Ooo, a Graze Box!

  I had a coupon in one of my Amazon packages for a free Graze box. It was a coupon giving me my first and…


graze review


I had a coupon in one of my Amazon packages for a free Graze box. It was a coupon giving me my first and 5th box free. They usually cost £3.99 each.

I used to get Graze box years ago when I was at university, but canceled as I wasn’t eating a lot of it. I don’t really like nuts and a lot of the snacks were nut based. They’ve obviously changed a lot since then and they have new healthy snacks to offer, so I thought I’d give it a try.

You can view the foods and rate them as:

  • Bin (never send this to me)
  • Try (happy to try)
  • Like (send occasionally)
  • Love (send regularly)

This means that you can wipe out the foods you really don’t like and gives you a better chance to getting the ones that you would like to try.

You can then view your ratings and change them if you wish.

I rated a few, but because I’m very busy and important, I didn’t have time to rate more than a handful. I opted for the Light box, which is lower calorie/lower fat snacks.

A few days later, the small Graze box had been pushed through my letterbox, ready for me to try.

graze review

Inside my Graze Box

The four things I received were:

Garden of England

graze review

This snack was a mixture of baby strawberries, apple and black currants. I’m not really a fan of dried apple. I hate it but didn’t really enjoy it and would bin this again in the future.

Graze’s Smoky Hot Dog

graze review

This pot contained sweet mustard breadsticks, cheese croutons and smoked cashews. I enjoyed it all apart from the cashews and would have preferred to have this with a bit of dip as it was dry. I’d make this as like.

Basil and Garlic Olives

graze review

I love olives and you can’t really go wrong with them, unless they are black or have nuts in. I would love these again. I eat olives almost every day. I spent 26 years of my life hating them, you see, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Hot Cross Yum

graze review

This gets a point for being punny. LOLZZPDFODAFOSGS. It’s orange rasons, sponge pieces & cinnamon honey almonds. It was lovely and tasted really infused in different flavours. I’d love this again and it was my favourite of the lot.

Inside the box was a selection of leaflets, a £5 voucher for me and one for a friend. I can’t figure out how to use the voucher though, I’m wondering if I can’t use it because I used to code to get the first box free.

It also came with a booklet all about the nutrition info of each snack.

graze review graze review

I used the Hot Cross Yum as a cereal topper and mixed it with my Alphabet Cereal I received in a Degustabox not long ago.

DSC_0630 DSC_0643

Have you ever tried the Graze box?




  1. Love Garze boxes!

    I get their cereal breakfast box delivered once a month to keep at the office for emergencies. They’re really lovely mueslis and granolas with different fruits and nuts!

    I’d definitely recommend them 🙂 xx

    Little Miss Katy | Fun, Food & Fashion!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of granola-textured-whateverness, but those olives look DELICIOUS. This is such a cool subscription box!

  3. I tried Graze about a year ago but am too picky 🙁 too few things I liked to make it worthwhile.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  4. For some reason the box doesn’t really attracts me… there’s nothing I really like there, maybe I should just taste…

  5. I have seen graze boxes a lot of work colleagues have them but haven’t tried. The hot cross bun ones and the olives would be a favourite. These would be useful to make sure I didn’t eat junk Lucy x

  6. I have the Graze boxes delivered to me too. I have just this week, altered the type of box I am recieving from the normal box to the low caloried box. Hopefully I shall enjoy them just as the normal snacks.

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