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Your twitter feed is changing

I read an interesting article about how twitter is experimenting with twitter feeds. Turns out that we’re going to start seeing tweets in our feeds…



I read an interesting article about how twitter is experimenting with twitter feeds.

Turns out that we’re going to start seeing tweets in our feeds from people we don’t follow, as well as those we do. Oh no, it’s the end of the world I can hear them cry.

Tweets from people you don’t follow. 

The people at twitter seem to think we’re missing out on many tweets we might enjoy because we’re not following a user.

Twitter has previously experimented with recommended tweets, accounts and hash tags and now it’s going to start playing with showing tweets from users you don’t follow in your timeline.

How will this work?

From what I can tell, there will be certain signals that will decide whether a tweet from someone you don’t follow will be included in your timeline for not.

These signals revolve around the activity of people in your network.

For example, if 12 people you follow favourite, comment on or re-tweet the same tweet, it may show up in your timeline.

12 is a random number I pulled out of my ass. It might be 12. It might be 1200. Shrug.

twitter posting tweets you don't followWhy oh why are you doing this to us?

According to twitter, the rational behind this is:

  1. to make your timeline more interesting by showing you things it thinks you’ll like.
  2. to make the timeline of new users who don’t follow many accounts more interesting so they’ll stick around longer.

twitter posting tweets you don't follow

Do we want to see tweets from those we don’t follow?

The responses to twitters announcement seem mainly negative. Many users comparing this to how Facebook have destroyed their timeline. And oh, how Facebook have destroyed their time line!

I avoid Facebook all together unless I get a notification. Which is usually my uncle sending me a life on Bubble Which 2 Saga. I’m not even joking. 

It’s potentially a good idea in that it promotes great tweets and may allow us to network with others that are similar to us (I mean, hey, I might find some new bloggers to stalk and obsess over), but what concerns me is: is it going to make the gap between those with few followers and those with many followers bigger?

Surely someone with thousands of followers will get more interaction than someone with hundreds, so is this feature just catapulting those with already some degree of Twitter fame even more?

I know that if I think my followers will enjoy something – I simply retweet. It does seem a little redundant to promote popular tweets by inserting them in timelines too!

What do you think about twitter inserting tweets from those you don’t follow into your timeline?

Is it social media suicide, or pure genius?



  1. My phone already notifies me when so many people follow, favourite or retweet something, and I get promoted tweets on my feed, so I don’t think it will be much different to be honest! I just want twitter to stay as twitter like as possible, it’s my fav social network ever.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. I’ve seen a few in my feed and it made me think I had followed someone and forgot that I did, haha. I don’t mind really, it would be nice to have the option to maybe pause ones we don’t wish to see or something like that, but it hasn’t bothered me so far,s o I don’t mind. It hasn’t changed it dramatically as long as I can still navigate it with ease, then I’m ok. Facebook is the one that gets on my nerves at the moment, haha πŸ™‚ xx

  3. I don’t think this will bother me too much, it might be kinda nice to see ‘interesting tweets’ but then I agree with you that if I want to share something with my followers, then I’ll retweet it. I’ve only just got the hang of twitter (I live in the stone age seriously) and I like it the way it is. I think I’m on the fence on this one!

  4. I don’t think it will be too much of a bother but your point about catapulting those who are already rather twitter famous even higher up the ladder is a good one. There needs to be a feature that allows undiscovered users to be discovered. Another little issue that this change may worsen is the accounts on twitter that are purely there for follows, and they may manipulate this system and our feed could possibly end up being spammed by them. I really do hope that will be controlled.

    Emily ⎜ Daisy Locks

  5. Sounds like a thinly veiled excuse to shove tweets down our throats that companies and people have paid for to promote. Plain annoying!

  6. I do not like it at all if I do not follow that person what should I read their tweets is ridiculous. Great topic doll.

  7. I’m not sure about seeing tweets from randomers. Will be interesting to see how this works.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  8. I don’t like that to tell you the truth. I don’t want to receive tweets from people I don’t follow. Facebook is worse. They show me everything but not the stuff I have liked. Probably cos the people haven’t paid FB to promote their page. In the end I won’t use it anymore πŸ˜€


  9. This is not social media suicide and is a good feature.

    A bigger change, which is not a good idea, is filtering the timeline like Facebook does.


  10. I agree with you that it seems kind of pointless because people retweet so much anyway but I’m not sure I’ll really notice. I hardly notice the ads, at least on Twitter (unlike Facebook) you can still choose how you view the feed and it won’t hide posts for no good reason so it’s still going to be number 1 for me I think!

  11. Interesting post! I think fair enough I fully understand why Twitter want to introduce this and I don’t think it will make too much of a difference to be honest. As long as things remain relevant then I vote go for it πŸ™‚


  12. For some reason I have never really got into Twitter, I do use it for my blog but that’s just it. I used to be really active in FB but then I started getting Candy Crush requests from friends ALL THE TIME and now, I check it once a week. LOL!

    Reflection of Sanity

  13. I’m so iffy on this issue. On one hand, I really would like to find new accounts to follow and interact with. Twitter is the one form of social media I’m not obsessed with, and maybe this change will help me interact more with new followers. On the other, quite a few people I follow on Twitter are old high school classmates, people I really don’t have much in common with. I don’t want random tweets intended for that audience popping up on my feed just because I follow them out of courtesy (social media etiquette is so weird). On the whole, I feel generally negative about the change, but I suppose we’ll see when it’s implemented!

    1. Social media etiquette is weird! I have a personal account for work/real life/school friends and a separate blog one.

  14. I get what it’s trying to do but it just seems like a pain in the ass haha if I wanted to follow these people then I would! x

    Josie’s Journal

  15. Hi there! you know what? I just created my Twitter account a couple of weeks ago but I don’t know really how to use it (I know, I know.. pretty sad uh? lol ) like I don’t even know what to talk about.. hopefully I will figure it out one day πŸ™‚ for now Instagram and Facebook are my favorites. To answer you question on my blog about my husband not liking being my full-time photographer lol well he is not a real full-time photographer… he is an accountant during the day but he is MY photographer for the blog! and he is not really into photography or having to take a bunch of directions from me! so yup that is why haha he is good sport though, he still does it πŸ™‚ Thanks for asking and thanks for leaving such lovely comment on my blog!


    1. Haha! Surely photos have to be more fun than accounting!

      I’m sure you’ll get the hang of twitter if you keep at it!

  16. It depends I would be okay with it if it was actually things I am interested in. If it’s just huge companies or people who I have no interest in then it would get annoying a bit too quick…

  17. As someone who like to keep my feeds fairly streamlined, I have to say I’m not happy with this at all.

  18. I sound awful but I barely take notice of changes implemented on any of the social media sites I use, so this probably would have happened and I’d not have realised had you not brought it to my attention – so, thank you! πŸ™‚ It seems a little pointless to slide in retweets from people you don’t follow, because you’re not following them for a reason.. maybe. Interesting topic though, I’m curious to see how people will react (and the jokes that will inevitably be made about it)!


  19. Thank you for sharing – I’m really not struck on this idea. I follow people because I am interested in them and, although I understand the idea behind it, I think it will annoy me to see random tweets from random people!

    Emma |

  20. Don’t really care tbh. At the moment anyway. I won’t notice. I follow too many anyway from when I used to ‘comp’. Need to delete all these cos I miss all the tweets I actually want to read!

  21. I get really irritated when apps change, it takes me forever to get used to is. And I think, if its not broke, why fix it!? Oh well, sure I’ll love this once its in full swing!

    Annabel β™₯
    Mascara & Maltesers

  22. I think all social media sites are moving this way, and I have to say I think it bothers me less with Twitter, which is promoting things it thinks users will like, than it bothers me when instagram shows sponsored photos from brands – if I wanted to follow a multinational brand, I would have already found them. At least Twitter is making this sound more organic, although who knows how it will really turn out.

  23. Haha I have completely the same relationship to Facebook as you do only I get a lot of Farmville invites instead. Not a fan.

    I actually don’t mind this new step on Twitter as long as doesn’t take over my feed. I still want to see the tweets from the people I’ve chosen to follow over the people Twitter thinks I’ll like.

    So as long as it’s me who decides the majority of my feed I’m okay with it.

    Thanks for letting us know things are changing πŸ™‚

    Tess x

  24. This seems a rather redundant feature. People can search Twitter by #tags if they are interested in a topic and it flags that have had the most interaction. I don’t want my timeline clogged with people I don’t follow Lucy x

  25. They’re turning social media into a huge market place where updates are sold. What if that “interesting” update is actually a buy in spot? It can totally be a reality. I don’t think I may go in favor for it.

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