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#socialbloggers 37 // Favourite Bloggers and Vloggers

Hello! We held the usual #socialbloggers shin dig this Saturday. The only difference being it was dark now the clocks have gone back. Sad. This…




We held the usual #socialbloggers shin dig this Saturday. The only difference being it was dark now the clocks have gone back. Sad.

This week we spoke about our favourite bloggers.. Who we like and why, as well as our favourite YouTubers.

I have many favourite bloggers that I love for different reasons. For example:

  • Bloggers that are beautiful and I like to look at them.
  • Bloggers that are funny and I like to laugh at them.
  • Bloggers that are clever and I like to learn from them.
  • Bloggers that are enlightening and I like to grow from them.

It’s hard to pick one overall blogger, especially as I read blogs from a variety of different niches!

I probably have about 10 that I will keep going back to on a regular basis.

The things I look for in a blogger is to gain something. Whether that gain be interaction, a friendship, advice, tips and tricks or inspiration. Again, different blogs give me different things.

The way I interact with bloggers again depends. Some blogs I read but don’t comment, mainly because they’ve never interacted back.

I mainly use my comment section as a blogroll – commenting on everyone that left me a comment. I don’t reply to everyone in my comments, just those comments that warrant a reply – but I will visit their blogs too.

I will skim twitter and read blogs from there too, but I rarely read blogs on my bloglovin’ feed. I’ve been making more effort to have a look through and check some of the blogs on there out though!

My favourite YouTubers is Shaycarl, hands down. I’ve been watching his vlogging channel, The Shaytards, for over 4 years. I love his attitude to family, health and life. I also love Jenna Marbles, Grav3yeardgirl, TheSacconeJoly’s and Zoella. Woo.

I used to be a bit of a YouTube geek and watch loads, but I’m not able to keep up with them all so some have had to go!

Have a read through the chat and feel free to answer any of the questions below!

You can join the #socialbloggers Twitter chat every Saturday at 6pm.

Q1: What bloggers do you like the most and why?

Q2: What makes a blogger your favourite?

Q3: How do you interact with and follow your favourite bloggers?  

Q4: What YouTubers do you love and why?

Q5: Do you have a blogging best friend – who and why?


  1. I have plenty of friends even some that stop blogging continue keeping in contact with me my email or text. I know who my friends are they keep in contact even by ig and twitter and they do not wait for a comment to give a comment back. I been doing this for a year and few months and had gain true followers and friends.

  2. I have plenty of bloggers that are favourites and many of them have become dear friends, i couldn’t pick just one, they are all different from each other, but its great when you can connect with others and become good friends, it makes blogging even better :)) xx

  3. Now that you sad you love pretty bloggers just to watch them I realized I do that too 😉 I really like when bloggers are down the earth, funny and interact with readers – that’s main thing for me. I have to many favorite bloggers and youtubers 😉 xoxo

  4. Great post Corinne. I completely agree with liking certain bloggers for certain reasons.

    I make sure to always respond to everyone that visits and leaves me some love – but I definitely do hold a few bloggers closer to my heart than others. After following them for a long period of time they really do become friends, even if you’ve never met them physically – and I think that is one of the beautiful things about blogging!! xxx

  5. Great post! I like bloggers that are genuine and even if they are writing about something that is not entirely earth shattering, have a voice and opinion of their own. I visit everyone’s blog who comments on mine. I have a ton of favorite bloggers 🙂

  6. I can’t be bothered to watch youtube videos but I do watch the occasional Zoella video because I am curious and nosey!
    I read blogs through bloglovin and through links on twitter.I love leaving and receiving comments but i’m starting to engage with the bloggers on twitter more that I used to because it is more instant. x

  7. These answers were really interesting and I have a load of new YouTubers to check out! I like Vivianna Does Makeup and Beauty Crush a lot. Also Lovely Girlie Bits (Karen) from Ireland is brill.


  8. I finalllyyyyyy got my phone on Saturday so it’s much easier to follow up on Twitter! I just followed you (where have I been all this while?!) because I don’t want to miss out on all these great conversations again!

    Reflection of Sanity

  9. The truth is that I and many blogs for various reasons, some for interaction, others for inspiration, or publishing interesting articles like this is your case: D Kisses and happy november!

  10. As usual great chat. I have a few favourite blogs but they are all very different. I like interesting content and someone being genuine. I have a few bloggers that have become friends through blogging Lucy x

  11. This is cute! Yeah I have a handful of blogs that I always go back to just for the read + pretty-ness, but they have never interacted back soooo….*we all know that feeling*…
    And I totally know how hard it is to choose between your favourite blogs when you are part of so many different niches! The fun is simply not classifying any of them and just seeing where the browser takes you every day! 😀

  12. I have way too many faves and I’d say I’ve made friends with so many different bloggers over the years! Grace from Other Infinities is a BABE and Jessica from Gingerley Pale 🙂 they both cheer me up when I’m down with a message to my twitter inbox, such lovely gals! I have never met any blogging friends irl but I’d freaking love to!! xoxo

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