4 Tasty Granola Toppings you Must Try!

granola toppings

In the September Degustabox, I was sent a packet of Jordans Simply Granola to try. Since then, I’ve been playing around with toppings. I’m not a fan of putting sugar on cereal. If I want to sweeten something, I must prefer to use fruit or honey.

Using Instagram as inspiration, here are some of the toppings I’ve been creating!

granola toppings

4 Tasty Toppings for Granola

1. Raisins and Banana.

granola toppings Easy peasy. slice your narners and decorate round the edges of the bowl, then chuck a fistful of raisins in the middle. I wish I had added cinnamon to this!

2. Banana, blueberries and chocolate chunks

granola toppingsThis was a special sunday treat and tasted so luxurious with the delicious chocolate chunks, which were broken up chocolate straws from Elizabeth Shaw.

3. Blueberries and raspberries.

granola toppingsAnother simple but colourful breakfast. I love raspberries, but they do tend to go off very quickly.

4. Grapes, Strawberries and Blackcurrents.

granola toppingsSorry for the not fantastic photo – this breakfast was consumed before the sun woke up. I am practicing being an early bird, after all. Artificial lighting is a massive knob.

I also created an image for Pinterest. Woo! This is exciting 🙂 Click the ‘pin it’ button at the bottom of this post to pin the image.

granola toppings

What would you slap on top of your granola?


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