The Library of Fragrance Thunderstorm

Oh, let me tell you about the Library of Fragrance! It is an absolute treasure trove for anyone who appreciates the power of scents. Each…


Oh, let me tell you about the Library of Fragrance! It is an absolute treasure trove for anyone who appreciates the power of scents. Each one captures a unique scent from our world.

The Library of Fragrance is a unique concept that allows us to experience and explore scents in a whole new way. Instead of limiting ourselves to traditional perfumes and colognes, this library offers a large collection of single-note fragrances that capture the essence of everyday objects and experiences. From fresh laundry and rain showers to freshly baked cookies and even pizza, there is a scent for every mood and memory

library of frangrance
The Library of Fragrance Thunderstorm

What I find truly fascinating about the Library of Fragrance is its ability to transport us back in time. Just one whiff of a particular fragrance can evoke powerful memories and emotions, taking us on a journey through our past. It’s like having a time machine in a bottle! Whether it’s the scent of a childhood home or the aroma of a favourite holiday destination, these fragrances have the power to bring back cherished moments in an instant.

And the best part? The Library of Fragrance encourages us to mix and match scents, allowing us to create our own unique fragrance combinations. It’s like being a perfumer for a day – we can play around with different notes and create something truly personalised and special. The possibilities are endless, and it’s such a fun and creative way to express ourselves through scent. So, if you’re someone who loves to indulge in the world of fragrances or if you’re simply looking for a unique and thoughtful gift, I highly recommend visiting the Library of Fragrance. It’s a sensory experience like no other, and I guarantee you’ll leave feeling inspired and excited to explore the world of scents in a whole new way.

The Library of Fragrance Thunderstorm

The Library of Fragrance thunderstorm collection offers a range of scents inspired by the intense and electrifying atmosphere of a thunderstorm.

When I was a child, I remember how the six-week summer holidays used to seem to go on for months. It felt like it was always hot in the summer. The type of hot only a Mr Whippy ice cream and paddling pool could help.

During those hot days, the sky would sometimes open up for a few minutes, sending down big drops of rain. The scent of the rain against the hot asphalt became my favourite smell.

I used to call it a ‘cement’ smell. I love it.

The Library Of Fragrance Review

So when The Library of Fragrance asked me to pick one of their 101 scents to try, I saw Thunderstorm and picked it up immediately.

I have no idea how they did it, but they managed to capture that exact smell perfectly.

The perfume has an earthy, grassy scent that is a little sweet, just like thunderstorms in the summer.

library of frangrance
The Library of Fragrance Thunderstorm

The Library of Fragrance Thunderstorm Review

It feels like I’ve been waiting for ages for these fragrances to be released. I don’t remember how I came to work with this brand, but I’ve been filling out surveys for months about favourite smells to help them compile their library. I was intrigued by the get-go by the strange options on those surveys. Food scents, natural scents and loads more.

The Library is Fragrance isn’t the type of perfume you might want to wear on a night out, but smells can do a lot of things to a nostalgia and with fragrances such as:

  • Pizza
  • Gin & Tonic
  • Rain
  • Fireplace
  • Dirt
  • Play-Doh

Scents from here might be the perfect smell for someone with a bit of an obsession with something, or for a fun, quirky gift. I love my thunderstorm perfume, though!!

I’m personally intrigued to find out what Fresh Hay and Sunshine smell like!

Which one of the 101 scents would you pick?


  1. Whoever is behind this ingenious idea deserves a medal. Great little review! This scent is definitely the one for me. I’m a massive lover of rain and storms! I’m glad you chose this one as I wasn’t fully intrigued as everyone was writing about the perfumes that didn’t quite grab my attention.

  2. I’m fascinated by the library they’ve put together! It’s different that’s for sure! I can’t help but laugh at ‘Gin & Tonic’, I’m not sure if it would simply remind me of my favourite tipple or it would make me smell like some dirty stop out who hasn’t been home yet after a night out!

    Sarah 🙂

  3. I read this on another blog some time ago and have completely forgotten about this, this is a great reminder! I love how unique all the scents are and I think we can layer the scents to create something different on us? I’m on my way to check their site out.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. I’m intrigued! These are so cute, think I may have to pick a couple up! I really want to know what the Thunderstorm one smells like, I love the smell of rain in the summer!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  5. That’s such an interesting scent!! You know, I looked through the website and I’m gutted that they don’t have Coconut.

    The Pizza one sounds interesting but gross at the same time…

  6. Clever science, I would go gor the G&T but people might think that you have a drink problem. The smell that I would love someone to create is lemon ice Lucy x

  7. Oh my goodness, they have a Play Doh smell? I haven’t thought about Play Doh in so long. Kids today have it good lol. Love this post

  8. Hot damn! I plan to get Rain, Fresh Coconut and Clean Skin for myself and I plan to bother the boy friend for Apple Pie, Dirt and I can’t decide between Fresh Laundry or Clean Skin! AAAARGGHHH. LOL. Sorry. For the outcry.

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