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Dress Drama // Trollied Dolly Butterfly Dress

Dress: Trollied Dolly Shoes : c/o : LovelyShoes I’ve had these photos for yonks, but not had a chance to post them yet. Trollied Dolly…

trollied dolly dress
Dress: Trollied Dolly
Shoes : c/o : LovelyShoes
trollied dolly dress trollied dolly dress
I’ve had these photos for yonks, but not had a chance to post them yet. Trollied Dolly does amazing, cute dresses. I’ve had 3 by them now and they always have the cutest prints and necklines.
Every time I go on ASOS, I put Trollied Dolly into their search to see what they have and have to stop myself from buying them.
The only thing that makes me hesitant to buy them is the quality for the price. They come in around £55 a piece – I usually pick them up for between £20 – £35 on sale at ASOS. The fabric is a bit thin and the zips are those horrible, flimsy, plastic ones that get jammed easily.
I have a sad story about it, actually.
So, I was wearing this Trollied dolly dress on holiday in Florida on the day we visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
We went on the ride Primevil Whirl, which is a Rollarcoaster that spun in circles while going up and down. It was a rickety ride and the spinning motion as well as going up and down meant we were chucked around the cart.
When I got off the ride, I noticed my zip had split. Fully split. It was still fastened at the top, but split all the way down – meaning I couldn’t pull the thing down.
We escaped to a quiet corner of the park and the girls tried, without success, to pull the zipper to the bottom to see if it would still work.
I stood in the middle of Disney, almost crying, having a complete meltdown about how fat I am and how all my clothes are too small and how stopping smoking as ruined my life because I’ve gained about a million pounds since I stopped. And I’m also spotty and ugly and everyone hates me and my life is over.
I wasn’t in a good place.
They managed to get the zip a bit further down my back, but not all the way. I ended up having to wear a cardigan in the immense Florida heat until I could buy a new dress from a shop. Then I had to go to the toilets and squeeze the dress over my stupid fat head and boobs.
It was not the best day of my holiday.
Apart from that, I highly recommend these dresses.


  1. Dress looks gorgeous on you, as always! Shame they’re not good quality, pretty shit by the sounds of it! You are so gorgeous and have a super figure, and stopping smoking is only ever a good thing!! 😀 one time at work, when we were setting up for sale so the shop was closed luckily, I was kneeling down rolling up trouser hems (oh the joys) and suddenly my jeans split right up one of my thighs and made a huge ripping noise! My assistant manager called me The Hulk from then on 😛 you’re not alone in clothes splitting! 😛 xoxo

  2. I;m not sure to ahve loads of sympathy for your dress disaster or laugh at the fact it definitely seems like something that would happen to me.
    you are tiny and gorgeous by the way!

  3. That dress is very cute – but I LOVE your shoes; a perfect summer/autumn transition.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  4. What a lovely dress really pretty. Love the collar detail. Corrine there is no way you are fat, dresses split and zips fail. You are a good sport to not of had a total meltdown in the park I would have done Lucy x

  5. I do like the Trollied Dolly dresses, but I agree with the quality. The brand, Sugarhill Boutique, is a little the same, I only pick their items up when on sale, because the price is a little bit too much.

    I split a pair of jeans a while back, just sitting down… I know the feels 🙁

  6. That is a horrible experience to have at the so called ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ but the dress is quite lovely on you.

  7. I’m so so sorry that happened to you! I’ve purchased 2 of their dresses in the past, and I totally agree with you on the quality. They are quite expensive, but the fabric is usually super thin, and the sizing is pretty wacky.

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