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Childhood Scents // White Musk

body shop white musk review

Remember Charlie body sprays? Charlie Red and Black in those tiny spray cans that cost about £1 each? Well, those were the first perfumed products I owned when I was a young teen.

Then, for Christmas, my Mum bought me some a bottle of White Musk body spray from The Body Shop.

It was my staple scent for a good few years. I remember there was 3 others, one in a pink bottle, an orange/yellow and a green. Although I don’t remember their names, but I collected them and I can still smell them now. Especially the pink one.

I loved having the full collection of them all, but White Musk was the only one I finish and re-purchased multiple times.

body shop white musk review

As I’ve been a little bit careless lately, buying expensive perfume that’s out of my price range, a £13 bottle of White Musk sounded like a bargain.

It still has the same smell I remember, the musky but sweet powdery scent. It brings back nostalgia to my younger years of spraying it in my pink princess bedroom at 11 years old.

body shop white musk review

I’m so happy I picked this up and have it back in my life – if you’ve not smelt this yet – then get yourself to your nearest Body Shop and try out the tester!

Do you like any of the Body Shop perfumes?




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