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What I’ve learnt about blogging in 2014

12014 has been a fantastic year for me and blogging. In December of 2013, I really knuckled down after a bit of a lull over the summer. I decided I wanted to make my blog the best I possibly could.

December 7th 2013
December 7th 2013

I re-coded my blogs design over December and January and I switched from just posting outfit posts to becoming more of a lifestyle blog.

I went to blogger events, made friends with some great bloggers and made the move from Blogger to WordPress in July and have never looked back.

I loved WordPress so much that I even switched my fitness blog over to it too.

I went from posting 2-3 posts a week in 2013 to posting every other day. Then in March I started posting daily. This was by accident – I just had too many things I wanted to blog about and my editorial calendar was planned 6 weeks in advance, so I did it to squeeze the post in.

At first, I felt much resistance to the idea, fearing that only having one post on the front page for one day would mean that it wouldn’t get as much exposure. But I’m glad I did it now!

I’ve leant so many things about blogging in 2014, here are the most important things and the most shocking!

1000 followers doesn’t mean you make loads of money blogging.

When I first started blogging and saw bloggers with 1000 followers – that seemed huge! They seemed to be the bloggers with all the c/o and *’s by products and loads of comments. I thought that these bloggers made their salary from their blog because they’re numbers seemed so high!

Now that I’ve reached the magic 1000, I realise that having 1000 followers doesn’t mean you can quit your job and become a full time blogger – you need a lot more followers than that! And even if you do have a lot of followers, you’ll probably still have to do freelance work on the side to make enough.

Getting 1000 followers is one of those goals that seems impossible until you get there.

Some websites just want no follow links.

Unfortunately, some websites don’t give a shit about how good your blog is, the quality of your writing or sometimes even your traffic. They’re after one thing – backlinks. They’ll give you products, or even money for a ‘no-follow’ link. Taking money in exchange for links is not against the law, but it could get you removed from Google or make others question your integrity if the site you are linking too is trash.

Only around 10% of your follower count will visit daily.

This is something that shocked me. Having 500 followers does’t mean 500 people will read every post you write, for a number of reasons:

  • They stop blogging.
  • Their accounts are inactive.
  • They followed you for a competition.
  • They have too many blogs on their reading list
  • They don’t have time.

I find that, according to my referral traffic from bloglovin’, only 10% of my followers number will visit my blog daily.

I actually had visions that when I got over 1000, I’d have 1000’s of page views every day!

Most days, I get more traffic from Twitter and Google than bloglovin’.

As you get better at blogging, so do your goals and standards.

When you first start blogging, you probably don’t really know what you’re doing. If you read back your first post, it might be a bit embarrassing. I know mine was!

Those blogs that you look up to with jealousy seem professional and beautiful. Your blog might feel sloppy and amateur in comparison.

Thing is, we’ve probably all had that feeling at some point and I’m a bit sorry to say that for most part, that feeling will stay.

There will ALWAYS be blogs that you think have better photos, a nicer design and more interesting content than yours, and that’s okay. As long as you take those very natural feelings of jealousy and envy (we all have them!) and channel them into motivation to grow your blog, then that’s great.

It’s how we grow as people, through continuous improvement.

Go read your first blog post and see how far you’ve come. Then imagine how far you’ve yet to go.

Twitter follows and unfollowers.

I think I hit 2000 followers about 50 times. No joke. I must get about 10-15 new followers every day. Sadly, I also get as many unfollowers. There are days that I’ll end the day with 5 extra, then the next day, I’ve got less.

I’m not really sure what the game of twitter is, but I’m pretty sure lots of companies and people will mass follow users, then either unfollow because you’ve not followed back, or unfollow to make their following/follower ratio look better.

It’s just one of those things that happens. I used to let it frustrate me but now I hardly look at my follower count unless it’s a milestone and I notice it.

I proper can’t be arsed with the wanky etiquette of Twitter and will just follow people when I want to follow them. Job done.

Twitter favourites. 

This is an odd one. You might notice that loads of people favourite a Tweet. Often, according to my buffer stats, I’ll get people favourite tweets but not click the link. Mental.

I think this is some attention type thing to get you to check out peoples profile and follow.

Again, Twitter is a strange place sometimes!

You can’t disqualify someone from a competition just because. 

I found this out the hard way. Made me feel like proper knobhead, did that one.

Taking an image of a website could leave you with a fine. 

Thankfully, I didn’t find this one out the hard way – but I know some people that have. It can be a tricky situation so make sure you know the rules for using images online before posting something that isn’t yours!

Blog events aren’t scary. 

I’ve been to a few blog events know, I’ve met many of you and even had the pleasure of getting wasted and spending a weekend with some on a bloggers holiday.

I was shitting myself the first time I met some bloggers. I though I was going to end up dead in the bottom of Leeds canal. But I’m still alive! For now….

What were the most important blogging lessons you learnt in 2014?


1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.


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