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#socialbloggers 28 – Making money on your blog.

It’s number 28! Woo. It’s a funny old topic, is making money on your blog. I half expected to be flooded with comments about how you…


make money blogging

It’s number 28! Woo.

It’s a funny old topic, is making money on your blog. I half expected to be flooded with comments about how you shouldn’t blog for money, or about how blogging should be just for fun and how doing sponsored posts will compromise the quality of blog posts. But I wasn’t. I guess I forgot how lovely all the ladies and gents that join the #socialbloggers are, they’re really able to express their opinions in a way that doesn’t offend or spark arguments, which is fab. I think most of us are just curious to learn more about blogging and open to new things.

I don’t agree with most of those statements anyway.

I think if you’re great at writing, you can write great posts regardless as if you’re taking payment to write about a product or not. As long as it’s within your niche. I guess where that’s why people can fall down and that little green monster can start to rear it’s head. The Greed Monster, willing to do all those things you shouldn’t to make a few dollars:

  • Sell backlinks.
  • Publish content written by a company/website containing links.
  • Post about products not related to your niche or within your audiences interests.

I don’t want ya’ll to think I’m getting on my High Horse here. Because my poor horse is very low. Poor Low Horse. I’ve made the mistakes and learnt from them. Hopefully so you don’t have to.

I know all about the Greed Monster, you see. I almost fell for it during my early days of blogging. I did fall for it, in fact. Before I understood Google PR and anchor text links, I exchanged some for a small amount of cheap jewellery from Chinese websites. Thinking the anchor text link was for the benefit of my reader, not to manipulate search engines. What an idiot (read more about when to say no to blog sponsors and Google page rank). I

It can be very tempting to say yes to a bit of cash, but when you work hard at your blog, you start to get a bit protective over it and not want to post rubbish sponsored content if it isn’t you.

If it gives you an icky feeling, then don’t do it. I’ve refused more than I’ve accepted. From promoting giveaways from cheap websites to making wish lists for wedding dress websites when nobody is stupid or desperate enough even to marry me. I was even approached by a sexy lingerie company not long ago. It’s not that I’m not sexy or anything (uh er) and don’t wear fancy lacy knickers and corsets from time to time 😉 , but to blog about it.. it’s just not me.

There are loads of ways to make money while blogging, such as:

  • Selling adverts on your blog
  • Writing articles for websites.
  • Selling a product via your blog.
  • Having an esty shop.
  • Selling blog designs and themes.
  • Selling graphics.
  • Managing social media accounts for a company.
  • Sell e-books of useful information on your blog.
  • Writing sponsored content.
  • Promoting something on your social media accounts.


The opportunities are endless and don’t have to only revolve around your blog.

A point to remember is that it’s not as easy to make money as it might seem. Very few bloggers make a full time income from their blogs, and those that do started their sites years ago. I think a lot of people assume that some bloggers earn full time from their blogs when they don’t. I know I’ve had a handful of people have thought that I’m a full time blogger, when in all honestly, the amount I earn per month doesn’t even equal one full days wage at my full time job!

I like to think of it as an added extra benefit, a bit of pocket money to cover hosting and maybe buy that new lippy I want to try and review, rather than actually earn a profit. I’ve probably spent a hell of a lot more money on things such as camera equipment and props etc than I’ve made anyway! Don’t let all the websites dedicated to teaching you how to earn money online fool you into thinking it’s simple and easy.

Also – don’t forget the boring stuff – if you earn money from your blog, you do need to declare it and pay tax on it!

Let’s see what bloggers have to say about it:

Q1: There’s many ways to make some cash on your blog, what’s the best ways you’ve found? #socialbloggers

Q2: Do you use an advertising program such as Adsense/skimlinks? #socialbloggers

Q3: When selling adverts on your blog, how do you decide how much to charge? #socialbloggers

Q4: Have you bought adverts from another blog? What’s your experience? #socialbloggers

Q5: Are you for or against making money out of your website? #socialbloggers

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  1. Super. I think one should make money on their blogs really, we work hard enough. There are some bloggers who get annoyed by others making money, but I think it makes a lot of sense xx

  2. To each is own I really do not focus what others do is up to them what they do with theor blog. Me personally is taking a new approach with pr I been rejecting them since they want free advertising and in this world nothing is free.

  3. This was really interesting, I’ve always been really on the fence about it, I’m cool with whatever others do, I’m just not sure whats right for me for now!

  4. I’ve never made anything off of my blog before. I tried to apply for AdSense a few months back, but I was told I didn’t qualify for some reason. I do have one post coming up featuring an item I was sent, but I wouldn’t consider it “sponsored,” because I’m not going to give a sugar coated review. I have been approached by companies before asking to pay me just to talk about their company, but that just seemed wrong and dishonest so I declined.

    1. I think you have to meet a criteria to get Adsense, I’m not sure what though bc I got my account ages ago through YouTube.

  5. I think it is exciting that blogging can be a paying hobby and even turn into a paying job! I sometimes get tired of bloggers constantly plugging their merchandise or latest collaboration because the blogs start to feel like one long advertisement, but maybe that is just part of their learning process? I think successful bloggers are able to find the right balance between advertising and content.

    1. I agree, a balance is what’s needed. I’d love to have my own merchandise but I don’t know how in demand a hat saying ‘skinnedcartree’ would be. Ha.

  6. I definitely agree with the comment above. I usually hate it when fellow bloggers’ pages start looking like magazine pages what with all the advertisements.
    Getting paid for doing what you love is incredible, but it really shouldn’t become the sole purpose of blogging.

    Lace and Lipstick Stains

  7. A really interesting chat. I have toyed with the idea of sponsored links but too be honest the more I learn about them the more I think they are more trouble than they are worth. I love that at the end of the post you plugged advertising made me laugh. Hope you are enjoying your new job and having a good week Lucy x

  8. It’s always such a complicated and highly debated topic. We all like to make money, but we all have to work to make it in the first place. I get the feeling some people don’t see that.

    For me, it would just be a added benefit, nothing major. But I’m not interested in the sense that I am working to that goal, if it happens it happens.

    1. yeah. I’m happy enough to get hosting costs covered and anything I might need to blog. If I made a bit of money blogging, I’d spend it on a new camera lens or blog design or something!

  9. Another interesting post, thanks to the blog I receive products which I use for reviews, sometimes I have paid cash too but this is not all the time.

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