nanshy makeup brushes review
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Nanshy Make-up Brushes

nanshy makeup brushes review

I collected these brushes the blog events I’ve been to this summer. I got one at #LeedsMayMeet and another at #BlogYorkshire. I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks now, so thought it was about time to feature them on zee blawg.

All of Nanshy’s products are 100% cruelty free and their mission statement is:

Help as many people as we can enhance their beauty and appearance for an even better look

These professional brushes are reasonably priced, to enable every woman (or man!) get the look they desire.

nanshy makeup brushes reviewThey sell their brushes in both sets or individually.

I have the blending brush, which retails for around £7, and the eye crease brush, which retails for around £5.95.

I love how each brush has the name on it! I only wish one of them were a little thinner, as they are quite thick which made it hard for me to blend the way I like. The full eye brush set does feature some thinner brushes, it’s a 7 brush set that costs around £30.

nanshy makeup brushes review

nanshy makeup brushes review
You can also get face/foundation brushes from the brand.

The bristles are really soft and I don’t really know what else to say about them. I don’t think I’m that great at makeup and I usually use the brush that comes in the Naked palettes.  I just love the way they look and I think having the full set, all mitchy matchy and dat, with the name of the brush type running down each white handle would look very bloggy on my vanity. If I had a vanity. Doh.

Yes. Bloggy. It’s a word I use on a daily basis. Ask India.


I always Google for discount codes when I’m buying something online. I love a 20% discount or free delivery, so if you’re thinking of buying some new brushes, be sure to check the health and beauty coupon section of CupoNation.

It’s a coupon site I’ve recently discovered and there’s often offers with with discounts and deals at BeautyBay and Amazon – plus other make-up stores. As well as clothing discount codes on sites such as ASOS and Lucy in the sky (cutest clothing site).

For those of you into cycling, running and outdoor sports, they also have Wiggle coupon codes.

Are you a coupon searcher?

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