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#socialbloggers 32 – Blog Comments

A massive thanks to Noor again for hosting this weeks #socialbloggers while I was at work! This weeks twitter chat was around blog comments. I’m…



A massive thanks to Noor again for hosting this weeks #socialbloggers while I was at work!

This weeks twitter chat was around blog comments.

I’m a big fan of comments and comment on blogs daily. I find it’s the best way to interact and grow your audience. Twitter is always seen as the number one way to drive traffic to your site and gain readers, but I find leaving comments a much better way of doing so. In my experience, followers on twitter tend to interact with me on twitter rather than on my blog. Whereas leaving quality comments on blogs often results in receiving comments.

I don’t reply to every comment somebody leaves. It’s time consuming to reply to everyone. If somebody has left me a short comment and the only thing for me to reply is ‘thank you’, I’ll generally skip it. I’ll reply to comments that have questions or make me want to respond.

What I do instead of replying to each comment, is visit the commenters blog and leave them a comment.

I do this every day for the previous days post. For example: On Monday, when I get home from work, I’ll open the blogs of all those who commented on my Sunday blog post in tabs and comment on each one.

If I have more time, I’ll comment on other blogs, too.

I’ve had a few negative comments and will respond in different ways. If the comment is clearly left to be nasty, I’ll ignore it. If the comment has a valid point, or is a debate, I’ll respond.

I have no time for people who want to hurl abuse at me and make negative comments on my body or my looks. I’m not willing to argue with somebody over the internet. Debate, yes. Argue, no. I’d much rather leave the person wondering if I’ve actually read the comment and how I feel about it than give them the pleasure of responding.

I wrote a guest post on ProBlogger around using comments to grow your audience – check it out.

How do you use comments?

Q1: How do you share your voice online on mainstream topics?

Q2 How important are blog comments?    

Q3: do you reply to blog comments? How?

Q4: what’s the best way to respond to negative comments online?

Q5: how often do you leave comments on other blog?


  1. This is really interesting! I get the same thing, where I don’t just want to reply to say thank you but I feel bad if I skip some a reply to others haha.

  2. I do agree with you no need to be negative and rude to someone just do not comment if you do not like it their is a difference of giving an opinion and being nasty about it. When you take it to the nasty level than the person is jealous.

  3. A great discussion. I really enjoy reading people’s blogs and commenting on them if they have interested and engaged me. When I get comments I like to be able to respond it might not be instantaneously Lucy x

  4. You must have such a great life plan if you manage to comment on so many blogs, I commend you! How do you manage to get so much done?


  5. i visit blogs who comment on mine and comment on theirs. i respond to blog questions if they contact me (i have all my social media and email linked) but i usually don’t answer questions in the comment section. i try to respond to comments via email but like you, if it’s a “thanks” i just don'[t.

  6. This is a great social blogger post! I remember reading your blog a few months back and seeing the tip to respond to each comment your blog receives. It’s been a really wonderful way to gain new readers! I think it’s important to always comment back on thoughtful comments. And I make sure to comment back on their blog, not through a “reply” on blogger or Disqus 🙂

    The What’s In Between

  7. I haven’t received any negative comments yet but I hope when I do i would either ignore it or respond if I feel I have something to say… nothing to start an argument though!


  8. I havent´a twitter account for my blog; you said people on twitter interact with you more often than in your blog, that catched my attention. As for the comments on my blog I have changed my routines recently because I haven´t as much time as I had last year and now I answer the people who write on my blog and then, if I have time, I visit other blogs. Kisses, Corinne:)
    Thanks for being there.

  9. Thanks for sharing this, was a good evening read! But I’ll always try and comment on other blogs daily, and of course reply to mine.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  10. Comments are a bit of a tricky subject–especially within fashion blogs. I can’t even begin count the number of times I’ve received a comment that basically reads “Great Post… now follow me on bloglovin, twitter, instagram and Facebook!” I may be snooty, but in my opinion it’s one of the rudest things a person can do!

    With regard to negative comments, running a feminist fashion blog I’ve received my fair share of negative comments ranging from constructive criticism to death threats.

    If it’s constructive criticism I’ll use it as an opportunity to begin another conversation on the comments form. If it’s just plain ridiculous nasty I’ll make a witty attack back. I know that may not be the recommended protocol for handling mean comments, but oh well!


    1. Wow, death threats! That sounds awful.

      Fashion blogs are a bit like that – I always try to write something with a fashion post to try and avoid having ‘nice dress’ comments. I find it hard to comment on fashion blogs though if it’s just pictures so I like to comment about the text rather than just the photos!

  11. I have really small blog audience and not many coments. But If there is a comment I love to reply on it and if the person has a website I always visit and leave comment there 🙂

  12. this was a great read. I am far lazier replying to comments on my blog but I do reply via email to every comment I get. I wish those who comment would opt to receive replies via email it is so much easier that way.
    Plus I hardly ever go back to a blog to see if the blogger has replied to my comment.

    1. I don’t think a lot realise you can do that. I know I don’t – I also never check my e-mail account associated with my blogger as it gets overwhelmed with spam.

  13. This is a really interesting topic, I totally agree, commenting is such a powerful way to connect with other bloggers.Plus comments bring so much more joy than a tweet, at least they do for me! I just wish there was more time in the day as its so time consuming, I’d love to write more 🙂

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  14. I see commenting as a fab way of networking. I visit all the blogs of people who leave me a comment and often it’s led to me finding some of my favourite blogs

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