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Christmas Presents for Mums with Bonmarché

Jumper: c/o Bonmarché Skirt: Amazon Shoes: ASOS Bonmarché recently contacted me about joining a campaign to show appreciation for our Mothers by picking something from their AW…


christmas presents for mums

Jumper: c/o Bonmarché
Skirt: Amazon
Shoes: ASOS


Bonmarché recently contacted me about joining a campaign to show appreciation for our Mothers by picking something from their AW collection to gift her.

As I’m not seeing my Mum until Chirstmas, I thought it would be a great idea to get us both some Christmas jumpers because last year she was loving them. She even bought me and my brothers one each (minus the one that lives in Australia – lucky bugger!).

My and my brothers last Christmas

I picked out this adorable red one for myself with a penguin on. Who does’t love penguins? John Lewis advert – hello!

For my Mum, I decided on this grey one with a cute lady reindeer on. I love the detail on it, the sequin nose and eyelashes.



I was quite baffled by the amount of Christmas jumpers on Bonmarché, there’s even some for men, I’m tempted get this one for my Dad!

I don’t know about you, but I always find it hard to shop for my Mum. She’s a retired lady of leisure now and after finally getting rid of us 4 kids, she’s able to spoil herself a little – so she tends to have most of the things she wants.

This makes it hard for me to buy for her. On Bonmarché, they have some lovely items that I’m sure she’ll love.

While picking these, I had in mind items she could wear during the holidays, at family parties and New Years Eve.

christmas presents for mums

From Left to right:
one // two // three
four // five // six

What are you getting your Mum this Christmas?



  1. Love these christmas jumpers, the penguin and robin ones are so cute. Primark actually do some pretty adorable ones as well. I’ve not decided what to get my mum yet, but this has given me some ideas, thank you!!! 🙂 x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  2. The red penguin sweater is ADORABLE! I have never bought a Christmas hat, sweater, whatever before but then again, my family back in Malaysia is not big on Christmas. This year is different, hubby’s family is obviously huge on Christmas celebration so it will be super fun!

    Reflection of Sanity

  3. That is such a cute top you picked out for your mom 🙂 Love the reindeer face– nothing is more perfect for the holiday season.

    Simplicity Relished

  4. these are so cute:-) buying christmas jumpers has never been a tradition for me or my family, but i think i may have to start as they’re all so cute! and my mum’s the exact opposite and so easy to buy presents for. she’s genuinely happy with whatever i get her. i actually asked her if there’s something she wants this year and she’s like “tea towels”, so that was an easy one i suppose, haha! xx

  5. I love your choice of jumper the Penguin is so cute. They really do have an amazing selection picking is going to be difficult Lucy x

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