Delicious salads with Righteous salad dressings

Delicious salads


In the September Degustabox, I was sent some Righteous salad dressings to try out. I love making salads, as you probably know from all my previous posts about food.

The thing I love about salads is that you can basically put everything that is really naughty on a plate, stick some veg with it and call it salad.

My salads usually involve cheese, chorizo, pepperoni, olives, houmous and other lovely things that I would happily eat every day.

Righteous salad dressings

I used the Lemon & Mustard Seed dressing, which was delicious. It really gave my salad an extra kick.

Here’s what is in it:

  • grated carrot
  • lettuce
  • olives
  • cheese cubes
  • sun dried tomatoes
  • houmous
  • spicy cous cous
  • pepperoni

DSC_0510 DSC_0541 DSC_0544

What’s your favourite salad dressing?




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