably not going to be the same 28.14 people reading each entry, or someone might come to your blog from Bloglovin, then catch up on your other blog posts through your own home page. Or people may follow you on Twitter or another platform and read your posts through that way.

Other things to consider:

  • People quit blogging/abandon bloglovin accounts
  • People who follow for giveaways
  • People who follow for follow
  • People who mass follow for traffic or a follow back
  • People just cherry pick a handful of blogs
  • People follow with the intention of coming back, but don’t

With all these things considered – I would expect that as your number of followers grow, the percentage of follows that click on your blog will decrease, even if your overall page views does increase – like you can see from the difference between June and January in my case.

bloglovin followers

How I follow blogs.

At first, I found this a bit frustrating and disheartening, but then there’s that old saying, when you point your finger at someone, there’s three pointing back at you. So I took a look at myself to see how I read blogs.

I have a bloglovin account, but I hardly ever read through the blogs on my feed. There’s no reason, really, other that I don’t have time to do that over my preferred method of reading blogs – which is through my comment section.

This is my order of preference in which I read blogs.

1. Blog comments.

I visit every person that has left a comment on my blog post and catch up with them that way – this has lead to regular, consistent interaction with some bloggers and I now feel like I know a few dozen of you rather well.

2. URL.

There’s about 10 blogs that I love and will visit a few times a week by directly going to their blog and seeing if they’ve updated.

3. Twitter.

If I’m bored, I might scroll through my Twitter feed and pick out any links that catch my eye.

4. Popular page on Bloglovin’.

I like to see what’s popular at the moment and I do like to see what Blogposts are getting a lot of attention at the moment. I generally will look through this at night while I’m in bed for a bit of light reading and very rarely comment on any of these posts.

5. My Bloglovin’ feed.

Usually while procrastinating, I might have a scroll through my feed and read any posts that grab my attention.


Of course, I only have my own data to analyse, so maybe you get a lot more traffic than me! With all this said, I’m still excited at every increase and I’m pretty sure I’ll be having a little party on my own when I hit my next milestone.

While I did find the data disappointing, I feel much better after getting that off my chest. I am now able to get on with my life. Look, I even went snowboarding. I’ve renamed my fitness blog, so I’d love it if you checked it out!

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 11.14.23

How much traffic do you get from Bloglovin?



  1. Really good article this. I get really disappointed if I see only a handful of people read my posts. On bloglovin I have no idea how many read? Probably very few. So having read your post it has perked me up. Forward me go, looking for the breakthrough that can change everything.

  2. I don’t get a great deal of traffic from Bloglovin, and it can be hard as a ‘smaller’ blogger but its reassuring to know that follower numbers doesn’t always mean high daily clicks!

    Great post my love 🙂

  3. I actually should check how much traffic I get from bloglovin. My blogger main page says it’s in my top 3, including google and when I promote on my tumblr.

  4. I’ve often wondered this myself so you’ve prompted me to take a look! I get traffic from the various blogging groups I’m in on Facebook, especially anything related to the region I’m in (north east England)

  5. You’re a measured girl like me! I like my stats right where I can see them. But my numbers aren’t great and it makes it easy to be hard on yourself. Bloglovin isn’t the greatest method for me, but I absolutely love scrolling through the endless suggested blogs in each category!!

  6. I do not get concern about that I just put it out there. I do get al ot of traffic but never announce it so many people do on Ig, Twitter, and so on On bloglovin I like to read other bloggers blogs that is what a true follower do, I do not wait for a comment or for them to comment on my next post I do it because I do enjoy it and why not help out on their traffic. Today I do not have a new post I still visit you.

  7. The number of followers you gained in such a short amount of time is impressive.. I hope to get there someday!

    Candice |

  8. this is a really clever and interesting post – certainly made me think. I am off to get my calculator and work out my own stats .

  9. Such a good post- I love stats too despite what everyone says about not caring. Im interested to find out the % of people that actually read my posts now! xxx

  10. I’m the same, I rarely get views from bloglovin, though it’s my main way of reading and try to read most, if not all, of the posts in my feed regularly. It’s really satisfying when I get them all clear with nothing left to read – but it doesn’t happen often!

  11. An interesting read. In the begin I was interested in stats not so much now. Some of that is because I don’t understand how it works. Alexa being one I have no idea what it means or how to increasable it. Enjoyed reading this and now off to see how you did at snowboarding Lucy x

  12. I really liked this post! I’m never one to look at the numbers, just preferring writing about what I love 🙂 But is is interesting to see where your traffic is coming from, I definitely need to look into my Google Analytic stats more x

  13. I really need to focus more on my stats – reading this has prompted me to log on to google analytics now! xx

  14. I agree with you that not everyone will read your blog through bloglovin (maybe if you promote it though). The amount of followers you have really doesnt matter because a lot off people who follow you might not interact with you.

    I have been thinking about this lately & I am happy when I get new followers but I realise it doesnt mean il get more traffic necessarily.

  15. Great post Corinne! I always learn new things here on your blog, today it’s google analytics. Thank You!!
    I actually like using bloglovin. Although now, due to vacation and school, I have around 246 posts I haven’t read or considered reading. So I’m on to that after joining a chat.

  16. Most of my traffic normally comes from Twitter which I was actually quite shocked at. I love stats watching as well. Every time I get a new follower I get a little buzz of excitement.

  17. You make a very good point in that not all of your followers will visit your blog, for one reason or another. Also, I feel you with regard to loving stats, I’m the same and find it a great way of measuring progress in various areas of life! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice 


  18. You seem to read blogs in the same way I do…my priority is always answering messages and comments left on my posts and the rest is a matter if I have time or not. There a few bloggers whose posts I don’t miss, I know their URL by heart so I can always just type it…and only occasionally do I scroll down my bloglovin and gfc feed. I used to love to discover new blogs but lately it is hard to find time for it.

    I don’t think there is nothing wrong in feeling happy about a large number of followers, I’m sure everyone feels nice about that, even if it doesn’t mean that your every post is read by all of them…but the real fun is in channeling ourselves and seeing what we have to offer blog-wise.

  19. Very interesting read. I came here through Bloglovin’ which is my main referral point for blog posts to read. I follow mainly through there. When it comes to followers, I seriously stopped bothering or caring so much of how many I have as I honestly think there is no point of having a bunch of followers that never care to visit or read my post. A handful that read and interact is better than hundreds that just never visit. I try to visit most especially those that really interact with me. By the way you always have very interesting posts on blogging and I comment when I have something to say 🙂 Again, good read!

  20. brilliant post in which i enjoyed every part of it! I love stats myself and found this most interesting! Thank you xx

  21. Great Post! I think it’s so easy to get hooked up on data and number of followers, but in reality what matters are your actual readers! I actually quite like bloglovin, I have split all the ones I follow into different categories like “favourite blogs” “food blogs” “mummy blogs” “lifestyle blogs” you get the idea, then just look at what takes my fancy!

    I still can’t get on with Twitter, I feel like there is just so much stuff on there I feel swamped! Like with Twitter chats etc – I can never keep up!

    Kay | xxx

  22. I started my Blog as a hobby but now I am really enjoying it and have started checking stats I don’t know how many people come from Bloglovin. A lot of my view come from commenting on a lot of Blogs I guess/ xox

  23. Nice post.
    I had a Bloglovin account but I don’t use it… I am totally agree with you for the interaction by comments (but I hate the “Do you want follow each other ?” when the only goal of the person is to have more followers…
    Kisses 😉

  24. I love this post. Thanks so much for it. Since I’m still a very small blogger, I don’t get a lot of traffic that isn’t directly from my followers or me leaving a link somewhere. My number of page views is about 200-300 a month if I post regularly.

  25. I dont have that many followers yet and I need to work on to get more followers
    But I love stats,when somebody clicks to follow me I get really excied no doubt abt it 🙂

  26. Also email subscribers…I subscribe to your posts by email so I read every post of last week but didn’t have time to click through due to it being a busy week. Whereas when I have more time i come through to the site as it’s nicer to read on the site and allows for commenting.

    Jane x

  27. I get hardly any through bloglovin but then again I don’t use it. I’ve found of you view blogs on your phone through bloglovin and try to comment, it doesn’t work. So I think I’ll go on my laptop later and never do it :/
    Victoria xx

  28. I’m the same as you, Corinne. I visit everyone who leaves me a comment on my blog with the exception for those who says ‘Great post! Follow me back!’. And again, there are a few blogs which I regularly visit these days and yours is one of it. I think if the blogger is funny and interactive, readers will always come back.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  29. This post was so helpful and informative! I am still a really new blogger too, so I definitely learned a lot. Some of the questions I had about views and readers were answered too! Thanks xx

  30. I am one of those people who forgets about Bloglovin and once in a blue moon I open it and go and have a read through, more because I am so busy than anything else x

  31. I don’t look at traffic sources, maybe i should! I use twitter, bloglovin, url mainly! 🙂 interesting to read stats though!x

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