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Natural Bliss Teeth Whitening Kit

Natural Bliss Teeth Whitening Kit

I’ve been trying out a teeth whitening product from Natural Bliss.

The kit is supposed to remove 90-100% of stains over 5 applications.

Natural Bliss Teeth Whitening Kit

The kit is 100% vegan, they’re all natural and contain no chemicals.

It contains 3 small pots that have:

  • Bicorbonated Sodium
  • Activated Willow Carbon
  • Curcumin.

Natural Bliss Teeth Whitening Kit

Each product is a powder to be applied with a toothbrush, cotton bud or finger. The black and the yellow powder does slightly stain though, so it would be best to use an old brush rather than your current one.

You use the white pot (bicarbonated sodium) first. This cleans the teeth and neutralises the mouth. After this, you use the black pot (activated willow carbon) which absorbs the toxins in your mouth, it helps combat bad breath and loosens plaque and tartar build up. Then you add the yellow pot (curcumin) which has a natural bleaching effect on the teeth.

I used it for 5 days, as recommended and here’s how my teeth looked before and after:


I do apologise for leΒ bad fotos of me teef. I had to crop my lips out because they’ve been dry and chapped lately and it looked nassssssty.

As you can see, my teeth do appear brighter and cleaner, especially near the gum line.

It’s recommended that you apply it again every so often to top up the effect.

It’s great that the product works, but I found the kit really hard to use. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to put powder on your teeth, but it’s really hard to keep it on your teeth. The kit tells you to coat your teeth with it for around 2 minutes and it took me a few goes to get it right with the black powder, but I found the yellow powder really hard to work with as it just seemed to slide down my gums. If they could somehow get this into a paste that could sit on your teeth, it would be amazing.

It’s great that the product does work, but I found how fiddly it was so apply the products and keep them in place.

You can get your own kit here. It’s currently 20% off and also if you buy in December, they’ll give you a free kit to give to a friend as a gift.

Natural Bliss Teeth Whitening Kit


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