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#socialbloggers 34 : Favourite TV shows

Wait! This has nothing to do with blogging? We had a bit of a break from the normal blog talk this week to: Get to…



Wait! This has nothing to do with blogging?

We had a bit of a break from the normal blog talk this week to:

  1. Get to know each other a little better.
  2. Share some new shows/movies/books each other.

It’s strange how I see a lot of bloggers really enjoying certain TV shows, yet I don’t see a lot of blog posts about them and it makes me wonder why that is. Don’t most of us blog about the things we love?

Myself included. I think why I don’t talk about TV shows that much here is:

  1. Wouldn’t be able to use pictures without breaking copyright laws.
  2. Would my audience really be interested in it?

I’d love you to answer the questions in the chat and also tell me your take on blogging about your favourite TV shows.

Dr Who Collection.

My favourite TV show is Dr Who. It’s a recent development, I started watching in December 2013 and I love it.

I love how it’s so unique. I honestly can’t believe the things that humans think up. It’s mental.

I love how I can be watching an episode and not have a clue what’s going on, then a couple of seasons later something will happen which will make the previous mysteries all make sense. It’s just so clever. SO CLEVER.

I’ve slowly started a collection of Dr Who related things. Here’s what I have so far:

DSC_0488 DSC_0496 DSC_0517 DSC_0520 DSC_0529 DSC_0538


I’m just going to post the questions today, as I’ve spent ages embedding all the tweets TWICE for it to be deleted TWICE! Mad. Sad. I’m literally ready to punch skinnedcartree in the face.

Here are the questions:

Q1: Is there any movie / book / show series you’re addicted to? What’s your reason?

Q2: if you could be a character from that series, who and why would you choose that?

Q3: what’s your most favourite thing about that series?

Q4: what are some of your most favourite quotes/ lines from that series?

Q5: is there anything your favourite series taught you?



  1. i’m probably the only person who has never seen this show! but since the series has been on forever, idk which dr to start with! Love, ElleSees

  2. I’m also a doctor who fan! It is strange how we don’t post about our favourite TV shows too often… maybe it’s something I’ll have to start doing.
    Olivia xxx

  3. I’m addicted to Walking dead ( Finally 5th season came out) I don’t have my favorite character there, I like all of the characters because they are very different from each other … I like this show because there are a lot of emotions, fear , difficulties, fighting for survival, personal feelings …. so yeah i love this show and I love ,,doctor who” too :))

    please also check out my blog

  4. Woo Doctor Who! I’m a fan too, I love your collectibles. I need my own sonic, all I have right now is a dalek and an epically oversized mug

  5. never seen it.. heard about it constantly.. sorry but i don’t understand the hype..

    shows that defined my young adulthood.. buffy.. gilmore girls.. veronica mars.. so great to see so many awesome women and all their girl power!

  6. Sorry you had problems posting this one it does my nut when for no reason the computer decides to do something completely different from what it has been asked. Used to love doctor who not sure how I feel about the new doctor though. Guess I need to watch and not prejudge. I love your Dr who mug. Lucy x

  7. As if you have a tardis dress! Sounds a fun chat, I was actually in that evening but i’ve not attended a chat in weeks so it didn’t even cross my mind. 🙁


  8. Whaaat? No. Now I feel terrible for missing last week’s chat. I keep forgetting about socialbloggers. Ugh.
    My favourite TV shoe will always always be Grey’s Anatomy. Hands down it’s awesome. If I could be any character I think I’d be Dr. Miranda Bailey. She’s such a strong, focused person. I freaking love the show!

  9. I have never seen Dr Who.. blush!!! Its so cool that you have so many things from the show hahaha very cute.

    I really love the show Hart of Dixie – there are so many stunning quotes and lessons. Rent it out and give it a bash – you won’t regret it xxxxx

  10. Oooh I love your little Doctor Who collection! Doctor Who is one of my favourite tv-series ever 🙂

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  11. Ahrghrhrhrh!, saw this post as one of your links to previous posts and had to click!!!! Love, love, love!!! I wish I had a phone that could go in a case- they don’t make them for my jurassic phone!
    I’m concerned (since reading your blog!) about using photos from Doctor Who so I didn’t pair my TARDIS Tuesday outfit with a real photo, just a link which I feel makes it lack!x

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