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Christmas wish list from my 6 year old self

Growing up, I was a typical little girl. I liked pink sparkly things, wearing my mums ‘clip clop’ shoes and playing with barbies. As a…


ChristmasGrowing up, I was a typical little girl. I liked pink sparkly things, wearing my mums ‘clip clop’ shoes and playing with barbies.

As a child, I was always so excited about Christmas. I can only now appreciate how frustrating it must have been for my parents when I would shout ‘I want that’ at every toy advert on the TV.

I can’t actually believe how many adverts were on for toys! Baby born, baby Annabelle, Barbie, Polly pockets..


My best friend and I would sit in our room and go through the Argos catalogue, writing down the order number of what we wanted. Of course, the lists ended up ridiculously long and expensive as I basically wrote every single pink item down.

Christmas eve felt like the longest day in the world. When it got to bed time, I could never sleep. I was convinced that the sooner you slept, the sooner you woke up. So while I was wide awake at 2am, it was 7am for all my friends who had slept and they were all playing with their new toys already!

I remember some of the things I wanted the most:

  • Barbie chocolate milkshake factory
  • Barbie caravan
  • A yellow Gameboy
  • A toy post office set
  • One of those dog toys you could put on a lead and push, and it yapped like a real dog.

Toys have changed a lot since I was a child, I caught myself trapped on Amazon the other day and decided to put together a wish list made by my 6 year old self.


1. A password journal. I was obsessed with having secrets when I was younger – being some mysterious girl that had things to hide, that people couldn’t quite work out. A password journal would be been a perfect place to put all these secrets. I wish I had known that having secrets actually really sucks and is not at all as fun as it seems!

2. A Frozen costume. I am pretty sure at 6 years old, I would have watched Frozen on repeat. I would have not only wanted the dolls, but the dresses so I could be them. I would have sat in my room and sang LET IT GO constantly until my parents wanted to punch me in the head. πŸ˜€

3. Lego Repunzel’s Tower. I love Tangled. I totally relate to her and her long hair, like, Rapunzel, I feel ya bro. I always had long hair when I was younger, it was down to my bum and I could swing it around like a helicopter. People used to say I would take off. I think Repunzel would have been my Ariel, had I been 6 now!

4. Play DohVinchi Vanity Kid. I always wanted a dressing table as a child, just like my Mum. This kit lets you decorate and design your own. How cool?

5. Vtech Smart Watch. This watch lets you take photos, edit them, record videos, play games and more. I would have begged my parents for this!

6. Minecraft Diamond Steve. Because MINECRAFT!

My Voucher Codes have created a price toy monitor that lets you see what retailers are selling the top girls and boys toys the cheapest. I’m pretty sure my parents would have wanted this when I was younger!

What was the top of your Christmas list when you were a child?



  1. I would always ask for new gameboy whenever I was given a chance to buy something. I had a shinny pink on back then, with barbie and scooby doo games.

  2. I always looked in the argos catalogue! I can’t remember the kind of things i’d ask for though, I was into bugs and dinosaurs when I was six hehe

  3. This is such a fun post! I would be all about a password journal if I was a kid. I remember having a diary with a lock and key! And I always wanted everything Barbie as a kid too πŸ™‚

    1. I got something Barbie related every year! I had one of those bed time Barbies and I took her everywhere with me!

  4. This is such a funny and original wishlist πŸ™‚
    I’m not sure I knew what to put on my wishlist if I had been a kid today!

    See you xx

  5. Hahaha Minecraft merchandise, classic! πŸ˜€ And omg YES I wanted a yellow Gameboy Color too! And the Red Edition of Pokemon! That was one of the best gifts I remember getting back then πŸ™‚

    1. I never had pokemon! I think that came out a couple years after my gameboy phase! I used to love mario, donkey kong, bomber man and kirby!

  6. Steve!!! I bought myself and Enderman plushie a few weeks back, I just couldn’t resist it πŸ˜‰
    x The Caramel Cat

  7. What an amazing idea for a post! I’d be all over the frozen costumes if I could fit in them… it pains me that they don’t make them for 20 year olds!

    Sophie x |

  8. I always wanted diaries with locks on as a kid! I don’t even think I had any secrets at 6 years old but there was just something so ‘grown up’ about having a diary with a lock on that only you had the key to!

    If I was 6 these days I think I’d be after everything to do with Frozen, heck at 27 I’d wear that costume!

    Sarah πŸ™‚
    Saloca in Wonderland

  9. I always go crazy at toy stores… saw the doh vinci the other day and kinda wished I had an excuse to buy it πŸ˜€



  10. What a lovely post! I remember spending hours looking through the Argos catalogue as well aha

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  11. Frozen toys this year are absolutely everywhere that is all my neice wants she is obsessed. Great choices all I wanted as a child were glow worms and sivaliens Lucy x

  12. how cute is this! i always used to go through all the toy catalogues and circle everything i wanted. i never really expected to get any of the things but it was just such a fun way to write a letter to santa (who i didn’t believe in but still wrote my wishlist to..) 6-year-old laura would have so appreciated all these things you’ve picked as well! xx

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