September Glossybox Review

I finally managed to pick up my September Glossybox from the sorting office – it had been there a week but I was always working…


September Glossybox Review

I finally managed to pick up my September Glossybox from the sorting office – it had been there a week but I was always working when it was open. I hate that you can only pick things up at the times when most people work. #royalfail.

I really missed a trick when I was thinking about what job I wanted. I should have worked for the Post Office so I could have evenings, weekends and all bank holidays off. Instead I work in retail, so my social life is pretty much screwed. As is my sleep pattern. Blah blah moan moan.

Anyway – let’s get on with it.

Glossybox September 2014

This months Glossybox looks very bloggy. I like it.

The design is lovely and I love the colours of all the products. I wonder if they did that on purpose so I wouldn’t complain about having stupid sachets. I hate sachets.

September Glossybox Review

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox and Hydrating Care 

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox and Hydrating Care

First things first: There was a typo on the leaflet that came in the Glossybox – it says ‘hyrating’. I wonder if the poor person in charge of leaflets got in trouble for the typo. I hope not. I do typos all the time, I feel ya, bro.

These two samples are for targeting adult blemishes. I HAVE ADULT BLEMISHES. I almost want this in full size. I’m going to give it a go and see what happens. I’ve already be looking online for the prices! There’s a third off at Boots.

The night cream is supposed to help purify your skin and the day cream is to help reduce the appearance of blemishes. When my Skinetica has ran out, I might make this my next purchase.

Day Cream: £12 for 50ml
Nigh Cream: £15.50 for 40ml

Nails Inc Westmister Bridge Matte Top Coat

Nails Inc Westmister Bridge Matte Top Coat

This is a top coat that makes your varnish appear matte finish to give it a different look. Interesting. I’m not overly bothered as I’m not a big matte fan. I did try it and it does work, but I enjoy shiny.

The full size product was included.

£12 for 10ml. 

ModelCo More Brows Fibre Gel

ModelCo More Brows Fibre Gel

This is just something I’ll never use. It’s a miracle if I manage to pluck my brows, never mind colour them in. I don’t like dark, thick eyebrows and I think mine are dark enough. I want less brows. Not more. I don’t really want to talk about it anymore.

£14.95 for 3.5 ml. 

L’Oreal Professional Mythic Masque

L'Oreal Professional Mythic Masque

I went on a massive rant in my August Glossybox review because they sent me a hair product that to use, you had to wet your hair, then cover with plastic, then wait 20 minutes, then wash out. Hassle. I do not like hassle.

This is a bit better as you wash your hair, then leave it on for 3 minutes then wash out, so I could probably get away with leaving it on in the shower while shaving my legs and all that other fun stuff girls do in showers.

There’s just no way I’m going to shower and then get out and then go back in. It’s just not going to happen. Miracle hair product or not.

I’m going to try this the next time I was my hair. It smells so nice too. I hope the smell stays.

£15.50 for 200ml

SkinPep Enzyme and Acid Peel and Peeling Gel

SkinPep Enzyme and Acid Peel and Peeling Gel

I do not know if I love the idea of this or hate it. Enzymes remind me of salvia and digestion. Acid peels remind me of horror torture movies. Help.

The description uses words like ‘delicate’ and ‘gentle’. How can a acid peel be either one of those things?

The peeling gel uses Pineapple (allergic!) and Papaya extract to exfoliate the skin and make it soft and bright. The eye cream is a powerful dark circle eraser.

I’m scared/excited. It’s hella expensive though.

Peeling Gel: £89.99 for 180ml
Eye Cream: £44.99 for 15ml

So that’s the September Glossybox. I like the hair masque and the Vichy products. I either really love or really hate the peels, but haven’t decided yet. I hate the brow gel and I’m a bit meh about the nail product.

Next months box sounds very exciting though – it’s all about colour and includes a fresh face mask.

What product would you like to try the most?




  1. Nah you don’t want to work for the Royal Mail .. they start work even earlier than I do!
    I know what you mean though about evenings, weekends and bank holidays, everyone I know seems to only do this yet a lot of the jobs I am finding are shift work. I WANNA GET OUT OF SHIFT WORK!

    Amy at Amy & More

  2. This is a better box that the previous few. I would like to try the mythic hair masque the most. My hair at the moment has been doing its own thing and could do with taming. Working shifts is always difficult to have a life and you spend most of your time not working when everyone else is. I am full of a cold and cough at the moment hoping that it goes quickly. Wishing you a lovely weekend Lucy x

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