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Have a cosy autumn with Your Dreamcatcher

your dreamcatcher

Top: c/o Your Dreamcatcher
Bottoms: F+F
Slippers: Primark (THEY’RE GIRAFFES)

your dreamcatcher your dreamcatcher Yesterday was the first day of autumn.

Autumn is my favourite season. I love the way the air smells in the morning and the way my nose tingles in the cool air. I love the satisfying crisp of leaves crushing under foot. I love the feeling of a warm, cozy home when outside is cold and dull.

Everything seems so much calmer in Autumn. The summer is over, celebrations, holidays and BBQ’s all seem to be out of the way and there’s a few slower months to relax before the hustle and bustle of Christmas is upon us.

Not to mention how beautiful the world is when it’s trees turn golden red.

The guys over at Your Dreamcatcher must have had the same idea when they created a line of women’s clothing designed specifically for lounging around in. They have a lovely collection of comfortable longue wear that’s suitable for both home and outside – you know, in case you run out of milk for your assam tea and need to bob to the shop!

They also have selection of adorable hand made jewellery also inspired by dream catchers.

your dreamcatcher

Your Dreamcatcher hopes to expand it’s range and also introduce nightwear, with a view to eventually offering mens and children’s clothing.

I love the idea behind their brand – to inspire you and your friends to follow their dreams.

I spent the first day of this autumn lounging around in my PJ’s, blogging and watching Downton Abbey & Dr Who – a much deserve rest day after working constantly over the past few weeks as well as losing a battle with man flu!

How did you spend your first day of autumn?



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