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September Birch Box // Happy Days

september birchbox 2014

The September Birchbox arrived at my door not long ago. It’s always fun to get them and I’ll be sad when the 6 months is up and I have to decide whether to stay with Glossybox or move to Birch. Maybe I can alternate! Maybe I can be wild and try something totally new. Maybe maybe maybe. Any suggestions?

This months Birchbox was called Happy Days and seemed to revolve around memories you’ve made over the summer. Here’s what I got.

September Birchbox 2014


Agave Healing Oil Treatment // £16

This is a oil treatment you put on your hair when it’s damp to make hair smooth and shiny. I have it on as I type this post!


Benefit It’s potent! Eye Cream // £25.50

I hope this works. My eyes look dead at the moment due to working 10 days straight. I’m feeling very sorry for myself and I’m exhausted. Bright me up, please.

This eye cream is said to banish dark circles, smooth fine lines and protect against free radicals.

It helped a bit, but I think I’ve had much cheaper eye creams that have worked just as well!


Skin & co. Sicilian Light Serum // £29

This serum sounds like a dream and also hope it works but also I also hope it doesn’t in case I end up buying it. £29 is a lot of quids to spend.

It evens complexion, brightens, softens and tightens skin. Basically all the things I need.


Modelco Power Lash Mascara // £24

This mascara has a zigzag brush and it’s perfect for capturing even the tiny lashes to maximum impact!


Beauty Blender + Blendercleanser Solid // £26

This is an egg shaped blender to give a flawless makeup base. I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of this, but it’s worth a squirt, I guess.

The cleanser is easy to use, just wet your brush/blender, stoke it across the soap, leather, rinse and then let it air dry. It looks fun, doesn’t it? I enjoy fun.


Urban Fruit Perfect Pineapple // £13.50 for 6

I’m sometimes allergic to pineapple and I just ate the whole bag. If you never hear from me again, you’ll know why.

It has no sugar or shit added to it, at least. Just baked pineapple and a bit of flour to stop it being sticky.



Birch Box Happy Days Photo Clip

Woo! A Henry. I call these clips a Henry. I don’t know why, but I have ever since I was 14 or so when I somehow had one (think I stole it from a science class) and it became my lucky charm. It came with me through all my GSCE’s, A levels, University exams and I still have it now. I think this item caused me much more nostalgia than Birchbox intended!

Hello, Henry!


Do you have a lucky charm?



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