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halloween tights

When UK tights offered to send me some tights in exchanged for a review, I was more than happy to accept. If you’ve read my blog for a few months or more, you’ve probably noticed that I wear tights most of the time. I’m a skirt and dress kinda girl – so I’ll wear tights on a daily basis unless it’s really warm, or I’m on a night out. Let’s consider the facts:

  • I live in England.
  • I’m heading towards my dirty thirties.

Therefore it’s never warm and I don’t night club anymore. Cuz I’m cold and old.

Anyway, I love all tights. Coloured ones, patterned ones, thick ones and thin ones. Tall ones and small ones and black ones and white ones.

Halloween is right around the corner – I don’t know about you, but every fancy dress costume I buy seems to lack the tights that the model is wearing in the picture. False advertising. They should at least give the option to include the tights for an extra few quid, as I never seem to be able to find the perfect ones to go with!

Halloween Tights

Luckily for me, UK tights have a Halloween section. There is a selection of reasonably priced tights to go with most costumes, from cutesy black cat prints, to orange and black stripes, to sexy style cobweb prints.

I picked out two pairs from the Halloween section, with the intention of wearing the pumpkin ones with a pumpkin costumes I’ve ordered.

I also ordered a pair with purple spiders on. Perfect for a witch costume, or just a bit of Halloween fun with a normal outfit, if you’re not into dressing up.

halloween tights
Silky Tattoo Pumpkin Fun Tights, £4.99
halloween tights
Silky Tattoo Funky Spider Tights, £4.99
halloween tights
Silky Tattoo Funky Spider Tights, £4.99

The halloween section wasn’t the only section that caught my attention. There’s more than 26,000 types of tights on UK tights. I’m a little surprised I’ve not heard of them before.

I look at some of the other sections and picked a further four items.

Jonathan Aston Jewel Tights, £14.99
floral tights
Charnos Opaque Floral Tights, £9.99
green tights
Pretty Legs 80 Denier Luxury Coloured Opaque Tights, £4.50
Charnos Baroque Diamond Opaque Tights, £9.99

The prices range from £1.25 a pair up until around £50 a pair. The types of patterns, colours, thickness, shape vary too much for me to go into too much detail here. Go check out UK tights for yourself!

I’m hoping that they’ll have a Christmas section!


1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.


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