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Chunky Knitwear from JD Williams

Jumper c/o JD Williams Leggings : Amazon Shoes: c/o LovelyShoes Stop it with the gasps.. I can hear you from here. Yes. I am not…


womens knitwear

Jumper c/o JD Williams
Leggings : Amazon
Shoes: c/o LovelyShoes

womens knitwear womens knitwear

Stop it with the gasps.. I can hear you from here. Yes. I am not wearing a dress. Imagine that? Me. Not in a dress. The world has gone insane. I’ve developed a bit of a legging obsession lately.  I’ve been doing a lot of yoga and wearing leggings at home means I can do it as and when I please. Winner. I’ve gone from zero pairs of leggings to 4 in the past month!

Now, onto the jumper. JD Williams asked me to select an item from their knitwear section to review on zee blawg.

I originally had planned to wear a skirt with this jumper for this post.. but the legging obsession got deeper and deeper, so I went for these tartan leggings instead. And y’all know how much I love tartan from the 5 tartan dresses I bought within about a month last year.

This jumper is so soft and chunky – very warm and I love the thick rolled neck and poncho style to this. I’ve been slipping this on and off throughout the day to control my temperature 😀

The pattern of the knit is lovely too, it’s great quality and no pulls or tugs!

I was also sent an orange poncho, which was my second choice if my first was out of stock, so I was happy to get them both. I’ve saved that for another outfit post though, so you’ll have to wait a week or two for that!

womens knitwear womens knitwear womens knitwear

Here are some other items from the knitwear section that I almost picked:

womens knitwear

Are you a chunky jumper fan?



  1. I was gasping but only because your leggings are amazing!! I love tartan too and they are fan-fricking-tastic. (yup I just quoted a lottery commercial). Chunky sweaters are such a staple this time of year and I can’t wait to see this poncho in action

  2. Gorgeous sweater and loving it paired with the printed leggings! Yoga pants are the best 🙂

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  3. The sweater looks really cosy, that was a great choice and I love your leggings! That is such a cool piece. xx

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  4. What a lovely jumper this looks lovely with the leggings and the exercise is paying off you look fab. I really love chunky jumpers to keep warm in the cold rainy weather. Lucy x

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