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#OOTD // Nasty postman turned nice? #RoyalFail



Dress: c/o OASAP
Belt: New Look
Shoes: c/o LovelyShoes


It looks like I have a penis with the wall decal there in the background! Lolz. Stop looking.

I love the pattern on this dress so much! The only thing that bothers me is the length. I wish you could select dress length, like you can jean length. That should be the new future. I’m not really tall, but at 5ft 8 I’m taller than the average lady. Which means dresses often barely cover my.. erm.. willy?

I’m considering trying to make this into a skirt seeing as I love the pattern so much. But I don’t really know how. But that’s what Pinterest is for, right?

Postman Story.

One day last week I was in my kitchen and the postman was putting some letters into my letterbox (that’s what she said!).

I heard him struggle to get one rather large package through the flap (I’m struggling not to make a sexual joke here..). I heard him shout ‘FUCKING LETTER BOX’ and then bang really hard on the door. Like, hard as in out of aggression from not being able to put anything through my fucking letterbox.

It was a bit scary! So I tweeted Royal Mail to ask if this was normal behaviour and then was asked to pass on a few details.

I didn’t expect anything from it – other than an apology over Twitter, but the next day this came through the letter box:


I’m pretty sure Royal Mail wouldn’t have asked him to do that – a hand written note through the door. I mean, it’s not very professional to scribble it onto a missed package card – but that’s what makes it more endearing and personal, I think. A genuine sorry.

It takes a lot of apologise . It made me feel a bit guilty and think that maybe he is a good guy really, but he was just having a bad day. I mean, we’ve all had times when we’ve overreacted about something out of frustration. It doesn’t mean we’re terrible people, just human.

So thank you, Mr Postman. Apology accepted.

When was the last time someone apologised to you?



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