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December Birchbox 2014 // Missing Product :(

  I did something bad, guys. Something embarrassing, something terrible. Are you ready for this? I took these photos at night. DUN DUN DUN. Sometimes…



birchbox december 2014I did something bad, guys. Something embarrassing, something terrible.

Are you ready for this?

I took these photos at night.


Sometimes I do not see the daylight due to work, you see. With a 2 hour round trip each day and 9 hour shifts, this whole winter/photo/daylight thing just isn’t working for me.


However, this Birchbox is quite good. Considering the bad photos and the fact that THEY MISSED OUT A PRODUCT! On my card, it said I should have gotten a full size Models Own Nail Polish. But Nada.

I’ve e-mailed them and hopefully they will solve this problem for me.

Anyway, confessions and moaning over – let’s get to the box.

Birchbox December 2014

This months theme was Sophie Webster. Who she is, I know not. But there was a discount code with the box for 20% off.

Electric Hair // Hydrate Shampoo


This product helps repair damage and improve shine. It’s got a moisture-rich formula to make your hair soft. This smells so strong. It’s a nice smell though, thankfully.

It’s very expensive though, I’m pretty sure about £10 is my limit for a shampoo!

£17.50 a bottle. 

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

DSC_0937This sounds exciting and fancy. It’s a multi-action exfoliator to brighten your face. Use it 3-5 times a week for a bright complexion.

It has a subtle smell that reminds me of hair dye. It’s not a pleasant smell to apply to your face! There’s tiny grains in it, finer than sand I’d say which helps to exfoliate.


Eslor // Firming Collagen Day Cream 


This is probably my favourite thing in the box (well, it could have been the nail varnish, had I got it.. just saying!).

It’s a hydrating lotion that gives a plumping boost! It’s got Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen in it, which means what – fuck knows, but it sounds impressive.

It smells like cheap makeup though. You know the cheap face powder you can get. That’s what it smells like.


Benefit // High Beam



I’ve had a dupe of this in the past, but it’s nice to finally get the chance to sample the real thing and see if it lasts any longer.

I’m sure this liquid illuminator doesn’t need too much of an introduction!


Eyeko // Fat Eye Stick


I tried to do a swatch of this, and it was so nice! Black and shimmery. The swatch came out awful though because the lightening made my hands look like elephant skin. I was embarrassed. Sad.


Sophie Webster // Purse




When I got over my embarrassment, I felt embarrassed for Sophie Webster.

This purse apparently costs £25 and it is the cheapest looking purse I’ve ever seen. It smells so fake, like fake horrible plastic and the zip is so cheap.

Surely this would never sell for £25! Why would they make something for Birchbox so cheap looking and say it is worth so much. After getting this cheap looking and smelling thing – it made me want to do the opposite of going on the website and spending £300 plus on a bag. 20% discount or not.


£25 (lol)

birchbox december 2014


This box gave me a range of emotions. Excitement, surprise, loss, grief, embarrassment and lols.

I would have like it a lot more had I gotten the nail varnish and not gotten the purse. The purse just made me mad and I can’t get over it. £25??????????? WHAT IS THIS.

Sometimes Birchbox really let themselves down with the exclusive lifestyle products. Like that time they sent a chapter of a book. Or that lipstick pen.

I’d prefer the just not send anything until they get better at it.

What do you think of the box?

Edit: Birchbox are sending me the missing item 🙂




  1. Hey! It sounds like your box wasn’t very good and that’s a shame. These boxes ate suppose to bring you a nice surprise.

    I was going to get a birch box but then thought glossy box looked better, I blogged about what was inside of mine if you want to have a look – it might change your mind about moving? Xx

  2. Yeah that bag is pretty terrible – definitely would not pay that much for it! I really love high beam, it is my favourite highlighter so hope you enjoy it! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. That box does look disappointing – Birchbox seem to be great one month and then really, really poor the next.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  4. haha, glad you’re getting the nail polish! hopefully it’ll make up for that purse..! i’d love to try the benefit high beam and that fat eye stick, they both seem really good! xx

  5. Isn’t it so hard to take blog photos when the days get dark at 4pm? I’ve invested in studio box lighting now as I live with a chronic illness and it pretty much dictates when I’m feeling well enough to get up and take blog photos, I’m usually feeling more up to it in the afternoons but the lighting is nearly always pants. It’s easier with lighting, though 🙂 I love Benefit High Beam, it’s one of my favourites – hope your missing product gets sorted out!

    Meg at Meg Says

  6. I’m so glad I had a look at your blog, you have such a great writing style! Had me giggling away throughout. That purse definitely does not look like it should be £25, how ridiculous!!! The exfoliator sounds quite good – I do like to use them.

    Emma xx

  7. I haven’t bought a subscription box for over a year now due to disappointing products, but I’m always curious to see what others get in theirs. I agree, some lifestyle items from Birch are really weird, but some can be useful too. Glad you’re getting the nail polish sent over, which is probably the highlight of this box. 😛

    Olivia x

  8. I am not a Birchbox subscriber anymore, I found their boxes to be very disappointing lately, specially the size of the samples.I can`t believe they forgot to send you the nail polish, shame on them.

  9. Oh dear, I know exactly what you mean with the purse, book chapter and lipstick pen – its like when magazines do free gifts, they sometimes even put me off!

    There are some fab items here though – I love High Beam and the Eyeko pen looks fab. Its great they’re sending you the missing item too! xx


  10. I love the birch boxes! I still haven’t got a subscription but I think It’s about time I do. Once I move back to States I’ll get one 🙂
    Melanie @

  11. I am so sorry about your disappointment! Birchbox for me is either a miss or a hit. Most of the times being a hit of course. But i hope you do receive your missing item 🙁

  12. It looks like just an okay box for me but I sure do like the sound of collagen day cream, seems like a good moisturizer?

    Reflection of Sanity | Smashbox Giveaway

  13. The light in the winter for taking pictures Is really awful, which means if I can fit it iin taking them at weekends. The best thing I have bought is a day light spot light so if I forget I still have a chance to take them in the dark. Out of this box I like Vasanti Brighten Up! I already have high beam and I really like how it makes be look awake. I too would be disppointed with the purse compared to nail varnish Lucy x

  14. i subbed for BB the first year they started but never got as good of things as others. i got skin care, and even after changing my profile nothing happened. glad you are getting your missing item!

  15. I’ve received that face exfoliator before and I definitely like it! A little too harsh for everyday use, so I use it once a week for a deep cleanse.

    She Likes to Shop

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