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Beany Corned Beef Ash

When I was younger, my Mum used to make Corned Beef Ash almost weekly. Christine came home with a tin of corned beef and a…


corned beef ash

When I was younger, my Mum used to make Corned Beef Ash almost weekly.

Christine came home with a tin of corned beef and a tin of beans and announced that she was making Corned Beef Ash. With beans in it. WHATTT? Beans? I’ve never heard of it containing beans but she said that most recipes she found online had beans it.

Apparently it’s a thing.

I asked Christine if I could blog the thing.

Christine said, ‘yes, you can blog the thing, Corinne.’

And that brings us to today.

Ingredients:corned beef ash

1 onion
2 red peppers
200g tinned corned beef
1 tin chopped tomatos
1 tin beans
2 large potatoes
worcester sauce


1. Chop and fry the onion and peppers with red wine and garlic, just a splash, 2 cloves garlic
2. Cook until soft, then add the diced corned beef, a tin of baked beans and a tin of chopped tomatoes
3. Seasoned with a splash of worcester sauce, season with salt and pepper and leave to cook for 30 mins
4. Put the mixture into a baking dish
5. Thinly slice potatoes
6. Layer them over the mixture and over cook at 180c for 30 mins.


corned beef corned beef ash potato dish corned beef ash corned beef ash

It tasted lovely and is totally different my mum usually makes it. She would have put peas and carrots in it, not beans and tomatoes. Mum also chopped potatoes and put them in the mix, rather than on top. The two are totally different from each other.

corned beef ash and salad corned beef ash


What’s Corned Beef Ash for you?



  1. Oooh this looks awesome!! Wow. I haven’t had corned beef hash in FOREVER. I think I might pop this on my list of recipes to try out at home over Autumn. Maybe with mashed potato instead of sliced? Hmm. I’ll think on it! xx

    Little Miss Katy | Fun, Food & Fashion

  2. Looks yummy. The last time I has this at school and I remember thinking corned beef tasted nice cooked this way rather than the slices my nan insisted on guving in a sandwhich. I would have thought diced potatoes too and carrots more like a stew but this looks yummy this is defintely on the list to try Lucy x

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