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#socialbloggers 30 // How Has Blogging Changed You

Whether you blog for fun, or for a part or full time income, there’s no denying that it can be a very time consuming process!…


does blogging change you

Whether you blog for fun, or for a part or full time income, there’s no denying that it can be a very time consuming process!

As with everything we do in life, our experiences and the things we do shape us and influence our likes, dislikes and feelings. So naturally, when put so much of our time, so much of ourself into one thing, it can change us.

That’s what the 30th #socialbloggers chat was about – the difference between you now and pre-blogging you.

Here’s the differences I see in myself since I started blogging:

  • I can explain and express myself better.
  • I’m more open to trying new things.
  • I’ll spend a bit extra on a product to review.
  • I’m more up to date with new products, styles, movies and books.
  • I’m less up to date with current events.
  • I’m much more experimental with make-up.
  • I feel like I’m accomplishing something.
  • I have goals that I look forward to meeting.
  • I feel like my spare time is spent doing something productive.
  • I spent less time playing video games.
  • I spent less money on video games!
  • I never finish TV shows.
  • I exercise less.
  • I feel happier.
  • My phone battery doesn’t last longer than 9 hours.
  • I’m often distracted because I’m thinking about blogging.
  • I’m more organised and disciplined.
  • I’ve learnt lots of random and useless facts.
  • I waste a lot of time on social media.

The list could go on, some positive things, some bad habits, some general, sometimes quirky things!

What differences are you noticed in yourself since you started blogging?

Q1. Has blogging changed your personal style/taste/shopping habits? #socialbloggers

Q2. Has blogging given you any good or bad habits? #socialbloggers

Q3. How has blogging changed the way you look at the world & others? #socialbloggers


Q4. In what ways have you changed/grown since blogging? #socialbloggers



Q5. If you didn’t have a blog – what would you do with your time and energy? #socialbloggers




  1. This is great. I was going to join in as I was around for once, but I am battling a cold at the moment and couldn’t stop sneezing, so looking at a computer screen wasn’t my idea of fun, so I had to go lay down. Will try and join the next one :)))) xx

  2. I look forward to these posts – excellent and informative as always. Since blogging, I have become more appreciative of how fab the blogging community is.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  3. A brilliant blogger chat. Many of your answers Corrine are similar to what I would say about myself. I say yes now to more things and am open to more opportunities. Writting has opened my creative skills and I have a sense of accomplishment. I definitely have less time and probably spend too much time thinking about blogging and blogging Lucy x

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