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#socialbloggers 29 How to Write Blog Posts

Hi Kids, How’s tricks? Time for the weekly #socialbloggers roundup post. The topic was ‘How to Write Blog Content’. The questions were about the process…


How to Write Blog Posts

Hi Kids,

How’s tricks?

Time for the weekly #socialbloggers roundup post. The topic was ‘How to Write Blog Content’. The questions were about the process you go through when writing blog posts, how you make it easy for your audience to read and around titles.

I wrote a post a few days ago about my personal writing process. I tend to have several posts in various stages at once and will take a day to finalise them and schedule them so I have around 1 weeks worth at a time.

Writing blog content is very different from writing essays or books. A lot of people who read blogs tend to want to consume a lot of information quickly. Especially if they’ve come across your blog via Google while searching a specific question or topic. They want easy access to the answer, a quick solution to their problem.

I’m a massive fan of making my posts easy to read. I break up paragraphs often and will stick in a few headings to break up the post so the reader can scroll down and easily find the information they are trying to access.

I’m also a fan of making things very clear. I try to get straight to the point and if I find myself babbling about something irrelevant (which happens often!) I’ll cut it out.

I don’t believe long, complex sentences with fancy words are for blogs, unless you have a blog about creating writing/prose. But that’s just my preference.

What things do you consider when writing blog post?

Chat time:

Q1 – Do you follow any processes when writing a blog post? #socialbloggers?

Q2 – Has the way you create content changed over time? #socialbloggers

Q3 – How do you make your posts easy to read and scannable? #socialbloggers  

Q4 – Are you conscious of the length or blog posts? #socialbloggers

Q5 – How do you come up with titles to your posts? #socialbloggers



  1. I try to concentrate all the information i want to give in a post as much as possible. I know we are all very busy and we want to go to the point.By the way, thank you for your recommendation of yesterday in the blog. I haven´t seen that film and I am always ” opened” to new discoveries. Kisses:)

  2. The timing for #socialbloggers never seems to work for me so you have no idea how much I appreciate these recaps! I wish I had enough time to schedule posts, I sued to for the first little while and then started falling way behind. Now I’m lucky if I can hit publish on a post before lunch time.

    I can also see how my writing style has changed in 10 months of blogging. I’m much more direct, and try to break up my posts so they aren’t so long but I still have a long way to go.

    Thanks for this and for your personal tips!

  3. Love our #socialbloggers chats, I always come away with all kinds of new ideas to try! I need to learn to cut the babble from my posts – but hopefully it’s the babble people keep coming back for lol!

    What can I say, I’m a talker!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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