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Birchbox November // Give me back my information.

Birchbox has followed the frustrating footsteps of Glossybox this month. They didn’t supply a card with information on the products. One of the things I like…


birchbox november

Birchbox has followed the frustrating footsteps of Glossybox this month. They didn’t supply a card with information on the products. One of the things I like about beauty boxes is reading about the products as I open them.

I went to the website and couldn’t for the life of me find out what was in my box. I finally found the information, only to find that some of the links I needed to open up to see about the products were broken!

I understand the need to save the environment, I really do, but if you’re going to remove something from the box, please at least still give me the information in some way. At least Glossybox e-mailed me with my products. And the links worked.

To be fair, even if Birchbox did e-mail me, I probably would have deleted it anyway because who reads newsletter spam anyway?


Woo, glad I got that off my chest. Now let’s see the products.

Dr Jart // Relief Vita Drop DSC_0731

This is the item I was most excited about when I opened the box! A moisturiser. Hurrah! I’ve tried Dr Jart+ before when I had a sample of the BB cream. It’s actually one of the products that introduced me to BB creams.

I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t find any information on the product on the Birchbox website – all the links just kept bring up an error page asking if I was lost. I had to Google it to find the price and further information on a different website.

This is suitable for stressed and sensitive skin, it has vitamin C to help protect from environmental stresses and vitamin E to help dry skin and prevent premature again.

I was so happy to get a full size of this – I do love trying new moisturisers and skin care products and often samples are not usually big enough to give a full sense of if the product will work for me or not!

£23.25 per 100ml


Beauty protector // Protect and detangle.


We this seems interesting, it’s a hair stray that conditions, helps frizz, protects form heat and UV rays. All you do is spray it into damp have and style as usual. Easy. No fuss. I like.

£14 for 236 ml.

OPI Coca-Cola collection // Coca-cola red. 


I love OPI nail varnishes – they are great quality but usually a bit too expensive for me, I tend to get the smaller bottles that come in collections of 4, which means they don’t dry out before I get the chance to use them all.

This is part of the Coca-Cola collection, which also includes a purple and silver.

£11.95 per 15ml

Jane Iredale // Just Kissed Lip Plumper Rio 


Because Birchbox does not come with product information anymore (did I mention this already?) I didn’t realise this was a lip plumper too.

I’ve tried lip plumping products in my younger years, mainly in gloss form. This gives that usual slight tingly sensations that is supposed to be the slight allergic reaction that causes the plumping. Scary.

It contains ingredients such as spearmint, peppermint and root ginger to stimulate circulation, essential oils of lemon and tangerine to help exfoliate dead skin cells and some special peptides to boost collagen synthesis – which means nothing to me. It’s meant to mean plumped lips though. Pucker up.

It also have shea butter, sunflower oil and aloe vera to soften and hydrate.

That’s a lot of functions for a lipstick, right?

The colour is subtle, just a tad darker than my normal lip colour. I would have preferred this in a more pink/red shade than the brown I got, though!

It has a slight scent of sherbet. I think I like it.

£22 for 2.3g

Drinkwell Capsule Bottle


Well this is weird – a vitamin made to help prevent hangovers.

You take 3 a day and on days you’re drinking, take another 3 before bed.

It’s packed full of vitamins to help keep you going and keep you energised and healthy.

If you’re supposed to take 3 a day, I’m not sure if I’ll really feel the benefit of just 6 capsules to sample though!

It’s expensive too. Surely my usual hangover cure of Alka Seltzer and Hula Hoops is just as good and about a tenth of the price?

£32.99 for 90 capsules.

English Laundry // Signature Spray for Women 


This is floral, musky perfume that’s inspired by English country gardens. I can smell more citrus than I care for in perfume, so this isn’t for me. Especially at £60 for 100ml!

The name of this product doesn’t really do much for me either. Laundry? Isn’t that what you’d want your air freshener to smell like? Not your bodehhh? Doom.

£60 for 100ml


Do any of this products excite you?



  1. I definitely got an info card in my box this month, so maybe yours just got missed out rather than them scrapping it altogether? Or I just got a bonus! Love the dr jart and the nail polish – I got the silver one 🙂

  2. I loved the English Laundry perfume (that’s the name of the brand, they also have a clothing range with a landed gentry feel) when Birchbox gave it away last year! I even bought the gift set using my points so it’s a bit cheap to be giving it away again – hope it’s not a nearly out of date batch :-

    1. They were only tiny samples – they’ve given more expensive ones out before! I didn’t know it was a clothing brand.

  3. I really love the Dr Jart toner, but I was a little disappointed to get a white nail polish and not an opi one for French manicure which I don’t do 🙁 also I was very close to putting the hair mask on my face as I didn’t read the label!! Luckily I did just in time lol x

  4. Why oh why when something works and it is liked do people change it. I am with you the leaflet with information and details about the products is a must. You got some nice products the V7 sounds interesting Lucy x

  5. thats such a good review post! i laughed at the ‘english laundry’ name too. i’ve been thinking bout getting a birch box subscription myself but i’m also the type of person that likes to stick with what i’m used to so.. still debating whether to get it or not..

  6. Great post – that is definitely annoying that they took the details out of the box! I really want to give that perfume a sniff!

    Drea xo

  7. I only recently subscribe to Ipsy and am waiting for my 1st box to arrive. Birchbox looks like a really good beauty box too, love the Dr. Jart moisturizer. I might need to give Birchbox a go too.

    Reflection of Sanity

  8. I’ve never heard of hula hoops as a hangover cure (it has to be a greasy fry up or pizza for me!) but I agree that definitely sounds better than some expensive vitamins…
    That perfume’s pretty pricey too. I gave up my birchbox a couple of months ago and I can’t say I’m too upset seeing the last few. It’s a shame because I loved it at first 🙁

  9. Those look awesome. I can’t wait to go to the store and do the build your own birchbox

    check me out

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