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What I Ate Wednesday // 3

Hi Kids, Welcome to another instalment of What I Ate Wednesday. The post where I take a photo of everything I eat in a day and…


What I Ate Wednesday

Hi Kids,

Welcome to another instalment of What I Ate Wednesday. The post where I take a photo of everything I eat in a day and share it with you. Also known as ‘motivation to eat well so you all don’t think I’m a big fat pig’. In a nutshell, get a blog post and a day of healthy eating all in one go. Two birds/one stone and all that.


What I Ate Wednesday
Let’s start with breakfast, shall we? I had some left over eggs from the Sweet Pizza I made, so decided to have my favourite breakfast: DIPPY EGGS AND TOAST.

I know you’re supposed to cut the bread into soldiers, yannooooo, I’m skinnedcartreein’ it over here..

What I do is toast the bread, butter it and then put salt on the toast (I know salt is bad, but something about egg yolk and salt REALLY gets me going).

Then I take the top off one of the eggs, scrape to the yolk with my trusty spoon, then pour ALL THE YOLK over a slice of bread. Then I pick the full slice up and eat it. After I’ve eaten the yolky bread, I then scoop out the egg white, then move onto the next slice.

This is not lady like at all. But it’s what I like to do.

I also have this weird thing where I really hate wasting any yolk, so if it’s overly runny and the yolk gets on my plate, even a drop, it gives me distress.

I had tea instead of coffee. Because dippy eggs are not the same with coffee.

Let’s move on, shall we.


What I Ate Wednesday
I had a coconut water smoothie for a midday snack. Refreshingly nommy! You can click the link for how to make it 😀


What I Ate Wednesday
I had an amazing salad for lunch. At Asda, you can get these massive sharing salad bowls. They’re only £1.50 – I can’t believe how good they are for that price! It’s lettuce, carrot, red cabbage, sweetcorn and pepper all ready mixed in a massive bowl. I managed to get 4 salads out of it. There is a similar one at Tesco but that costs £3. Best price ever. If this ever gets discontinued, I’ll be well mad.

I added olives, chicken, red pepper couscous and a mint bean salad, then topped it all off with some balsamic vinegar. It’s totally something I could eat daily for the rest of my life. I had this for 4 days in a row.

Afternoon snack:

What I Ate Wednesday
Melon, grapes, raspberries and blueberries mixed together for a healthy snack. I love raspberries and blueberries, but the code life of them really frustrates me because they tend to go off fast. I hate wasting fruit but often have to bin berries as they just go off so quickly!

Evening Snack:

What I Ate Wednesday
I was feeling peckish, so decided to grab me a packet of Jacobs oddities. I’ve been eating these quite a bit lately, they’re wonderfully salty. I love salt 😀

Then I went to bed. The end.

Now, tell me what you’re eating this Wednesday.




  1. Dippy eggs and soldiers are my fave thing everrrr! And that salad looks amazing! I can’t wait to go back to uni ‘cos I eat so much healthier when cooking for myself (my mam isn’t the best at cooking haha) and I can make up yummy stir fries :’) xo

  2. I would never think that you are a pig! No matter what you eat. Looks very yummy and healthy too. I wish I would eat like that too. Maybe I should take shots of what I eat too 😀


  3. How do you manage to make every meal look so good? I completely share your pain about getting yolk on the plate though, its just tragic to think you’ve lost even a drop! I also have so much love for you calling them dippy eggs because one of my friends made so much fun of me recently for calling them that, its good to know I’m not alone! It just sounds so much better than boiled 🙁
    Hannah Bakes Things

  4. The coconut smoothie and alas looks yummy. This morning I had Special K with raspberries and lunch was a Pod salad with chicken, advocado and pomegranate delicious. Your fruit looks yummy too Lucy x

  5. Wowwww
    This is very inspo for me babe
    Thank you for sharing
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary Fashion Blog

  6. I agree with the berries! Raspberries are the worst for going off, I normally bring the whole punnet to work and them all in one day haha. Kind of a waste, because they can be stupidly expensive too.

    I find strawberries can be the quite annoying, I think it’s how they are packaged, all on top of each other, get all sweaty and mouldy… damn you strawberries!

    Frozen fruit is the way to go! I have a bag of frozen ‘red berries’ which I just put into a bowl and eat after a little defrosting. They taste pretty awesome on porridge!

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