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September Degustabox

Another month, another Degustabox! Degustabox have changed their delivery service – it was DPD before but now it’s Parcelforce. DPD were great as they sent…


september degustabox

Another month, another Degustabox!

Degustabox have changed their delivery service – it was DPD before but now it’s Parcelforce. DPD were great as they sent you an e-mail with the time your parcel was due for delivery within the hour – which is great when you’re wanting to get on with your life and don’t want to be worrying about waiting around for a parcel. However, I work, like most people, when delivery services operate so I miss a lot of packages. The collection office is a 30 minute drive from me. Boo.

Parcelforce don’t e-mail you specific time, however they do leave packages at the closest post office if you’re not home. My local post office is literally at the bottom of my street. Hurrah! I didn’t have to wait, in hope, that a housemate would be home on the 2nd and 3rd delivery attempt – I just swung by my post office before work on Saturday and picked up the box.

There’s nothing worse than having to travel miles to collect a package – apart from when it gets left with a neighbour and you have to make awkward conversation when you go to collect it.

Anyway, let’s look at the box.

September Degustabox 

The first thing I noticed about this box is that they changed the colour of the writing inside the box from green to a brown/orange. I wonder if that is for autumn.

Also – the glass bottles and jars were all wrapped in bubble wrap to stop them smashing. This makes me wonder if that’s the reason for the courier change as I know some people have had things smash during transit!

I can happily report that I’ve had every box since February and not had one damaged or smushed item!

Let’s see what was inside.

Burts Lentil Waves.

burt's lentil waves

Lentil waves. The main ingredient is ‘lentil wave’. I don’t understand. I looked to the internet for help, but I still don’t know how they’re made.

They look big and like crisps. But are lentil based. They taste like crisps. It’s either trickery or pure genius.

I was sent sour cream & chive, thai sweet chilli and lightly salted.

I ate the chilli ones after photographing them and they have such a strong flavour. I hope the sour cream and chive have the same strong taste! Nom nom.

They’re 99 calories and bag and fabulous.

69p each. 

Carnation Cook with it!

carnation cook with it

This is a creamy base for savoury dishes. It’s got 68% less fat than single cream and is long life.


Little Miracles Organic Energy. 

little miracles drink

I already review this full range here back in May 🙂

£1.59 each.

Righteous Dressing.

righteous dressing

Lemon & Mustard Seed, Raspberry and Sweet Basil and Mild English Blue Cheese & Cider Dressing.

No additives or preservatives in this bad boys – they’re delicious dressings and I can’t wait to get these on a salad or two!

£2.49 per 225 bottle.  

Elizabeth Shaw’s Dark Chocolate Mint Thins

dark mint thins

Hello dark chocolate and mint! One of my favourite combos. After Eights at Christmas is 100% childhood nostalgia. These are perfect for a fancy treat – they’re very rich and luxurious. Great for those Sunday evenings watching Downton Abbey!


mint tins

La Vieja Fabrica Marmalade.

la vieja fabrica marmalade

I don’t think I’ve had marmalade since I lived with my parents. That and blackcurrent jam are things they always had and I always loved but I’ve never bought them as an adult. Why – I don’t know!

This marmalade is made using a traditional recipe that’s been in use for over 170 years and is produce in Seville. Nom.


Jordans Simply Granola

jordans granola

I love granola. Either with milk or yoghurt and I love to add dried fruit to the mix for a healthy start!


Bahlsen Pick Up!

pick up

Balhsen PiCK UP! has already been featured in a Degustabox before – but now they’re back with a new flavour. Black N White is a thick, white chocolate between two coca biscuits.

Lilly and I both really enjoyed them. I preferred to dunk mine in tea so the white chocolate melted a little bit. Yummy.

£1.69 for pack of 5.



The non alcoholic box contained Crabbie’s traditional cloudy lemonade. It’s a great non-alcoholic adult drink and there’s also a ginger beer and a raspberry flavour in the range.

£1.30 each

The alcoholic box contained Crabbie’s zesty lemon, from the Alcoholc Fruits range. A delicious fruity drink at 4% alcohol. Other flavours include Black Cherry and Raspberry & Rhubarb.

I love the labelling on both drinks!

£1.50 each


What would you like to try the most?

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  1. Every time I see these desgustaboxes it makes my mouth water – this may have to be a present to myself soon.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  2. These really are a foodies dream, the mint thins and new little miracle drinks look yummy. I love after eights at Christmas and with this chocolate bar I will be able to eat it all year round. Bonus Lucy x

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