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Awkward Products // Volcano Foot Mask By Lush

Have you ever tried a foot mask before? I hadn’t until I tried this. It’s a gift I got from #LeedsMayMeet. It was a complicated…


lush foot mask

Have you ever tried a foot mask before?

I hadn’t until I tried this. It’s a gift I got from #LeedsMayMeet.

It was a complicated process. And you all know how I don’t like complicated!

Maybe I was being a complete muppet, but this was hard work. I must have been doing it wrong.

But it’s a foot mask. HOW CAN I BE DOING IT WRONG? Like I said : muppet.

lush foot mask

First, you smoother your feet in the product, then cover it in plastic for 10 minutes. Doesn’t sound that hard, right?

I wanted to make sure I could wash my hands when I used this, so sat on my toilet (with the lid down!) and applied the product to both feet. Next, I covered them with plastic bags, washed my hands and thought I was good to go.

So I went. As I started walking, I realised that this probably wasn’t the best idea as it meant the product on the bottom of my feet squidged up the side of the bag.

This basically meant it didn’t have time to work on the problem areas!

lush foot mask

I basically sat in my room for 10 minutes with bags tied to my feet wondering where my day/week/life had gone wrong.

The product itself does smell lovely though.

It reminds me of those herbal sweets my Granddad used to give me on Saturdays when we went to visit him. I think they’re called voice tablets – a sweet but musky taste.

Well, that’s what this smells like.

lush foot mask

The consistency is a thick clay that stays put – until you walk on the product. Weh.

It left my feet feeling a bit softer, but was no miracle cream for me. It’s one of those ‘nice to do’s’ when you’ve got a spare hour or so to pamper yourself.

lush foot mask


  • Smells nice.


  • Can’t really see a difference in my feet.
  • Awkward to use.
  • Has a short shelf life.

Does anyone else know how I could use this without being so awkward?



  1. Oh I will certainly give it a miss, I only tried few facial masks from LUSH and I am not really a fan, I don’t like the scent and as you mentioned – their expiry date is really short so it’s more economical to buy one with a friend and share.

  2. I love foot masks and the Volcano Foot Mask looks awesome! I usually apply the foot masks when I’m watching TV or reading a book in bed. Just keep some wet wipes by you and you can just wipe it off your hands! Thanks for sharing this product.

  3. This is news to me as I’ve never tried a foot mask before! I can imagine staying still and not walking around would be difficult to do, maybe give it another go and see if you get more impressive results? The clay-like texture shown in your photo of the product is super appealing to me, it makes me want to dig my fingers into it haha! 🙂


  4. I guess it didn’t quite leave your feet feeling like a million dollars. This does sounds nicer than those Asian peeling foot masks though.

  5. ugh, your posts haven’t been showing up on my feed, how sad! will actually make sure that i don’t miss all your posts from now on:-) this sounds like an experience, haha! xx

  6. This review gave me the chuckle! LOL! I have never used foot mask, didn’t even know such product exist. It sure sounds more trouble than what it’s worth though…

    Reflection of Sanity

  7. This made me laugh so much Corinne – the idea of you walking around with squidgy bags on your feet is quite funny.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  8. I am actually a huge fan of this product but for some reason I remember being told it was discontinued? I think the smell is just so amazing. I actually always put it on when I am taking a bath, and just prop my feet up on the edge of the tub for a bit!

    rae of love from berlin

  9. I never used mask for my feet, but I guess you do that when you have nothing else to do, just lay in your bad and read or something 😉 xoxo

  10. This made me laugh, had visions of you wandering around with cling film shoes. I have tried a lush foot moisturiser but it was pink it had mint in it. But the same I couldn’t really notice a difference. The best foot treatment is Heal Balm Lucy x

  11. ah it’s a shame you didn’t get along with this product as its one of my must haves! I usually do it in the bath with one foot up on the side while it dries then vice versa. And make use of all the scrubby bits when you rinse and if you use it regularly you won’t need to bother with those awful foot file things! X

  12. Haha OMG this sounds like me all over! 😉 I really would have walked too, I hate waiting for things to seep in and work even when it’s a beauty treatment I want to try. Volcano (cool name) sounds most definitely worthwhile, I must try more Lush products as they all sound gorgeously divine <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

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