7 ways to leave great blog comments

Lovely pics! Wanna follow eachother on GFC, Bloglovin and Instagram? Interesting post! New post over on my blog come see it! Love that dress. Check out my giveaway! These are all examples of how to NOT comment on a blog. Yet, you see it everywhere. Unless you’re a stranger to my blog posts, you’ll know that I regard leaving blog comments as the best possible way to gain readers and interaction. But they have to be quality comments. They have to be unique and clearly related to the blog post, they have to have a personal touch and show some actual interest in the post. Just because you’re commenting on a blog to promote yourself doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy reading it and can’t leave a genuine comment. 5 thoughtful comments are much more valuable than 20 spam like comments. Although, I only think it’s right I should admit that I have in the past left spammy comments, and the odd ‘follow for follow?’ plea. Gasp. I understand why a lot of people do it, because, well, when a lot of people do something, it seems like it’s the thing you should do. So people do it. I ain’t hatin’. It’s just that I always get a much better response when I spend a bit more time reading a post and put a bit more thought into it! Here are some tips I like to follow when leaving comments on new posts. 1. Always respond to the text. You’ll see it many times on blogs – the blogger has put up some photos, whether it be an outfit of the day or a picture diary of a day out. After this, they’ll write a blog post either relating to the pictures or not. The comment section is full, but only with comments relating to the pictures. Nobody has once referred to the fact that the blogger has just announced her engagement, or the birth of her nephew, or that a family member has been diagnosed with cancer. Or it might be a review of a product where the blogger has said the product doesn’t work, or is poor quality. Afterwards, there are replies such as ‘I’ll have to check it out!’ or ‘This product looks amazing, I’m going to try it!’ Awks. Read the blog post. Please. 2. Share a story.¬† A blogger writes a post about moving house, then share your experience of moving house. It’s so easy to share a similar or related experience of your own on a blog and makes for a great comment. Especially if it’s a funny story! 3. Provide context. You might understand what you’re talking about, but not everyone will! If it’s a long post with many points in it, make sure it’s clear which part of the post you are talking about so the blogger and other readers/commenters can understand the context of your comment. 4. Have a point to you comment. If you loved the blog post, don’t simply put ‘I loved this post!’. Say why you loved the post. What is it about you that made you love it. Does it relate to something that’s happened in your life? Do you have a similar dress that you love? Do you like the cut of the skirt? 5. Proof read your comment. I AM TERRIBLE AT THIS. I honestly am. Proof read your comment to make sure there’s no grammar/spelling mistakes, or you haven’t used the wrong word by mistake! I often neglect this and I just end up looking like a massive knob. Wah. 6. Ask a question. This is a great way to spark interaction. Ask the blogger a question relating to the post. Please don’t make that question ‘wanna follow each other on GFC?’ 7. Leave your blog link. But don’t over promote yourself! I want you to leave the link to your blog, but what I don’t want is the link to your latest post, your Twitter, your bloglovin and instagram. Just simply leave me a link to your blog to let me come visit you! If I like what I see, I’ll follow your social media accounts from your blog – not by you linking them all up in my comment section. What are your best commenting tips? PS I don’t even have GFC. If you like what you see, please sign up to my newsletter below¬†and follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin so you don’t miss out on updates! Keep up to date with my newsletterEmail Address Name G’wan, delve a little further..I’m not going to hit my blog goals this year. Does this make me a failure?5 Reasons I Leave Your Blog and Never ReturnHow To Use Google Analytics // The BasicsHow to take your blog to the next level5 reasons I don’t read your blog post