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What I Ate Wednesday // 2

I really enjoyed doing my last What I Ate Wednesday post, although it’s not something I’ll be doing every week it’s something I might do…


what i ate wednesday

I really enjoyed doing my last What I Ate Wednesday post, although it’s not something I’ll be doing every week it’s something I might do from time to time. It’s a great way to motivate yourself to eat well, too!

This is from a few days ago – it’s more ‘what I ate Saturday’ but whatever, I’ve been working Wednesdays recently and don’t really want to pull out my massive Nikon in front of all my new work colleagues and be like IT’S FOR MY BLOG I DOCUMENT WHAT I EAT ON A WEDNESDAY LOLLOOSLLZLZLZL. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

what i ate wednesday

Breakfast was a bowl of strawberies, blackberries and raspberries. I love bowls of fruit. Yummy! Also the standard coffee. Without coffee there is no life.

portlebay popcorn what i ate wednesday

I received some Portlebay popcorn in my latest Degustabox and I have no idea what to tell you about them. Crispy bacon and maple syrup. I don’t know. I either really love it or really hate it but I don’t know. It’s interesting and I think it made my tongue a bit bipolar. You just need to try it and decide for yourself.

what i ate wednesday what i ate wednesday

Hello dinner. This is one of my favourite meals at the moment. It’s roasted mediterranean veg and chicken sizzler. Both are from Asda – roast veg comes in those foil packets ready to roast for 30 mins or so, and the chicken sizzler is from Asda’s low calorie ready meal range. I sometimes like to add some mushrooms to it too.

what i ate wednesday what i ate wednesday

I bought this proper massive pomegranate from Asda. It was like the size of a baby’s head. It didn’t have many seeds inside it though which was a huge let down as I had posted a picture of my pomegranate on Instagram to show off. I mixed it in with some watermelon for an afternoon refreshing treat!

what i ate wednesday what i ate wednesdayHELLO SALAD. I love salad. This includes various greens, sweetcorn, grated carrot, tikka chicken, olives and is topped off with balsamic glaze.

What are you eating this Wednesday?

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  1. All this food looks amazing and is making me very hungry! That salad looks so great, I love a good salad.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  2. Yummy fibs looks like a great days worth of food. Fruit bowls I love too. Favouirte peach, raspberries and pinapple. Love mango, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries to. Bit of a berrie but. The salad and chicken looks lovely too. I could eat olives for England Lucy x

  3. Did you have two dinners? Not that I’m judging, sounds good to me!
    Today I ate: Sesame seed rivita things with nutella and two cups of tea for breakfast. Lunch: Cheese sarnie, yoghurt and kiwi. Dinner: Jacket potato, cheese and salad. Snacks were a penguin bar, some wafers and multifruit juice…

    Doesn’t sound like I eat that much… hmm.

    I love this post idea, I might have to try something like this too!

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