The Queens Hotel, Leeds.

the queens hotel leeds

So, I’ve been at my new job for around 4 weeks now. Last week we had a team build day and evening. The day time activities were fun tasks built around leadership skills, then we went to Leeds for meal in the evening. I live in Leeds, but most of my colleagues don’t because we are based in Barnsley, therefore we were put up in a hotel for the night.

We stayed at The Queens Hotel, which is right outside the train station in Leeds.

The lobby was lovely, we checked in and went to our rooms to get ready.

Inside the room was a massive double bed. It was literally like a triple bed. The first thing I did when I got there, was get my camera out and take photos.

There’s free wifi, so the second thing I did was get my laptop out and connect to the internet. I’m a blogger, after all.

The bathroom was clean and spacious with a massive bath. On the back of the door was a robe, this was probably my favourite thing about the hotel! I got into the shower, which did take a few minutes for the hot water to kick in, then put the robe on as I got my hair and makeup ready.

Under the drawer in the desk, was a fridge which had a bottle of sparkling and bottle of still water in glass bottles. The were also some biscuits and a selection of tea/coffee with those pots of UHT milk and a kettle. Unfortunately, I was too hungover to try these out the next day!

There was a menu for room service and also a TV, which again, I didn’t try out as I was listening to music on my laptop while getting ready. And WAY to hungover for noise in the morning.

The bed was so comfortable, the bed frame had lights in it, so you could get into bed before turning it out. The curtains totally blacked out the light, too.

We went for drinks before we headed out for the meal. The service in the bar was really good, I had trouble charging a drink to my room, but the man serving me let me have the drink and sit down and sorted it out afterwards, which was nice as I would have expected to have to stay around the bar while he confirmed I was a customer at the hotel, ha. We ordered shots too. I was doomed from this point.

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In the morning I woke up with a hangover. I got into the shower but then decided to have a bath. I’m not usually a fan of baths but it was so nice to lay in the massive bath tub and then put the robe on afterwards. It would have been nicer if I wasn’t hungover!


  • Robe in the room.
  • Black out curtains.
  • Good internet access.
  • Very clean/spacious.
  • 11am checkout.


  • Fridge was dirty in the back.
  • The mirror above the desk was too high to do my makeup in sitting down.

Prices start from around £82 per night.

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the queens hotel leedsthe queens hotel leeds


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