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Equip+ Waterless Wash Wipes // Giveaway.

Wipes were invited to make our lives easy. Right? I like easy. I like quick. I’m always on the go and busy and easy.  Wait,…


Equip+ Waterless Wash Wipes

Wipes were invited to make our lives easy. Right? I like easy. I like quick. I’m always on the go and busy and easy.  Wait, not that kind of easy, cheeky.

Equip+ is a new selection of wipes perfect for festival goers, mothers of young sticky-handed children and anyone who hates that feeling of being sweaty. Or over paranoid people, like me, that have an overwhelming fear of people thinking they stink.

Equip+ Waterless Wash Wipes

Equip+ 24 Oversized Wipes.  

These wipes are 30cm long and clean, moisturise and deodorise. They give you a just showered feeling when having a shower just isn’t practical.

Equip+ 24 Protective Wipes.

These are a wipe for more private areas. I hate that term. ‘Private area’. Let’s just say it, shall we? Vagina. Penis. Arse. That’s better. These 6-in-1 wipes offer cleansing, moisturising, anti-itch, barrier protection, deodorising and soothing.

Equip+ 4 Super-Thick Wash Mitts. 

These mitts are a quick and easy way to cleans and moisturise when you need a freshen up. It says they are to each those hard to reach places. Get ’em on and have a scrub!

Equid+ 1 Waterless Shampoo Cap.

I can’t get over this. I seriously can’t. It’s a cap you put on your head, rub it in, then rub the cap into your hair and let it dry. Massage it in your head for 3-4 minutes for the shampoo and conditioner to activate. You can even pop it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds for a heat treatment. I gotta try this and report back to you guys at some point!

Now you know a little bit about the products, you can win your own selection by entering the Rafflecopter competition below!

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  1. omg yus pleeeasseee!! I use wipes so much for a quick freshen up this sound awwesome gimme! Would have been perfect for isle of wight festival earlier this year! x

  2. Waterless shower cap?! Seriously?? I mean with all these different wonderful little cloths I might actually be able to stand going to a proper festival, with camping and everything! I say might…it still won’t happen, but the thought was there for a second!

    Still, everyone loves a handy wipe!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. For camping and festivals these are probably brilliant but for me I need a shower or a bath. You will have to share how the shower cap works sounds really strange but you never know it might actually work Lucy x

  4. I’d keep them in my bag for emergencies, with a 5 months old and a 3 year old there plenty of them 😛 x

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