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#socialbloggers 27 – SEO Tips

Well this topic seemed to raise a lot of questions. SEO wasn’t something I was familiar with until my blog was around 10 months old….


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Well this topic seemed to raise a lot of questions.

SEO wasn’t something I was familiar with until my blog was around 10 months old. I had no clue what it was, what it meant and how to use it. Even if I should use it. I don’t think I had even come cross the acronym ‘SEO’ before!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. When you use SEO, it means you use certain techniques that help your blog posts rank higher in Google/search engines.

Search engines are such a powerful way of getting traffic, but it can be difficult to get in those top 3 search results, or even on the first page. There are many factors that influence where you sit, such as Page Rank, how many times the page has been shared on social media and the SEO.

You might have had this explained to you, but still a little bit confused.

SEO is about keywords.

Basically, words or phrases that people might search for when looking for something that your post offers.

If you write a post about a new Mac eyeshadow, you may want to target the keywords ‘mac eyeshadow’, for example. This is so when somebody Google’s that phrase, your post with the review will be higher in the search result than if you didn’t bare in mind any SEO techniques when writing it.

Using SEO is NOT about manipulating search engines or being spammy. You should target keywords that are only relevant to your posts and you should not unnaturally stuff keywords into a post so that it looks spammy or ruins the quality.

Benefits of Using SEO.

So, in the chat some people did say that SEO is important if you want to become a professional blogger. I can’t say I agree with this entirely, although it’s a must for professionals, hobby bloggers may also want to learn the basics too!

SEO is important if you want to gain new readers, get traffic and grow your blog. This relates to all levels.

The benefits of using search engine optimisation are that you have the chance of getting targeted traffic. This means that people who are LOOKING for a post like yours, a review of the new Mac eyeshadow, for example, will find your review easier.

These people may then become regular readers, share the post, follow you and help your blog grow.

Most importantly, these people find the information they are looking for. Which is what search engines are all about.

People pay writers/SEO’s a lot of money to write content for their websites that target keywords to help generate traffic and sales of their products.

It’s important to note that some people will use ‘black hat’ SEO, which is an attempt to manipulate search engines to get traffic. People buy links, stuff keywords into pages, hide keywords in invisible text, use keywords that are not relevant but are popular, such as ‘lose weight fast’ or terms of a sexual nature that people may search for. These are bad news and not only lead users of search engines to irrelevant and mostly poor quality content, but can get you removed from Google’s search engines. Which you do not want. Yes, there are other search engines but Google is the most powerful and most used one out there.

But SEO is scary and complicated, Corinne.

It can be scary and complicated, but it can also be easily explained and broken down.

I’m going to do what I did last week, with the post about getting personal on your blog, and write a post with the best, simplest ways you can use SEO techniques to help get your blog a bit of extra love in search engines.

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I’ll aim for Friday, again, so while I get writing – you check out the chat:

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  1. I just had a 3 hour intro to SEO in my internship last week and it was super interesting and helpful! I think what I found most important and didn’t know before was about no follow links and alt attributes for pictures!

    1. Titling photos helps because it will add to keyword density and also pull up the image in the image search on Google.

  2. Thank you for the tips! I don’t know much about SEO at all, but would love to learn more as I continue to grow my blog. I love all of the feedback from #socialbloggers, and I’m definitely going to read through all of the articles and links you’ve provided! Thank you for clearing the air about a topic I didn’t understand very well!

  3. All useful tips. I wish I knew more about SEO, I need to read and learn. The trick with most things to do with enhancing my blog is trying things out so this is how I will learn Lucy x

  4. I’ve known more about it for a while now but still always forget. I’m refreshing my blogging attitude though so maybe I will try it more! xo

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