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Oh please, not ANOTHER Lush review!

When I went to #LeedsMayMeet a few months ago, we were handed a lush goodie bag. Inside the said goodie bag, was this Big Blue…


big blue bath bomb review

When I went to #LeedsMayMeet a few months ago, we were handed a lush goodie bag.

Inside the said goodie bag, was this Big Blue Bath Bomb. I’ve seen many reviews of bath bombs and I’ve always been a little intrigued to try them. I used them as a child, but that feels like centuries ago. I don’t have a bath, you see. And even when I did have a bath, I never used it. So I licked it, then put it back in the bag for several months.

Yes, I gave it a lick. I just.. it’s.. FIZZY. It smells fizzy. I wanted to see, well, taste the fizz.

I can confirm that the Big Blue Lush Bath Bomb does cause your tongue a fizzing sensation.

big blue bath bomb review

My housemates were at work, so I used their bath after a long day at my own job. I filled the tub, grabbed a cuppa and went for a dip.

The instant I dropped it in, it exploded blue. WOOOOOWWWW, I thought to myself.

Then something odd happened. Some black streaks started appearing. Apparently it’s seaweed. It reminded me of poo.

It has a very ‘clean’ smell. I can only describe the smell to be like those toilet hanging things that come in ‘ocean bloo’ fragrance. You know, those things you hang on the side of the toilet.

When I got in, it did feel moisturising against my skin but I have no idea what the seaweed things were about. I just kept thinking ‘great, I’m going to have to rinse all these out afterwards’.

To be honest, it wasn’t as bad to get the seaweed out as I had expected, but I still had to rinse it a few times. It did leave the scent on my skin after, which was nice. If only it was a nicer scent!

big blue bath bomb review

When I proclaimed on Twitter how I was going to try a lush bath bomb, I had mixed reactions.

All in all, I didn’t like this particular bath bomb. I loved the colour it turned the water, but I wasn’t a fan of the smell or the seaweed bits.

I did like how the smell lingered on my skin, it’s just a shame I didn’t like the smell!

I wouldn’t have picked this flavour, if I had the choice. I would have gone for something more sweet. Vanilla/cream/musky/cinnamon/honey is the type of smells I go for.

I’d try a Lush bath bomb again, as long as it got past my sniff test first!

Too bad I’m too afraid to go inside.

The staff. THE STAFF.

I work in retail, you see. We train our colleagues to recognise different types of customers. The type that’s in a rush and just want to get their product and go. The type that wants information/advice, the type that just wants a general chit chat and there’s the type that are distracted by their children and need help getting things/carrying things.

I find Lush are very intense and seem to just treat everyone as if they want advice as to what to buy. While it’s nice that their assistants have great product knowledge and a passion for what they sell, I really don’t enjoy because asked if I want help 4 times in 2 minutes, being asked to pick 3 colours to see what type of eyeshadow will suit me and then having every product I touch unwillingly rubbed into my hand.

I’m 100% a ‘leave me alone’ shopper. I’m likely to walk out if I feel hassled. I like to browse at my own leisure, get in and out and make decisions based on what I see/smell.

So I don’t know how I’m going to sniff more of these without stepping into an actual shop.

Too bad, Lush. Too bad.



  1. When I use this I cut the leg off an old pair of tights and tie the bath bomb inside, that way the bath bomb melts but leaves the seaweed in the tights so I can just pick it out.

    I done a trial shift at Lush and they were very pushy about making you go up to people and try and sell things. I love them as a company but don’t think I could work for them. I have a friend who works for them and she said a girl got fired because ‘she wasn’t good enough at going up to people’. WTF?

    Sorry for the essay, haha.

    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. Never used that one before, but if it smells like toilet cleaner, I would pass on that one, haha. I had one that had glitter in it, can’t remember what it was called as it’s been years since I’ve been in that shop. But, it was quite nice. I also had a pink one that was great. Will have to get some to see if they work the same. But, I’ll keep away from the blue ones xx

  3. I totally agree with you about the staff. I like the idea behind Lush but I almost never go in because I just want to peruse and not get hounded!

  4. Your review made me laugh – particularly the tweet about smelling like a toilet: I hope the smell wasn’t too bad.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  5. You have entered the dark side 🙂 Wow when I read this I thought it cant be a Lush review. I generally find that there are brilliant Lush bath bombs that do more than just turn your water a different colour and smell. But this probably applies to about four Lush bath bombs. The rest just are nice. I buy for this reason the same bath bombs constantly. Twightlight is a favourite. Lucy x

  6. I just like to shop in peace. I actively don’t go in places that I know, or think, will bug me. The Body Shop is another shop. I just want to look, with my eyes, not their mouth. and just because I pick the product does not mean I want more information from you.

    I’ve been a shop assistant before. But shop assistants annoy me. If I want something, I ask, like most other people.

  7. YES. Finally someone says it. I’ve been feeling the exact same way about Lush stores since my first experience in them back in 2013. I’ve only been in a handful of times, but I always end up regretting it because the staff bothers me so much. Like, I love the pomposity and the passion, but can I just get what I came for without getting a hand massage or having you rub soap on me? But on another note, I have always been curious about the big blue bath bomb, but I’m really glad I didn’t try it because the smell sounds awful. If you are interested in a cinnamon scented bomb to try next, I’d definitely recommend trying Phoenix Rising. I’ve used it several times and it never disappoints! It has a very spicy, cinnamon-y scent, plus it has glitter!

  8. I’ve never tried that one, but I LOVE Lush. I always break it up, so I can get 5-6 uses out of it. When I go to the store, I just try to get rid of them because I don’t want to be bothered. My “resting bitch face” probably scares them away haha. But seriously, I’m like, nahh just looking. I just keep repeating that. Around the holidays, I put some on my wishlist for my family… I totally guess what I want, because I don’t want to be bothered by going to the store hahaha

  9. This review had me laughing from title to finish 😀 Really love the way you write!!

    Onto the lush products: There seems such a hype around them, hence I had wanted to try them as well, a while back! Because all the assistants are SO forward and I am a 100% alone shopper as well, I went back home and browsed through their catalogue picking things that I knew I would pick up next time (I am sad I know). I picked up two “moisturising bars”- too bad they smelled awful though. I mean seriiusly awful…Like a herbal explosion- but in a very negative way.

    I do like the sound and look of the bath bombs, but like you I don’t have a bath – and more importantly, even as a kid I never liked having a bath haha- but just seeing how much fun you seemed to have with this experience, I am thinking I might as well give it a go for once 😀 xx

    Seven Days

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