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Redesign your bedroom with Blaze On

When I was young, I always wanted fairy lights around my headboard. I remember seeing movies and TV shows where characters had the pretty lights twinkling…


fairy lights bedroom

When I was young, I always wanted fairy lights around my headboard. I remember seeing movies and TV shows where characters had the pretty lights twinkling in the background. Oh, how jealous I felt.

I have no real reason for never buying lights and doing it now that I’m an adult – it’s just something I never got around to. When I had a chance to review some fairy lights from Blaze On, I knew exactly where I was putting them!

fairy lights bedroom

Firstly, I was impressed with the packaging. The lights came packaged neatly in a box, hugged in orange paper tissue. There was an adorable daisy candle also included. Their tagline is totes adorbs too –

Made to make you smile.

fairy lights bedroom fairy lights bedroom

I reluctantly removed the orange wrap to get a view of the lights. I had been dying to do so since I had them delivered the previous day, but ya know, photos first! #bloggerproblems

fairy lights bedroom fairy lights fairy lights
I wrapped them around my bed frame, taping them in place. I really wish I had one of those really high, vintage bed frames. One of the negatives to renting, I guess!

fairy lights bedroom fairy lights bedroom fairy lights bedroom fairy lights bedroom

I love the look of them in my room – a fantastic way to make my room look and feel cosier as it’s getting colder.

The only negative is that one of the stars came off as I was ravelling it around the frame, which isn’t a major issue as they just slot right back into the gaps in the wicker, I just need to get some super glue and re-glue it in place. It hasn’t damaged the light/star it happened to and they don’t look or work any different.

After speaking to Blaze On, they informed me that the wicker stars are designed in a way that you can remove the lights and reposition them at a different angle depending on how you wish to hang them.

You can get the wicker stars in various colours, as well as in hearts. On the fairy light section of Blaze On you can have a browse of their other designs. There’s animals shaped ones, fairies and flowers. Perfect for christmas, kids rooms and your own.

I really like these bear ones and was so tempted to pick them, but I didn’t know how much they would go! Looking at them now, I kind of wish I had opted for those ones as I’ve got a new bedspread now.

Do you have fairy lights in your room?



  1. These are so cute! I’ve always wanted to line the perimeter of my bedroom with fairy lights, but for some reason I never had. They definitely seem like they’d be nice during this upcoming season!

  2. I really like the idea of using whicker and rope as a material for those – for some reason I have a soft spot for this sort of thing. As far as the lights go, I wouldn’t want to have them around my bed, but I do love them wrapped around staircases comes Christmas, one of my favourite things! 🙂

  3. Oohh these lights are gorgeous! Not technically allowed them in my uni halls and there’s maintenance people in and out of our rooms at the moment fixing things at the moment so I’m pretty sure they’d notice :'(

    Elesaurus |
    YouTube – Eleanor Rose

  4. These are really cute! I’ve never had fairy lights in my room, mainly because I usually had a bunk bed at home and then never got round to it at uni. Now I live with my husband he wouldn’t let me haha so I just have to admire other peoples.

    The teddy bear ones are also cute – they look kind of Christmassy (yes I said it) also so they could be cute for when it gets colder!

    Emma |

  5. I love fairy lights! I may own too many but they just bring such a lovely warm feeling to a room. These ones are absolutely lovely. x

  6. I think maybe this is a dream that lots of girls had as I was one of them. These are lovely really pretty colours and look lovely up on your bed. I recently bought some metal hearts which I love and have now got the bug I will have to take a look at these Lucy x

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