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Christmas Themed Gifts

secret santa gifts

Gah. Secret Santas are the bane of my life. Every year, I seemed to find myself with my hand in a hat, picking out a name and having know idea what to get this person I only vaguely know.

I looked towards amazon for ideas, and actually was shocked with how much cheesy, tacky, delightful and fun Christmas related items you can pick up there – for a bloody good price, too!

I managed to pick up two Christmas hats, two pairs of Christmas socks and two Christmas themed earrings and they only came to about £20 for the lot.

I’m happy to say that’s my secret santa gift sorted, as well as some other smaller stocking fillers for some members of my family. Hurrah! I don’t know why I didn’t think of quirky Christmas related gifts earlier!

secret santa gifts secret santa gifts secret santa gifts secret santa gifts secret santa gifts

Are you a secret Santa this year? What did you buy?Untitled

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