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7 ways to leave great blog comments

How often do you see great blog comments that are well thought out, clearly written by a reader who has read and been engaged with…


How often do you see great blog comments that are well thought out, clearly written by a reader who has read and been engaged with you content before they leave a blog comment? How about the following comments –

Lovely pics! Wanna follow eachother on GFC, Bloglovin and Instagram?

Interesting post! New post over on my blog come see it!

Love that dress. Check out my giveaway!

These are all examples of how to NOT comment on a blog. Yet, you see it everywhere.

Unless you’re a stranger to my blog posts, you’ll know that I regard leaving blog comments as the best possible way to gain readers and interaction.

But they have to be quality comments.

They have to be unique and clearly related to the blog post, they have to have a personal touch and show some actual interest in the post.

Just because you’re commenting on a blog to promote yourself doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy reading it and can’t leave a genuine comment.

5 thoughtful comments are much more valuable than 20 spam like comments.

Although, I only think it’s right I should admit that I have in the past left spammy comments, and the odd ‘follow for follow?’ plea. Gasp. I understand why a lot of people do it, because, well, when a lot of people do something, it seems like it’s the thing you should do. So people do it.

I ain’t hatin’. It’s just that I always get a much better response when I spend a bit more time reading a post and put a bit more thought into it!

Here are some tips I like to follow when leaving comments on new posts.

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1. Always respond to the text.

You’ll see it many times on blogs – the blogger has put up some photos, whether it be an outfit of the day or a picture diary of a day out. After this, they’ll write a blog post either relating to the pictures or not.

The comment section is full, but only with comments relating to the pictures. Nobody has once referred to the fact that the blogger has just announced her engagement, or the birth of her nephew, or that a family member has been diagnosed with cancer.

Or it might be a review of a product where the blogger has said the product doesn’t work, or is poor quality. Afterwards, there are replies such as ‘I’ll have to check it out!’ or ‘This product looks amazing, I’m going to try it!’

Awks. Read the blog post. Please.

2. Share a story. 

A blogger writes a post about moving house, then share your experience of moving house.

It’s so easy to share a similar or related experience of your own on a blog and makes for a great comment. Especially if it’s a funny story!

3. Provide context.

You might understand what you’re talking about, but not everyone will!

If it’s a long post with many points in it, make sure it’s clear which part of the post you are talking about so the blogger and other readers/commenters can understand the context of your comment.

4. Have a point to you comment.

If you loved the blog post, don’t simply put ‘I loved this post!’. Say why you loved the post.

What is it about you that made you love it. Does it relate to something that’s happened in your life? Do you have a similar dress that you love? Do you like the cut of the skirt?

5. Proof read your comment.


I honestly am.

Proof read your comment to make sure there’s no grammar/spelling mistakes, or you haven’t used the wrong word by mistake! I often neglect this and I just end up looking like a massive knob. Wah.

6. Ask a question.

This is a great way to spark interaction. Ask the blogger a question relating to the post.

Please don’t make that question ‘wanna follow each other on GFC?’

7. Leave your blog link.

But don’t over promote yourself!

I want you to leave the link to your blog, but what I don’t want is the link to your latest post, your Twitter, your bloglovin and instagram.

Just simply leave me a link to your blog to let me come visit you!

If I like what I see, I’ll follow your social media accounts from your blog – not by you linking them all up in my comment section.

What are your best commenting tips?

PS I don’t even have GFC.


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  1. Comments like those can be so frustrating at times~ ^ ^
    It can make you wonder if they put any thought in to their comment at all! ^ – ^

  2. Cute article! Check out my giveaway!

    I joke I don’t do giveaways nor know or have a GFC I think? I’m a first time reader so thank you for popping up on my Twitter feed! I’m gonna go explore your site now and find me some more blogging tips!

    1. I was going to write the same thing… mmmm GFC?!?! Glad I’m not the only one with no idea about that one hahaha.

        1. Megan hi, if you register a profile pic at you’ll never get a generic icon anywhere again – it’ll show your avatar next to your details wherever you leave a comment! C x

      1. Ha, GFC is Google Friend Connect, it’s a way of following blogs that blogger used to have. Some blogger blogs still have it though most use Bloglovin now!

  3. Great post. I totally agree with all of your points here but especially the first one – it’s so annoying when someone clearly hasn’t even read the post and just comments to share a link to their blog! I know we’ve all been guilty of over promoting ourselves at some point but come on, how hard is it to leave a nice, thoughtful comment!?

    In my experience, I always check out the people who do leave quality comments because they’ve taken a proper interest in my blog, I rarely check out spammers! xo

    1. Exactly – if you want someone to read your blog, you need to give them quality engagement too. It’s a two way thing!

  4. This is a great post, I completely agree with you – those type of comments have no value and are just so frustrating! <3 xx

  5. I pride myself on leaving fabulous blog comments πŸ˜‰ Although in reality I probably waffle on too much and bore everyone to tears!

    Chloe x

  6. I hate comments like the first examples – I go as far as deleting ‘follow for follows’ from my blog! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  7. I enjoyed reading your blog post. It’s so true. I hate people, who comment: I love your blog. Wanna follow eachother?. It’s a little disrespectful to what you have written about.
    Also what do you think: is it better to leave a link to my blog, because I normally don’t do that?

    Mary x

    1. In my comment section, for example, it gives the option to leave your link which is fine. If the comment is on blogger or google plus, I always leave my link. But just the link to my blog.

      When I was on blogger and people didn’t leave their link, I got frustrated a lot because I wouldn’t know what the person blog was to return the favour. Not all bloggers will come back to your blog, but I honestly think it’s better to sign off with your blog name if you’re unable to give it any other way πŸ™‚

  8. I fully agree with your tips! I think over time, commentors (hopefully) realize that spammy comments are not yielding any rewards and may rethink their ‘strategy’.

  9. I have to said this is direct and honest I respect that, I also agree with comments follow to follow or writing to promote yourself. I get so many of those. As per spelling errors I’m a corporate with my phone especially if I’m traveling for business I type fast before getting on a plane or in a middle of going to a conference room for a meeting, so sometimes I do not proof read due to lack of time. (Blame it on my phone spell ck LOL)
    Great post doll.

  10. These are great tips!! I don’t mind someone asking me to follow them if they’ve actually read my post and it shows in their comment. But, as you say, the ones that say..’Nice post, come seen mine or let’s follow each other’ I tend to ignore really. I have had a few times that I’ve clicked publish and missed a typo and I try to fix it. The people that leave like every link to every page they have are annoying, haha. If all their links are neatly together in a row or something, that’s fine, but most have them one right under the other and posts weird sometimes on blogs and then they leave like a two word comment and all these links, I think it’s a bit rude. We should be reading posts and be more interested and give thoughtful comments, even if we might not be that interested in the topic, it still deserves some care in commenting as you would like the same on one’s own blog posts. This was great, lots of points that I always think on. Have a great day doll, hopefully a drier one than we’re having up here in Scotland πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Thanks Kizzy. I agree with you. I don’t mind so much them asking me to follow after a decent comment, although I must admit it would still leave a bit of a sour taste in my mouth!

  11. Yesss!! I’m really loving these blogging tips of yours and this is one I loved to read. I really really hate those commenters who are asking for follow for follows and don’t even really read the post!! I reckon all the tips you’ve given are definitely things people have to do, except I don’t proofread my comments either. *blushes* You’ve pretty much covered all the tips so I don’t have anything else to say. Lol I’ve probably broken so many of them in this comment, but I hope it’s satisfactory. xx

    The Life of Little Me

  12. I understand, it’s true that it can but hurtfull, but I guess sometime people are not “delicate” if they don’t care they should’nt come I don’t know what you think but I can understand a Interesting post! sometime people have no time but not a Interesting post! New post over on my blog come see it!

    1. I think the thing is – so many people do this that people think it’s normal or okay to do. You can see small pockets in the community where the same bloggers will do this amongst each other. They might not be doing it in a nasty way, but in a community where commenting on lots of blogs is seen as a way of gaining readers/views etc, quality goes a bit downhill then everyone just follows each others lead.

  13. You always leave the best comments Corinne! I agree that you can totally tell when a reader has just looked at the pictures and skimmed over the text. I love when my stories I’ve shared spur others into remembering (and sharing) stories of their own.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog too!
    lily x

  14. this is a brilliant post which is so well written and is all so true! I have seen way too many of these type of comments on my blog! I never leave a link to my blog myself as i always feel like it has taken away from my original comment somehow! Maybe that is because of exactly what you have said above and in my mind,i dont feel comfortable leaving my link! This is how i feel! I also feel the same way about leaving my link at the end after participating in any blogger chats but this is unrelated to your really very interesting post! Thanks xx

  15. Brilliantly observed, Corinne – agree with you 100%! There’s no way to get any sort of relationship going if you leave those sorts of comments… I have no clue why people do it and what they think they’ll get out of it.

    I am also terrible at proofreading comments, but really only in Blogger blogs as you only see a little bit of what you’ve written at a time. I love the interesting comments that I get on my blog – anything that’s well observed, or funny, or really complimentary (of course!!) are my favourites.

    I’m loving these tips posts that you write… I’m sorry I don’t comment more on them!! (How ironic considering the topic!)

    Catherine x

    1. I think they figure because so many bloggers are willing to swap a naff comment for a naff comment, it’s a quick and easy way to get loads of comments on their blog post. But I think it really says a lot if you see a lot of short, meaningless comments on a blog compared to a blog post that may have 10-20 longer comments!

      Compliments are great but are thrown around a lot in the community, don’t you think? I’m going to end up big headed haha!

    2. Since I found you through Catherine, I thought it only appropriate to chime in through a reply. Now, through Not Dressed As Lamb I’ve found yet another fabulous blogger!

      I totally agree with all that you’ve said. I cringe when I seen other people just saying “love it,” and that’s it. Well I don’t cringe, but I think to myself, “That’s not gaining that blogger any traction.” Anyhoo, we are all trying to get better at this. Posts like this really help! So thank you.

      I’m gonna sign off now (and include my link!! Heehe. I always do.), but I want to let you know I’m Happy to have found you! Thanks again Catherine and Corinne.


      Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  16. I totally just read the blog comments to see if anyone had actually read the post lol! Everyone gets top marks. I find it infuriating when people just leave a comment asking me to follow them and don’t comment on anything from my blog post. Argh!! From now on I shall direct those nuisances to this post!
    Reinventing Neesha β™₯

  17. Ah, yes! I appreciate all blog comments but I have about 2 or 3 regular commenters who always leave such thoughtful replies and those are my favourite.

    I absolutely hate ‘follow for follow’ comments, I will just delete them if I get any. I also love it when someone shares a story! I left a comment on one of my fave bloggers post’s the other day to say I had a funny dream with her in and she later tweeted me to say it properly cracked her up!

    1. Regular commenters are the best as you know they are genuine. Even if from time to time they leave quick, short comments – you still know they’ve read because of the trust/relationship they’ve built up with you in the past.

      Haha, dreaming about bloggers is a little mental, are you okay? :p

  18. If only people actually followed these tips when commenting. I think even reading a little of the text is important before commenting. I read a post where someone was mourning a loved one and there were comments on the photo and follow me spammers that had nothing to do with the person had actually written which was quite lovely.

  19. I’ve noticed a recent drop in the ‘follow for follow’ comments, haven’t been seeing it on my blog (touch wood!) and rarely see it on other blogs too. I would like to think the recent posts on the matter by many bloggers made a huge impact and others are more well educated on the matter.
    You’re not the only one who is terrible at proofreading, I’m guilty of it too. And with the damn auto-correct, I’ve my fair share of embarrassing comments. Eekk!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yeah, as I’ve built up a stronger, audience that really do read my post and leave fab comments, I find I’ve got less and less. I think they must see that and not feel it appropriate to ask for a follow!

  20. Great post ! Your advices are very good.
    I would like to say more sometimes but I lost a lot of my English vocabulary…
    I must learn again ! πŸ™‚

  21. This is so true! Anyone who asks for a follow gets ignored tbh, I won’t even look at their blog haha!
    I much prefer thought out comments so when I comment I like to do the same! Xx

  22. hah honey this post is great ! I read it every single word of it and everything is so true. I hate when some people leave me just a link to their blog. They should at least try to fake it that they care about my blog and about what I’m writing about.

  23. ahh, #1. i hate it when people don’t read blog posts at all, especially when it’s something like talking about someone’s death and the comments are “great post!” haha! i do sometimes leave stupid little meaningless comments, but at least i try to do more than that most of the time:-) f4f? lyk4lyk? xx

  24. Very few bloggers would be brave enough to post a post like this and for that I really commend you. I also whole heatedly agree with you.

    When people just write a small little comment on my post it can be seen as insulting, as though they didn’t read my post properly and didn’t delve into something I put time and effort into. I love to see you addressing this because I see this everywhere. I think it shows that people are just eager for followers etc with minimum effort. I would much rather follow someone who put some thought into the comment they have written for me.

    When someone new visits my blog, i do go onto their blogs to check it out but I only follow if I’d genuinely be interested in the blog. πŸ™‚

    Blogging isn’t only about the blog posts themselves but also the comments. I wonder is there a way to stop this behaviour?

    From Ellen in Ireland

    1. I’m not sure if it will stop! I’m sure it is a good way of getting followers, but what’s the point if they’re not going to really come back and leave. It just means that you have a bunch of followers that will stop visiting and your feed is full of blogs that you’re probably not that bothered about!

  25. Well, I feel like the pressure is on with this comment now! But I am so with you on not proof reading, don’t think I’ll ever learn!

    Annabel β™₯
    Mascara & Maltesers

  26. Nice blog! Check out my giveaway!…Just Kidding! I couldn’t agree with you more. One of my favorite parts about blogging is connecting with other people and building relationships, so when people leave comments like that, I just ignore them. It’s just so insincere!

  27. Goodness, yes! This is a topic that needs to be discussed far more often, especially when it comes to novice bloggers.

    One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive is how I grew my blog’s audience (in the beginning and to this day), and a solid chunk of the answer is that I did so by leaving engaging, sincere comments on other blogs in my niche and a few akin to it. From those comments sprang not just readers, but often online friends, fantastic connects, new opportunities and a wealth of benefits, not the least have been quality comments on my site as well.

    Really, really ace post, dear gal!

    β™₯ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica. I get the same questions too. I think too many people are looking for a quick fix to get a big, popular blog. When there is no quick fix. You either make the effort with others and it shows, or you don’t make effort with others.

  28. Ah, great post! I actually keep all of these in mind and try to give comments that actually show I’ve read the post. I guess for some people, it takes them a lot of time to read the things others are writing and then formulate a thoughtful comment on it.

    My favorite tip is sharing your story. If others are reading the same post, they will definitely be interested in hearing your own experiences about the subject matter.

    I think leaving helpful tips or information is another good one too! x

    1. Sometimes it can be hard to read some posts, or find comments on in a blog. There are times when I struggle but for the most part, it’s a habit I’ve learnt.

  29. Aghh I’m with you! What’s even worse is some people literally just copy and paste comments, like a few times I’ve gotten “what a cute outfit” comments on a recipe post. But sometimes I truly am stumped on what to say, so thanks for the tips πŸ™‚


    1. I’ve seen that a few times, when one blogger went around loads of posts saying about how much they loved the blog, the layout and it was an interesting post. It was the exact same message on almost every blog I visited! I was really tempted to go over to her blog and say something haha.

  30. These are really great tips! I hate reading comments like, “great blog post” or other general comments like that. You’ll really know who read your blog posts.

  31. This is so completely 100% true. I get so frustrated by spam comments and self promotion. The one which annoys me most is β€œcute dress,,,[self promoting comments].” I definitely believe that commenting on other blogs is the best way to get readers too. I always really appreciate when someone has read the text in my post and not just looked at the photos. I can always tell. LOL I love how you said post a question but don’t make it do you want to follow each other on GFC.

  32. Yes! More people need to read this post seriously! Even though I don’t publish ‘follow for follow’/’please follow’ comments, and say that in my comment form, I get so many of those comments! GAAAH! They all just end up in my spam folder in the end.

    It’s funny looking at the comment section on my posts – i can see who’s taken the time to read the post and leave a thoughtful comment, and I’ll head over to their blog to return the favour. The ‘great pic’ or ‘great blog’ and 10 million links comments I don’t bother following up with, they haven’t taken any time so why should I? Hopefully eventually people will stop leaving useless comments!

    have to say, you’re good at leaving comments though, I enjoy reading yours! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Mica! I think a lot of comments go straight to spam for me and I don’t really have time to go through them!

  33. I try so hard not to leave spammy comments. If i don’t have anything really good to say, I usually just don’t comment. Thanks for the tips though! I will be applying them. I’m also super bad at proofreading just by the way. Haha!

    Theatricality by Mariah

    1. I always try to leave something, esp if the blogger has left me a comment. But there has been times when I’ve just given up!

  34. I am sitting reading this on a train laughing to myself, everyone around me probably thinks I am mad. I really like thoughtful comments that you have read the post and are interested. I absolutely hate follow me. Love you blog if you follow me let me know and I will follow you. Delete sorry Lucy x

  35. Nice post! πŸ˜‰

    (Just kidding! I completely agree with this, 100%. I like to take some time every day to comment on a few new blogs and I get far more engagement from this. Probably even a bit better than twitter chats. It’s really nice to get a comment where they mention they they’d seen me come by.

    Don’t worry, we all look like a knob at some point!)

  36. Thank you so much for this post! I have had my blog for a year now but haven’t taken advantage of commenting or using social media a ton. So thank you so much for this! It will help a lot as I start to comment more πŸ™‚ if you have a free moment, I’d love for you to check my blog out! Have a great day!

  37. Oooh, now I’m paranoid I’m going to leave a stupid comment! I’m awful at not reading back through my comments and usually end up looking like a tit as swype comes up with all sorts of weird and wonderful words I didn’t mean to write!
    One of my goals for 2015 is to interact with more bloggers and leave more comments so this had been a great post. Thanks!
    I never thought before to leave a link to my blog in comments before, great idea, so here’s goes!

  38. I totally hate spam comments too! I’m much more likely to check out someones blog if they leave me a comment then if they put “check out my blog” or any of the other examples you gave…if anything those sorts of comments make me not want to look at their blog at all.

    I am guilty of saying “great pics!” though…but that’s mainly because I’m a photography lover and like to give compliments where they are due πŸ™‚


  39. I so loved your point on replying to context and the subject the blog has been written ,it is so valid point and so many times we all miss it.
    THese tips are so valid and important.
    Thanks for this post πŸ™‚

  40. Wow I’ve never agreed more! It gets really frustrating for me because I write (and I put a lot of thought into my writing) to generate a repsonse from the public. It makes me feel like my content isn’t interesting. Maybe I may be thinking way into this but I think it comes down to people’s initial objective to having a blog. I have a blog to write, others might have a blog to become the next Aimee Song.

  41. I get so upset when people leave comments not relating to the post, just to the photos!! They totally contradict what you’re saying and it’s stupid ugh!I try and always leave thoughtful comments, I worry I leave too long comments on some posts and just drivel on into something I could easily write into a blog post aha :/ xo

  42. One of the main reasons I moderate ALL comments left on my blog is so that the spammy ‘follow for follow’ posts don’t get published. I don’t want others to see those comments when they look through the comments section. In a weird way, I feel like those comments spoil my blog. I respond to ALL the comments left on my blog, but how do I respond to that? I can’t, and I don’t want it taking up page space. :/

    Sarah πŸ™‚

  43. Great post, and one that most new bloggers should read!

    I think a lot of the link comments are because commenters aren’t aware that their link is probably left automatically if they’ve filled in the comment form right, or that it’s blatantly spammy, even if not intended. It really winds me up if people leave theirs, and I’ll edit the comment to remove it…I have comment luv on my blog, so they shouldn’t even need to leave a written link.

  44. I think this is a brilliant post – I don’t have a huge blog but I definitely agree that 5 thought out comments are better than 100 spam comments. It shows that your readers actually care and it makes you 1 million times more likely to go and have a peek at their blog too! πŸ™‚ x
    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

  45. Hmm. Am I really going to comment on a post about blog comments… Yes I will πŸ˜› You are absolutely right that it is important to show some interest in the actual post. I am new to this, but I will only comment on posts that I have actually enjoyed reading and that have been useful to me. I think that is the best use of my time and that of everyone else. If someone spam posted me I wouldn’t click on their link. If someone left a thoughtful comment, I would be much more intrigued by it and hence much more likely to check out their website. I haven’t come across comments yet with several links but I think I would find that just as annoying. As to proof reading… Yikes. Yes I do forget. My laptop is actually brand new and I don’t have word installed on it yet. So no intelligent program to check my spelling :S
    Thank you for this post. It was very useful. There are a lot of post out there about blogging but far less on commenting. xx Dandy I

  46. When I started blogging I struggled with what to write in comments as I afraid of waffling on. There was plenty I wanted to say but was worried about ‘talking too much’. As a new blogger I think you try and emulate what you see which is a lot of ‘follow me’ ‘great post’ type comments. It’s only when you start to receive comments on your own writing that you realise how empty such comments are and as you say 5 meaningful, attentive comments are worth much more than 20 spam ones!

    I find social media comments sometimes follow in the same vein. I see so many ‘bloggers’ commenting on brands social media sites saying ‘need representation?’ ‘i’d love to work with you’. Personally I don’t think that’s the way to build professional relationships. The same rules apply, pay attention, get involved with the content and be genuine and the opportunities will come- just like the followers and traffic will.

    Thanks for the post, great advice x

  47. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on blog comments! I have to confess I’m not really good at leaving comments, simply because I think the communication and interaction on Twitter is faster and I also get side track a lot in comments!

    (It has just happen again!) See what I mean? So coming back to the topic I have a reader who comments on every single of my posts and it is the same structure every time. ‘I love [product/ootd/picture/film] plus link’. Every time! I’ve stopped replying to her comments and approving them so they end up in the spam folder. I find this so rude. Why is it so hard to make the effort and read a paragraph of the post to get at least a tiny idea what it is about? It is a sheer mystery! Hope to speak soon, xxx

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures

  48. YES – I was thinking of writing a post along these lines! You’ve summed it up pretty well (and I love your hilarious writing style)! I too used to ask for f4f *cringe*, so glad my comments have evolved! πŸ™‚

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  49. This is so valuable!

    From a technical stance, it’s also worth noting that comments generally have what is called a ‘no-follow’ attribute in Google. This means that stuffing a comment with links has 0 effect on search results in google nor do Google tend to count them as proper backlinks. They do not contribute to SEO, and all it is good for is referral traffic!

    That said, I also get annoyed with people who don’t make the effort to code their links on their comments properly. If it’s not clickable – I ‘aint searching for it, no matter how valuable your comment is.

    Anyhow, this is a great article, and I hope it benefits heaps of bloggers.
    Claire x

  50. Hey, nice pic of a computer! Only joking – I agree completely with all the points you’ve made, especially about actually reading the text of the post before commenting.

    And proofreading your comment – being dyslexic this is rather important in my case πŸ™‚


  51. Why not simply put a lower limit on the number of words or characters that a comment may contain? That’s what I do. If you can’t write a paragraph your comment will never be accepted on my blog. πŸ˜‰

  52. Hey Hey! These are some great tips and hopefully people take this all into consideration. I know I at least always try to leave a meaningful comment and I’ll sometimes leave a link to my blog after the comment of I’m new to the blog. I know that on my blog, I mpderate the comments so I can weed out the spammy ones or the ones that have nothing to do with what I’m posting.

    Thanks for sharing!

  53. I feel like there’s now pressure to leave a thoughtful, intelligent comment haha! Personally, I’m really lazy at leaving comments so if I am leaving one, it is a genuine response to the post as it made me actually want to leave my thoughts.

    Another thing I’d like to read is how to increase comments – I don’t know whether you do anything specific but you always have a lot of engagement on your posts, whereas I struggle to even get one comment on my blog posts.

    1. Haha, I increase engagement purely by commenting on other blogs. Almost all my commenters are people whose blog I read and comment on too!

  54. Thank you for a great post! I’m a pretty shy person, but over the past month I’ve been forcing myself to get out of my shelf and comment more on the blogs I enjoy reading. I think I’m already leaving fairly thoughtful comments, as my #1 motivation is to connect with other bloggers rather than just growing traffic (short term). But I am very guilty of commenting on the pictures rather than the text – sometimes because I’ve only skimmed, but mostly because it’s so much easier to say something nice about – but I’ll keep it in mind now.
    I just have one question, when it comes to leaving your blog link. Do you think it’s okay to write in the comment as a signatur of sorts, or should you only fill out the field where you also leave name and email? I was thinking it’s likely most people won’t think you have a blog because it’s less visible if you don’t, but maybe it seems like you’re just promoting yourself if you do. What do you think?
    (Look at me trying to leave a thougtful comment. Maybe too long, sorry!)

    1. I think it’s fine to leave a link! I know some bloggers don’t like it, but I’d prefer to know where you come from. Luckily on WordPress you can leave it in the comment field, so I wouldn’t leave it at the end of the comment if the blog has that open. Only leave your blog link though, not the link to all of your social media accounts!

  55. I have no idea what a GFC is. But you already explained it on the comments so I won’t ask again, lol. I haven’t encountered any spammy comments yet – or maybe a plug-in of mine already took care of it. But I do agree that I love receiving comments with value/content. My favorite comments are those that tells stories related to my post – especially the really long ones! They’re just fun to reply to, unlike if one just receives a ‘Nice post!’ comment. I am also guilty of not proofreading the comments I leave on other blogs. The moment I press submit comment, I’ll realize my mistake and sulk about how I can no longer take it back! Haha! I love your posts so much, Corinne!

  56. Your posts are really helping me get through this whole blogging palava and are really inspiring me to do well!

    I really love your 86 things I’ve learnt in 3 years of blogging! It’s just showing me and other new bloggers what’s to come

    Your posts are helping me with the type of content I want to post so thank you!

    Since you’ve been in this industry for a while, your opinion on my content is very much appreciated and help me grow my blog

    Thank you so much

  57. I’m glad I’ve came across this because I have really learned a lot from these suggestions, I have been prone to expressing how much I like a post and not elaborated why. This has definitely opened my eyes to how to approach comments in the future about expressing what I liked about them, thank you for showing me this πŸ™‚


  58. This is a great post! As a new blogger it’s so difficult to know what the best way is to interact with people and grow your following. This was so informative – thanks! πŸ™‚

  59. Great post .Yes agree. Must leave a good comment related to the post and i always say thank you for sharing .Will help me for sure .

  60. Great post, all the tips are on point! The whole follow for follow thing seems to have died down thanks to akismet and other spam blockers

    Also, is GFC still a thing first time ive heard about it today

  61. Awesome post. I’m also bad a proofing my comments. You make some great points here. Genuine engagement is the key, as with all online (and real life!) communications.

    Am blogging about writing craft and related subjects at:

  62. Amazing, This is a great post! As a new blogger it’s so difficult to know what the best way is to interact with people and grow your following. This was so informative – thanks!

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