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#ShareTheLove and win a £50 Cineworld Giftcard!

Earlier this month, I shared with you the story of how I stopped smoking using e-cigs as I celebrated one year smoke free. So when…


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Earlier this month, I shared with you the story of how I stopped smoking using e-cigs as I celebrated one year smoke free. So when I was contacted to take part in the #ShareTheLove campaign by Intellicig, it was a YES before I even got the end of the e-mail.

Intellicig has recently released the Share-A-Starter kit. It contains 2 starter kits, one to share with a friend. This sparked the campaign to #ShareTheLove by doing things to make someones day.

You don’t have to do massive things to make someone smile- a small gesture can often move someone more than you expect. Here are some ideas:

10 ways to #ShareTheLove and make someones day.

  1. Smile at a stranger.
  2. Buy your friend a chocolate bar. Just because.
  3. Bombard a friends phone with emoijis.
  4. Talk to a work colleague you wouldn’t usually speak to.
  5. Slow down to let a car out at a junction when in traffic.
  6. Make a surprise meal for your friends or family.
  7. Send your Mum a bunch of flowers.
  8. Comment on someone’s blog, telling them why you admire them.
  9. Compliment someone.
  10. Enter the competition below and take a friend to the cinema for free.

How I made made someones day.

To help me make one of my friends smile, I was sent a gift card to take a friend to the Cinema.

I took my housemate, Christine. I picked her up from work and whisked her to Bradford – the closest Cineworld near to us. It gave me a bit of nostalgia as it’s the cinema I used to go to when I was at university.

I reserved the tickets online and paid using the card, then we both got some nachos and drink with it when we got there.

We went to see Horns, which is the new film with Daniel Radcliff in it.

If you’ve read anything about it, it sounds like it’s going to be as cheesy as hell. It was actually really good. It did have some dark comedy and cheesiness in it, but it was so well done. I left wondering what genre it actually was. It was dark, serious, dramatic, heart-breaking and funny all at once.

I don’t often enjoy films, or if I do I think ‘that was okay’ but I’m so glad we saw this one over the other two we were thinking about seeing.

rafflecopter giveaways

Win a £50 gift card to Cineword

Intellicig are also offering another £50 voucher to one of my readers – so you can share the love too. Simply fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter.

rafflecopter giveaways

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What would you do to #ShareTheLove with someone?



  1. I’m working on being kind, and sharing the love with others by giving everyone a genuine compliment. #ShareTheLove

  2. I gave way at junctions as it’s never something I normally do. I stopped hanging up on cold callers too – which is a massive issue to me lol

  3. I try to take care of everyone, especially my sister a stay at home mom, try to get her out the house as much as possible xx

  4. Baked a carrot cake for my friends. The frosting was pretty awful, but it’s the thought that counts, right?!

  5. I’m taking my sister out for halloween, we don’t see a lot of each other so I want to make the most of our time together

  6. It’s not just doing things for people that’s important. Saying thankyou more often and making sure that people know that you appreciate the ordinary,everyday things that they do for you, is important too.

  7. I like to “pay it forward” so once a month I try to do a small act of kindness for a stranger – just to see the expression on their face.

  8. I share blog competitions on my competition blog to help other bloggers & people who like entering blog comps xxx

  9. Enter this competition and take my fiancé to the cinema. He deserves a treat because he has put up with me being pregnant 🙂

  10. I always smile at passers by or say good morning, goot afternoon, nice day, hello, etc – I often get a nice smile back or a nice reply 🙂 #ShareTheLove

  11. I just love generally smiling at people I think a smile just automatically makes someone else smile which makes them happy. I’m always polite to people in public i think that does count as sharing love 🙂

  12. I’m always friendly to passers by and the neighbours, always like to be polite to people where i can x

  13. What an awesome campaign! I’ve been making an effort to give genuine compliments to people when I’m out and about and it’s nice to see how happy it can make them

  14. Yesterday I brought my co-worker a Toasted Teacake as a surprise as we were the only ones at work! He was made up!

  15. This is such a sweet and beautiful post – so inspiring and happy!! Love the idea and I think that everyone should do this! xx

  16. I smile and wave out other cars. Yesterday i reserved to let a lorry up the road first even though i had right of way. He’d have been waiting ages for a good gap in traffic to give him cornering space if i didnt.

  17. Well done stopping smoking, I sell E Cigs in my shop I own. 🙂 had so many success stories the best one I had a older gentlemen stopped smoking after 60 years of having the bad habit .

  18. I don’t do much to #ShareTheLove but I keep my friends and family supplied with cakes and other homemade treats!

  19. I always smile at strangers and always start up conversations when stood in queues…..its good to have a little laugh with someone that you know nothing about…you never know it may be the only conversation they will have that day.

  20. I am a great believer that what you give out you get back. I try to be nice to others and do the little things that will make their life better. I wanted to see this movie but was out off by the review maybe I judged if too early Lucy x

  21. I’m trying to buy more of the buy one get one free products in the supermarket and sharing them with my hard up brother and his family.

  22. I always make a point of thanking people if they do something nice. I do feel sad when I (for example, as happened to me today) offer someone a seat on the bus, and they take it without even smiling, acknowledging or saying thanks.I just hope that I set a good example in the way I behave and hope that it rubs off on others.

  23. Aw that’s brilliant– send my mom a bunch of flowers. I’ll have to keep that one in my back pocket 🙂

    Daisy | Simplicity Relished

  24. I spend hours helping charities including people and animals in need.I like to know I’m making a small difference to peoples lives as best I can so that’s how I like to share the love.

  25. I love to send my mom random bunches of flowers when she’s not expecting them. Just to show her I appreciate all that she does for me.

  26. #ShareTheLove I always try and be positive and then the people around me will feed off the positivity and feel positive too 🙂

  27. i say showing love by been kind to everyone you meet as someone may not be as they seem.i beleive been nice is great karma and spreading that to anyone i see or messaging friends on bad days is so great

  28. I always try to do one good deed a day, whether it’s letting someone onto the bus before me or just simply smiling and talking to someone I care about when I know they’re feeling down

  29. I #Sharethelove with my OH by supporting him and being postive.
    I #Sharethelove with my colleagues by taking workload of their hands and bringing in treats to the office.
    I #Sharethelove with my pets by buying them new toys and spending as much time as I can with them, giving them cuddles (even the reptiles!).

  30. I’m quite old fashioned in some ways and always try to do a good turn every day to help out people – whether friend, family or a stranger!

  31. i try and do my bit for charity, wether its organising my own event or taking part in one, i also work for a charity so help out with fundraising when i can.

  32. i try to help people where i can eg i paid a ladies bus fare the other day because she didnt have change of a note and the bus driver was not very nice to her

  33. I always open doors for people and let people out of junctions when I’m driving. My daughter always smiles at random people and tell them her name is Bella and she’s 2 and a half, it always makes people smile

  34. #ShareTheLove – i always make a point of saying good morning, afternoon to complete strangers i pass. Youd be surprised how many people are shocked or plesently surprised by a friendly good morning.

  35. Laugh out Loud – you would be surprised how many people do not laugh so it can be heard! Let laughter be heard and people will laugh too

  36. I buy people things when there feeling down to cheer them up & help them with what ever they need 🙂 #ShareTheLove

  37. i try to do 1 random act of kindness per week , last week i helped a man with his shopping to his car

  38. SMILE! last night I let someone go in front of me at the supermarket. Its usually easier to be nice to people

  39. I share the love by being honest, like today I gave the cashier in WH Smith a £10 but she gave me change from £20, I pointed out her mistake so she could correct it. I didn’t like the thought of her getting in trouble for the till being short especially 🙂

  40. #ShareTheLove Smile, be kind and don’t judge, everyone is on a journey and the sometimes it is bumpy, embrace the ride.

  41. I #ShareTheLove by saying hello to people as I pass them in our village – great way to get to know everyone and they all say Hello back.

  42. I send my friends silly messages, and jokes 🙂 its nice to hear them find it funny especially if they have had a rubbish day.

  43. I smile alot, im polite, hold doors open for people. I stand aside to let someone pass when im on the pavement and i give up my seat on the bus for someone less able

  44. Never underestimate your ability to make someone smile – taking the time to tell someone something might just make their day #ShareTheLove

  45. I’m a foster carer and have shared my love with over 25 children now.. and they have need every ounce of it x

  46. I would offer to have my grandson overnight to give my daughter a well deserved night out….she works so hard and never takes time for herself x

  47. #ShareTheLove i do a good dead each day to make someone smily like giving my seat up on the bus or holding the door, helping someone with there pram, treating friends to lunch

  48. I would try and help my friend who is expecting her third baby. she’ll need help with the older two i expect, soon.

  49. Gave a cheery wave and smile to a fellow dog walker this morning despite it being 6am and pouring with rain #ShareTheLove

  50. Even though we are all busy and eat at different time, I share my love by cooking dinner for my family for when they come home. This always makes my daughter smile.

  51. I try and always hold doors open for people, let cars into the traffic from side roads and generally smile a lot.

  52. I like to surprise my family with little things like flowers, chocolate, a favour like cleaning up for them.

  53. Daily txt to my little sister to make her smile – she going through a hard time, so just the little things #sharethelove

  54. I work in Customer Service and have found the best way for me to #sharethelove is by being friendly and polite to everyone.. especially the people who are rude. They do say smiling is contagious.

  55. I try and be friendly and kind to everyone I meet and if I can help someone out in anyway then I will do my best for them.

  56. Help a stranger, i.e. old lady getting off a bus or even give someone the money needed for a meal or bus fare. I love it when a stranger does a random act of kindness, it makes me feel the world isn’t such a bad place.

  57. i always use my manners and forever holding doors open, smling at people and thanking them. manners cost nothing and by doing something nice makes you feel good too.

  58. I always try to be helpful at work advising patients where to go, picking up rubbish, tidying up etc – I am an A&E manager but believe it is important to carry the right values across all your work and home life.

  59. 2 weeks ago I approached an old lady who was wondering around the town centre quite aimlessly. It turned out that she had just had her house burned to the ground and was lucky to escape with her life. She had no money until the banks opened in 2 days and no family nearby. I gave her £20 to get something to eat and left my details to pay it back later (I don’t expect or care if I get it back or not to be honest)

  60. I smile at people regularly 😀 If I’m on a night out I always buy a homeless person a meal (normally something from chippy lane or maccyD’s so not incredibly healthy but deffo warm)

  61. Ok, I absolutely love this post! I’m all about sharing the love, #isharethelove everyday doing what I can! I leave happy notes on buses, in shops, I once even stuck one in someone’s bag lol. Always be kind, treat others how you’d like to be treated and a million times yes share the love x

  62. I look after my family…recently I was ill and unable to do’s amazing how quickly everything fell apart! haha!
    I also make sure I always have the time to talk. Whether it’s with the neighbours or the elderly people in the village, the busy mums, the shop keepers..I have time for everyone and if they need anything I’m there for them.

  63. I’m taking all my old magazine up to the local hospital, because after waiting there for 7 hours recently I was a bit fed up of things to read from 2005. #Sharethelove

  64. Yesterday at the supermarket the lady in front of me didnt have any bags with her and the supermarket had run out of the disposable ones it sells. I had an extra 2 bags for life in the bottom of my shopping bags that i keep for emergency’s so i let her have them. She had a small baby and a toddler with her so it could have easily been me in that position #sharethelove

  65. I listen to people without interrupting. Sounds small, but I think it’s amazing how few people do, and so it tends to be noticed and appreciated.

  66. I work at a community centre and i always #ShareTheLove by being helpful, happy and nice to everyone that comes in

  67. I work at a sweet shop and sometimes get freebies to bring home when chocolates are broken etc – I always share them out with the family! #ShareTheLove 🙂

  68. #ShareTheLove by smiling at everyone on my walk to work and saying good morning, most folks respond with a smile

  69. #ShareTheLove I’m working on trying to be a better person, listening and supporting my friends and family members and offering my free time to them more.

  70. #SharetheLove – by passing on my all day travel card to a random stranger so they don’t have to pay for the bus

  71. I tell my friend how much I care for her every day as she has low self esteem even though she is a great person. #SharetheLove

  72. Putting yourself out to help someone whether it’s popping to the shop for a poorly neighbour, picking something up for someone who’s dropped it, little things help make someone else’s day better

  73. I try and do a little something everyday to #SharetheLove. Sometimes it giving way to a car, sometimes I give someone my car park ticket, sometimes I just listen when someone needs someone to walk too other times it’s just a friendly smile. But by doing something kind everyday it makes you feel kind inside. Thanks for the lovely giveaway xx

  74. I share my love by every so often not being quite as cynical and dry as I usually am, which is always a trying task.

  75. #sharethelove turn up for work with a large box of biscuits and get the kettle on for my work colleges…..well they all seem to love it!

  76. #sharethelove I like to help at our community hub. I help with activities and have donated things for prizes

  77. I let people hug anf stroke my dog because she is full of love and great therapy for people who need a bit of love and caring in their life

  78. I would actively try to remember what is going on with people I don’t see very often, even the small things, to show that I’m still interested. Birthdays, family, events, even haircuts. #ShareTheLove

  79. I smile at people in the street. One day a lady said to me, “Thank you so much for doing that, it made my day”. I also find myself having some great converstaions with people because of it. Just that one simple connection can be so nice for someone, there isn;t enough of it these days 🙂

  80. Last night I chose to #ShareTheLove by driving my poor fiancé to A+E at 2am with an eye infection; Waited in the car until 4am when he was finally seen by the docs. I’d do anything for that boy!

  81. I consistently share inspiration online, listening to others and sending healing to them. I hug people who need hugs, I talk to strangers who look like I may be the only person they have seen in a some time, I smile at everyone, I give what I can to anyone who needs help.

  82. Offer what you have been lucky to have to others. Words of encouragement. A free gift that could be given to someone or a few of those clothes you have never worn to charity.

  83. #sharethelove by treating everyone I meet how I would want to be treated – a hello or a smile is contagious

  84. I’m trying to be kinder to people in general and extra thankful and polite to retail staff as I know what it’s like lol #ShareTheLove

  85. I always thank shop till workers for serving me and wish them to ‘Have a nice day’, I used to work on the supermarket tills and so many people treated us like we were not even there so I always make sure that the person serving me knows I appreciate their help. Having been on the other side of the fence, I know it really can make your day go a bit faster and be a bit nicer.

  86. When I know someone who is having a bad day, I surprise them with a little something they love:) like a box of their favourite chocolates

  87. Help elderly people in the supermarket to find products, reach those on the top shelf and read ingredients etc out for those who can’t see very well.

  88. I try to #SharetheLove by being all that I can be to all people – treat them the way that I would want to be treated and not to judge or be judged

  89. I #sharethelove by smiling at everyone I pass and also sending my friends and family little cards and small gifts out of the blue x

  90. I’m always a good friend to my friends and family and am happy to listen and be a shoulder to cry on when necessary.

  91. Helping anyway that might need help. Be it an elderly person with their shopping, or just holding the door for someone. #sharethelove

  92. #ShareTheLove make sure the house is all clean and warm for my parents when they come home from a hard day at work!

  93. I try to always smile at people and say Hello to them, always thank someone if they’ve done anything that helps me in any way, and compliment my friends and family

  94. Several times now the person in front of me hasn’t had enough money to pay for all their shopping, so I have paid the little bit they are short. #ShareTheLove

  95. I give people my shopping trolley when they’re panicking with no change at the supermarket #LittleThings #ShareTheLove 🙂

  96. #ShareTheLove I sent my sister flowers a couple of days ago. My 8 month old baby is always cheering people up by smiling at them 🙂

  97. If I’m not in a rush I stop to speak to market researchers on the high street rather than avoiding them (but not those trying to sell something!)

  98. I always talk to strangers anyway, but I like to do the old help a kid at the checkout who hasn’t enough money. #Sharethelove

  99. #Sharethelove
    Being polite and smiling never cost anything plus that one nice gesture can make there day and make you feel you’ve made a difference to them 🙂

  100. I like to share by cooking for people – i knows its always appreciated – just wish sometimes more people #ShareTheLove

  101. I like to have conversations with people I wouldn’t usually, it’s always interesting how much you have in common with people outside your usual circle #sharethelove

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