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The Body Shop // Christmas Range

I’m starting to fall in love the The Body Shop. After not going for years, I spent an evening browsing their new Christmas collection at…


The BodyShop (2)I’m starting to fall in love the The Body Shop. After not going for years, I spent an evening browsing their new Christmas collection at the Christmas launch a couple of weeks ago and spent a small fortune. I then decided to come home and spend a further small fortune on some of the products I had seen and decided need. It was a life or death situation, okay?

Then a few days later, I was given the opportunity to review and blog about some of their Christmas range.

This means you’re going to be seeing A LOT of reviews of The Body Shop products in the coming months. Oops!

The Body Shop Christmas Range.

I already explained in my previous post about The Body Shop Christmas launch that they have 3 main scents/ranges out for Christmas:

  • Frosted cranberry
  • Glazed apple
  • Vanilla brûlée

On top of this, they have brought out Christmas themed gift sets, nail varnishes, new perfumes and body sponges all inspired by Christmas.

I was sent a selection to try out and write about my thoughts towards the products. It was a little like Christmas itself, as I didn’t know what they were sending me!

Frosted Cranberry Body Butter

body shop christmas

First up, we have the Frosted Cranberry body butter. This rich lotion has such a lovely, strong smell to it. I could really smell it while taking the photos. It’s the type of fruity smell that you want to eat. You know when a smell REALLY gets into the back of your throat and you almost stick your tongue in, forgetting this is not for human consumption.

Like all their body butters, it’s thick and leaves my skin feeling so soft. It contains shea butter too. This is my least favourite item because as you know from my Glossy and Birch box reviews, body lotions and creams don’t really interest me.

body shop christmas

Colour Crush Nail Varnish


This quick dry, all vegan nail varnish comes in 24 different colours. I had no idea Body Shop did nail varnish until I went to the event. I love how vibrant this it, I can’t wear it for work but I may put this on for the blogger holiday I’m going on in a couple of weeks. Would make a fun, Christmasy nail of the day post!

Lip and Cheek Doll


How cute is this? It’s a red lip and cheek stain. If you’re anything like me, then you need this. I want to wear red lipsticks but I feel like they’re a little overwhelming as I’ve never worn one in public before (lol, sometimes I sit in my room wearing it. Cuz I’m cool and all).

This is a lovely red shade but it’s not over intense – so you’re not going to be frightened to use it. It lasts a long time, too. I worn it at the Casino event I went to last week and didn’t have to reapply at all.

I found it felt a bit drying, so I put some lip balm on after I applied it and it seemed to do the trick. I love this and I kind of want to buy another one as it’s limited edition!


Glitter Mascara


I’m so excited to try this! It’s black mascara with glitter, perfect for parties over Christmas and NYE.

It’s not thick glitter, it’s more of a silver dust that catches the light when you’re wearing it.



Red Musk Perfume Oil


Growing up, White Musk from body shop was my staple perfume. I loved the body spray and wore it pretty much every day between the ages of 12 and 16. I almost bought this, but decided to get the original white musk perfume – so I was glad of that decision when I saw this red musk oil.

It’s similar to white musk, but has an extra kick, perfect for winter. Imagine rum vs spiced rum. This has cinnamon and tobacco hot notes – lovely.

Glazed Apple Lip Balm


This glazed apple lip balm smells like apple candy! It would make a great Christmas stocking filler at just £4.

body shop christmas


Activist Special Edition Tote Bag

body shop christmas

I was also sent this lovely tote bag with a motivation message on. £1.09 from each sale of these goes to The Body Shop Foundation to help protect animals, humans and the environment. It’s also made out of organic cotton and is Community Fair Trade from their supplier Teddy Exports in India.

body shop christmas


Have you seen anything from the Body Shop Christmas range that you fancy trying?



  1. I am seeing Body Shop products everywhere and it’s just perfect! We’re heading to Nanaimo this Saturday and I can’t wait to pick up some stuff. I used to love White Musk too and then everyone mother, sister, aunt and grandma started using it so I stopped. Will try Red Musk, it sounds really lovely and something that I will like.

    Reflection of Sanity

  2. So many bits on here that I have been wanting to try! Especially the glazed apple, and the lip and cheek doll is adorable!! Great post xx

    emily x ❤ | emily’s beauty blog

  3. Boy, their Christmas range sounds damn good!
    I love the look of the glazed apple lip balm, just sounds absolutely gorgeous <3

    White Musk definitely brings back a bout of nostalgia for me too 😉

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  4. There range this year has outdone itself. The glazed Apple and cranberry being favouirtes. I can see why you love it. I am obsessed at the moment with their rasberry shower gel Lucy x

  5. Oooh I didn’t knwo they did nail polish either! Will have to check it out next time I’m passing by 🙂

    I always ask for some lovely body shop things for Christmas – they smell so good! The mango and strawberry body butters have such happy memories associated with the smells! 🙂

    Away From The Blue

  6. If it were up to me, I would buy the entire Body Shop Christmas Collection. But for now I`ll just buy the Apple Glazed body polish and lip balm.

  7. I visited the Body Shop some days ago and I’m totally in love with their Christmas range, all the products smell so good!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog 🙂

    See you xx

  8. ah, i do love the body shop! that lip and cheek doll is so cute and i kind of want to try at least the mascara and the red musk! i’m almost afraid to go in the body shop now, as i seem to want everything, haha:–) xx

  9. Since I started to buy cruelty free products, the Body Shop was a first stop for me. Have to admit, I’m now quite a bit in love and quite a lot poorer for it! But, their seaweed range is so amazing for my oily skin.

    I had to tell me myself not to buy any of the Christmas scents the other day, but I think I’ll pop in another time and get some. I could do with some lip balm 🙂

  10. I love Body Shop, I’ll buy almost anything by them. I especially like the sound of anything apple scented!

  11. Love everything you picked up. The lip & cheek doll looks so cute. Will have a look at it. 🙂

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  12. Such a nice overview of The Body Shop Christmas releases! I am yet to go there and pick my favourites! I love the idea of the glittery mascara!

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

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