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#socialbloggers 31 – Blog Photography

Hello friends, Time for another #socialbloggers roundup post. Noor is back! She hosted this weeks #socialbloggers chat – it was a good job really as…


blog photographyHello friends,

Time for another #socialbloggers roundup post. Noor is back! She hosted this weeks #socialbloggers chat – it was a good job really as I was held up at work for 3 hours extra!

For those that are new to this chat, Noor and I both set up #socialbloggers, but she’s had problems with her internet/computer since around May so hasn’t been able to join in.

This weeks topic is all around photography – we all know how important photographs are, there are many blogs that are very successful because of their gorgeous photos.

I use a Nikon D3100 for my blog photos, usually with a Nikon AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D Lens (<- affiliate link!) which cost me around £80. It’s great value for what it can do and if you’re wanting to photograph products or food, I’d say go for it. It’s not great for outfit posts though! It’s a fantastic lens for a close up item and blurring the background.

I like my photos to be bright and will often edit the exposure to make it look brighter – I have just discovered how to change exposure on my camera thanks to the Photography Workshop I went to a couple of weeks ago.

After editing the brightness of my photos, I usually just resize to the correct dimentions and export to my blog. For my header image with the words, I use Canva to add the words and then Picmonkey to create the circle image and add a filter or two.

The biggest tips I would give to a newbie is to learn the rule of thirds and be conscious of your background to ensure it doesn’t distract from your subject!

What’s your top tip?

Q1: Could photography be more than just a hobby? Your views

Q2: Do you have any photography style? Like darkish / colorful. How often do you use it?



Q3: What are your ideal tools for photography? do you recommend any of them?


Q4: Do you use any apps for better photos? Name your favourites?



Q5: Is there any book or post that helped you in better photography?  


Q6: What’s an ultimate photography tip you’d like to give to a newbie?


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  1. I’m awful at photography but have always always wished I was good at it!
    My photos tend to be quite pale, unless it’s photos outside. And I always use picmonkey to edit cos it’s free 🙂 xo

  2. it is awesome that you posted a round up of the chat. I think that is such a good idea not only for those who missed it but also to make sure that those who were in it remembered what was said x

  3. Great blogger chat. I love photography and I really like the way that blogging allows me to use and enhance this skill. Lots of great ideas above. Lucy x

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